Trapped in an isolated cabin with trouble on the way, how is Scarlett to know that the man who could be her prince is actually a bear shifter in disguise.

Scarlett: A Sexy Shifter Fairytale Romance by Jessica AspenScarlett Rose screwed up—she used show and tell to prove to her sister that her boyfriend was a jerk. A year later and Silver is still pissed, but Scarlett is given a gift from the grave—their grandfather has left a will that forces the two of them to live together in his cabin deep in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. Now Scarlett has the chance to make her sister see that she’ll do anything—even change her wild ways for good—all for the chance to earn Silver’s forgiveness.

But the Rose girls don’t know that the mountain they grew up visiting every summer has been the home to bear shifters for years—and now the bears want the land back. All the land.

Rose sisters…or no Rose sisters.

Cam Beresford has spent his life being the town drunk’s son. Even now, when he and his brothers are finally successful game designers, the town’s old guard still sees them as unpredictable wild cards. But when the last non-shifter owner on Beresford Mountain dies, Cam knows this is his chance to buy back the property and show the town that the Beresford boys are not their father’s sons.

But, Scarlett isn’t as anxious to sell the property as Cam thought a city girl would be. And with someone on the mountain leaving nasty presents for the Rose girls, Cam’s inner bear is roused to protect, even if Scarlett is merely human.

With the danger growing increasingly higher and Silver threatening to leave, Scarlett’s time is running out. And when Cam tumbles over the edge of desire into the mating dance, will he be able to pull back? Or will his bear take over and take Scarlett to the edge?

Lions and wolves and bears, oh my!

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