In all the best fairytales, bear shifters mate for life. Right?

Silver: A Sexy Shifer Fairytale Romance by Jessica Aspen

Silver Rose thought having her credit wiped out by her ex-boyfriend was the worst thing that would happen to her—then her grandpa died. Now, she isn’t sure which is worse—living with her sister for three months and gaining an inheritance—or having her independence and losing it all. But someone doesn’t want the girls to succeed in living on Beresford Mountain and is leaving nasty surprises, each one more horrible than the last. And as Silver discovers—bankruptcy and getting close to her sister aren’t the only dangers in the woods.

Abe Beresford, bear shifter, has seen the worst side of the mating bond and he never wants to be that attached to anyone. Ever. When he has a one night stand with Silver, he’s confident there’s no risk of falling in love—or even worse, mating for life. When he starts to feel more than just lust for the lovely Silver, he backs off, hurting Silver’s feelings but protecting his heart.

But Abe can’t resist either Silver or the urge to claim his mate—even if she’s human and hasn’t a clue about bear shifters. And when Silver runs into trouble on the mountain can Abe avoid the mating bond and still save her from a rabid attacker? Or is he doomed to succeed at rescuing her only to watch her walk away?

 Lions and wolves and bears, oh my.

 Discover why readers love the twisted tales of Jessica Aspen’s Sexy Shifter Fairytale Romance.

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