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Guess What’s Coming Next? Sassy Curvy Shifters!


Sassy Wolf and the Rogue!

I’m super excited to tell you that on February 8th, 2018 my latest book will be out! SASSY WOLF AND THE ROGUE is a Kindle World book and written in Milly Taiden’s SASSY EVER AFTER series, full of sexy alpha shifters, paranormal suspense, and sassy curvy girls.

SASSY WOLF  was super fun to write because not only did I get to write sexy shifters and curvy girls, but I also got to play in someone else’s universe, the SASSY EVER AFTER books are based around Milly’s SASSY MATES series that starts with SCENT OF A MATE. Check them out HERE.

When you write in a Kindle World, it’s like playing in someone else’s sandbox. You have your imagination, but you have to borrow their toys. In other words, it’s a challenge to keep your own writing voice, and yet, keep true to the world of the other author. Luckily, Milly Taiden’s world is pretty close to my own, with a few interesting twists.

All of Milly’s heroine’s are curvy girls. Now, while I am of course a pretty curvy girl myself, and I love writing curvy girls, I also like dipping into other girl’s viewpoints. Like how it feels to be too tall, or too short, or even, just right. (Yeah, I see the Three Bears reference, LOL!)

Also, my shifter world is different from hers in that she has a two step mating process: first, you have the mark, then the more permanent bite. In my WOLF ENFORCER world, it’s just the Bite, with a capital B. And my SEXY SHIFTERS don’t even have a magical mating thing, in those books, it’s simply that when you take a mate you fall in love and it’s forever, because wolf shifters mate for life.

There’s one more super cool thing about this book: once again I’m using my brand new cover artist, Ivytail Designs. I love how the cover turned out, and I hope you do to. Check it out!


Sassy Wolf and the Rogue by Ivytail Designs


SASSY WOLF AND THE ROGUE will be here on February 8th, just in time for Valentine’s Day, so look for it in the Kindle Store. And BONUS! Kindle Worlds are now in Kindle Unlimited, so you can read if for free with your membership. I know that’s something you’ve been looking forward to, so check back on February 8th and discover more sexy paranormal suspense!


Author Bio:

Jessica Aspen

Jessica Aspen has always wanted to be spirited away to a world inhabited by elves, were-wolves and sexy men who walk on the dark side of the knife. Luckily, she’s able to explore her fantasy side and delve into new worlds by writing paranormal romance. She loves indulging in dark chocolate, reading eclectic novels, and dreaming of ocean vacations, but instead spends most of her time, writing, walking the dog, and hiking in the Colorado Rockies. You can find out more information and read about Jessica’s paranormal romances at

Your Jessica Aspen Starter Library is waiting.

Click HERE to discover Jessica Aspen’s fast-paced world of paranormal romance

jessica aspen starter library

DISCLOSURE: Some of the links on this site are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and purchase.

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Lone Enforcer is Here! For 99 cents!

Fantastic Fridays

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Get ready for romance!

Hot alpha shifter cowboy romance…Yeah baby!

It’s here…again! July 2017 I published Lone Enforcer, a Wolf Enforcers novella, in the box set, The Alphas of Summer. But now that’s over and I have the rights back, so here it is, all on it’s own…And only 99 cents!

If you’re wondering how this book fits into the Wolf Enforcer Series, it slides in between Wolf Enforcer and Blood Enforcer. So, technically, it’s book #2

If you haven’t read the Wolf Enforcer Series, you can still jump in here. It’s all about alpha wolf shifters, hot romance (this one is hot!) and suspense.

I love a book that moves, so be prepared for action and adventure. And romance. Did I mention the romance? AND it’s a cowboy romance. You can’t beat that! Shifters and cowboys—mmm, my favorites all wrapped up into one. 🙂

You can discover it today on, and if you’re in Kindle Unlimited, it’s there too!




On the hunt for her best friend, Natalie discovers it’s more than murder…it’s wolf shifters.

Armed with her best friend’s last known location, Natalie Fisher heads out into the wilds of the Rocky Mountains. When the trail leads to private property, Natalie doesn’t hesitate, but her dangerous search for clues only leads her to a blood soaked piece of land, and a trip down a rocky ravine.

Volunteer pack enforcer and full-time ranch hand, Luca Weylyn has been a loner his entire life. When riding fences he finds Natalie trapped and injured near what could be a murder site he realizes—her big brown eyes and determined attitude have finally given him a reason to break free from his lonely cowboy’s life. But Natalie is human, and Luca is a wolf shifter.  Can there be any future for Luca with a woman if he can never share his secrets?

When Natalie’s insistence on hunting down the truth conflicts with the pack’s needs, will Luca reveal being a wolf shifter in order to keep her? Or will the other enforcers insist that Natalie’s life be sacrificed for the good of the pack?

Dare to enter Jessica Aspen’s world of fast-paced paranormal suspense

…and discover your imagination.





Author Bio:

Jessica Aspen

Jessica Aspen has always wanted to be spirited away to a world inhabited by elves, were-wolves and sexy men who walk on the dark side of the knife. Luckily, she’s able to explore her fantasy side and delve into new worlds by writing paranormal romance. She loves indulging in dark chocolate, reading eclectic novels, and dreaming of ocean vacations, but instead spends most of her time, writing, walking the dog, and hiking in the Colorado Rockies. You can find out more information and read about Jessica’s paranormal romances at

Your Jessica Aspen Starter Library is waiting.

Click HERE to discover Jessica Aspen’s fast-paced world of paranormal romance

jessica aspen starter library


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Enslaved in Shadows

Whimsical Wednesdays

a blog for paranormal romance lovers

I’m super excited to announce that I’ll have a brand new paranormal suspense novella, Lone Enforcer, part of the Wolf Enforcer series, in a boxed set this summer. ALPHAS OF SUMMER comes out the first week in July, and I’m in with some rocking authors, including Tigris Eden, whose book one in her Shadow Unit Series, ENSLAVED IN SHADOWS, is out now and it’s only 99cents!



He’s torn between his past and his future…

Agent Draven Stone’s job is simple, most of the time. An agent of the Shadow Unit, he polices his own kind. As a powerful werewolf, he’s very good at his job. But when a routine assignment in lovely, tropical Belize means he must protect the lovely human female who still stars in his darkest fantasies, Draven faces a terrible choice–between the sweetest memory of his past and his responsibility to the future of his kind.

Her battered heart will be tested yet again…

Jesminda Zealand can’t let the tall, magnetic Draven back into her life. Five years ago, she trusted him for one magical night, and he disappeared, leaving her to deal with the consequences alone. When she turned to another man for help, she found herself trapped in years of abuse that have left her scarred, both physically and emotionally. Does she dare to trust again? Her life has forced her to be strong, but she’s not sure she can survive one more betrayal.

In the battle to come, lives will be changed. For the better, or will woman and were find themselves enslaved by their need for one another?

**This is a Multicultural Dark PNR Erotic Romance** Warning: Torture Scene and foul language. 18 years and older

Don’t miss this thrilling, sensual tale of dark suspense–get your copy of ENSLAVED IN SHADOWS today!

available at Amazon
Only 99 cents!

Read Book 1 in the Series for Free when you opt into the Newsletter:



Author Bio:

Jessica Aspen

Jessica Aspen has always wanted to be spirited away to a world inhabited by elves, were-wolves and sexy men who walk on the dark side of the knife. Luckily, she’s able to explore her fantasy side and delve into new worlds by writing paranormal romance. She loves indulging in dark chocolate, reading eclectic novels, and dreaming of ocean vacations, but instead spends most of her time, writing, walking the dog, and hiking in the Colorado Rockies. You can find out more information and read about Jessica’s paranormal romances at

To sign up for Jessica Aspen’s newsletter and get your link to download your exclusive FREE book, please click HERE.

Rogue Enforcer by jessica aspen

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Sneak Peek into Wolf Enforcer

Fantastic Fridays

a blog for alpha shifter romance

Happy day! Wolf Enforcer is in Kindle Scout and has been on the Hot & Trending List for 180 hours!

The first book in my new alpha wolf shifter romance WOLF ENFORCER is entered in the Kindle Scout contest and I’m super excited at all the support it’s getting. I’m not sure there are enough exclamation points for all my excitement, so if you see a few too many, please excuse my joy!

Kindle Scout is a 30 day competition and it’s pretty cool for both writers and readers. Readers vote on which book they want to see published, and if the book ‘wins’ everyone who voted for it gets a free book! (See, more exclamation points, LOL) If you want to read all the details of Kindle Scout, click HERE.

If you haven’t voted yet for WOLF ENFORCER, there’s still time. Click HERE and nominate it. If it wins, and you’ve left it in your nomination queue (you only get three at a time) then Amazon will send you a free Kindle copy of the book. Easy peasy!

wolf enforcer by jessica aspen


Gabe caught the woman’s scent from across the meadow. Light vanilla with a hint of feminine musk and it turned his head in an instant. Her skin had a light sweat that made her glow, almost as much as the heat in her eyes when she looked at him. His temperature rose to boiling.

He’d had a terrible day. He’d fought with his twin Sam over who should be handling what responsibilities at the restaurant they were now both responsible for. His recently widowed mother had lectured him about getting along with his brother. And then he’d come up here to run off the tension and had a run-in with Chief Howler, telling him they were shorthanded and he needed to put in more hours on his part-time enforcer job.

Shifting to wolf and taking the mountain at a breakneck pace had taken the steam out of his anger. It had left him tired and relaxed, and more than just a little hazy from the run.

The woman drew closer, each step breaking and releasing the smell of sun-warmed grass. “Hi,” she said.

“Hi, yourself.”

“I know it’s crazy.” She was tall with long legs and long, straight, black hair gleaming with health. And the way she walked toward him with purpose in her eyes gave him an instant hard-on he did nothing to hide. “I know we haven’t known each other long enough. But I have to know for sure.” She reached out a hand and touched him, setting all the little hairs on his forearm at alert. “Kiss me.”

It was totally crazy. Like some mind-blowing dream. A too-hot afternoon, a tall woman with long hair moving gently in the breeze. Her black eyes were full of secrets, and promises, and a hunger he couldn’t resist.

He lightly touched her arm with just the tips of his fingers. As tall as she was, she still had to lift her face to his. He closed the gap, afraid she’d disappear into the warm haze of the afternoon.

His kiss was tentative, just a brushing of his lips on her softer ones, but her reaction was not. She kissed back, increasing the pressure, and his world spun off of its foundation. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him in close, his erection pushing in between them. It was unbelievable, she was unbelievable. But the spark between them was hot and real and he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in tighter, trying to get every bit of need he had into the kiss.

They broke apart and she laughed, the sound belling out over the empty meadow. “That’s what I thought.”


She shook her head, her long hair rippling with the movement. “How popular is this trail?” The gleam in her eyes had his cock twitching.

He swallowed. “Not that popular. It’s a work day. Everyone’s busy.”

“Good.” She pulled her t-shirt off over her head and then reached back and undid her bra. “I want you here. Now.”

Her breasts were round and firm, her nipples taut, hard peaks in the center. His mouth watered. She was perfect, a goddess offering herself to him on the platter of the hot, sunny meadow. This had to be the most insane day of his life, but he was taking the chance.


After you go vote for WOLF ENFORCER, then enter the super giveaway to win fabulous prizes! The more you share the more you increase your chances to win!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway


Author Bio:

Jessica Aspen

Jessica Aspen has always wanted to be spirited away to a world inhabited by elves, were-wolves and sexy men who walk on the dark side of the knife. Luckily, she’s able to explore her fantasy side and delve into new worlds by writing paranormal romance. She loves indulging in dark chocolate, reading eclectic novels, and dreaming of ocean vacations, but instead spends most of her time, writing, walking the dog, and hiking in the Colorado Rockies. You can find out more information and read about Jessica’s paranormal romances at

To sign up for Jessica Aspen’s newsletter and get your link to download your exclusive FREE book, please click HERE.

Rogue Enforcer by jessica aspen


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Silver: A Sexy Shifter Fairytale Romance, Released!

Fantastic Fridays

a blog for the fairy tale romance fan

Silver is on sale today!

Pick up your copy today at:

Amazon   iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Kobo

In all the best fairytales, bear shifters mate for life. Right?

Silver Rose thought having her credit wiped out by her ex-boyfriend was the worst thing that would happen to her—then her grandpa died. Now, she isn’t sure which is worse—living with her sister for three months and gaining an inheritance—or having her independence and losing it all. But someone doesn’t want the girls to succeed in living on Beresford Mountain and is leaving nasty surprises, each one more horrible than the last. And as Silver discovers—bankruptcy and getting close to her sister aren’t the only dangers in the woods.

Abe Beresford, bear shifter, has seen the worst side of the mating bond and he never wants to be that attached to anyone. Ever. When he has a one night stand with Silver, he’s confident there’s no risk of falling in love—or even worse, mating for life. When he starts to feel more than just lust for the lovely Silver, he backs off, hurting Silver’s feelings but protecting his heart.

But Abe can’t resist either Silver or the urge to claim his mate—even if she’s human and hasn’t a clue about bear shifters. And when Silver runs into trouble on the mountain can Abe avoid the mating bond and still save her from a rabid attacker? Or is he doomed to succeed at rescuing her only to watch her walk away?

 Lions and wolves and bears, oh my…

 Read on for an excerpt of

SILVER: A Sexy Shapeshifter Fairytale Romance

Silver: A Sexy Shifer Fairytale Romance by Jessica Aspen

The outside door of the bar opened and the last of the daylight flooded in. She blinked back spots and checked out the newcomer. Tall, dark and delicious. Mmm, yes, definitely someone she could lap up with a spoon.

Whoa, she pulled herself back. That had to be the alcohol thrumming in her system. Yes he was gorgeous. He was tall in a bar full of unusually-tall people. Was everyone in this town related? Even most of the women looked bigger than normal—stronger. She’d noticed that when she’d first walked in. But this guy was sexy dangerous to boot, with blacker than black hair and just a bristle of beard. His eyes met hers and they flashed interest. She warmed inside, blamed the vodka, and quick looked away.

She’d come here looking for trouble in her swishy short dress and her high laced-up heels that showed off the expert nail treatment her friend Traci had done for free last week. Last week, when she’d finally given up on being able to afford her own rent and taken up residency on Traci’s couch.

Had it really only been three weeks since she’d woken up one morning and realized Bill was gone, and he’d taken not just everything worth anything in the apartment, but her credit rating and all her money too?

She really needed that third drink.

“Here, miss, that gentleman over there just bought you this.” The new bartender handed Silver another vodka and cranberry and nodded at the other end of the bar.

She blinked blearily at the guy down the bar. Bleh. Too much hair on his neck and ears and not enough in the fringe he had combed over the top. And there was something about the way he was looking at her. She gave a quick shiver.

“No thanks.” She tried to push the glass back but it was too late—it was a busy Friday night and the bartender had moved on. Hairy neck guy smiled at her and she frowned, giving her frostiest go-away look. But just looking at him must have been enough because he got up off of his stool, drink in hand and a loopy smile on his face, and headed for her.

Fabulous, just what she needed.

She got up too fast and had to hold still, letting the room rise up to meet her. She should not be this drunk. Two drinks, right? Either Nita was heavy handed or they’d both miscounted.

Hairy guy wedged himself between her stool and the off-duty waitresses partying it up next to her. “Hi.” He breathed fumes down her shirt.

Silver choked on his exhaled whiskey and looked frantically around for a solution. The bar was packed with people chatting it up and laughing, but of course she knew no one here in Smittsville. After all, she’d only been here twenty-four hours and was only here for the reading of the will.

Or at least that had been the plan. Now everything she’d thought she was going to be doing for the next three months might be put on hold, that is, if she decided to do what Grandpa wanted her to do and move into his ancient cabin with her sister.


Her very own overbearing, thinks she knows best, ruin my life sister. The sister she’d thought she’d hated until she’d seen her coming in to the lawyers office with that hopeful look on her face. At the thought of the disaster her emotions were concerning her sister she nearly reached for the drink and swallowed it down.

“So, you want to go out and see my truck? I got a Hemi in it.” Hairy Ear’s words were damp.

Silver wiped the spray off her cheek. “Um…”

Damn. Coming here hadn’t been her best idea, but dealing with Scarlett after everything else that had happened this month with Bill had really rattled her, and she’d wanted to blow off some steam. In this tiny town there were only two places to get a drink and she’d caught sight of Scarlett entering the Growler with a guy. So that had left her here at the Chug ‘N Whiskey, a hole in the wall if there ever was one.

Her nemesis draped an arm around her shoulders. “I’m Ned,” he breathed into her face.

She waved a hand in front of her watering eyes and pushed his arm off. “I’m sorry.” Stepping back, she ran smack into her own barstool. “There must be some mistake. I don’t know you.”

“I just bought you a drink.” His smile faded and his face turned hard. Silver tried to move around the barstool, but his arm shot out, blocking her path. “You owe me a kiss.”

“No, I don’t.” She jerked her head away but her reflexes were too slow. Wide wet lips hit her on the cheek, smearing whiskey-laced slobber down her skin. “Eww! Get away.” She pushed on his chest, but it was like trying to shift a boulder. He wasn’t moving. And worse than, his grubby paw landed on her thigh, inching up her short skirt and heading fast for her ass.

Why oh why had she decided to be a rebel and not wear panties?

From out of nowhere black-haired hotty stepped up. “Ned, the lady doesn’t want your attention.” She craned her neck to look up at him. At five foot eight she’d always felt like a giraffe, and with her heels on tonight she was close to six feet, but he towered over her by a good five or six inches. Despite the dire situation she felt a warm glow of gratitude to him for making her feel almost petite.

“Back off Abe. I bought her a drink. Ned moved in closer. “She owes me a kiss.”

Silver wasn’t sure if it was his huge silver belt buckle or something else pressing against her belly. She scooted behind her rescuer. “I didn’t drink it. Look, it’s still there.” She pointed at the full glass still sitting on the bar, brim-full of jewel bright cranberry on ice.

“She doesn’t want your drink, Ned. Why don’t you go back to your end of the bar and sit down before someone steals your seat.”

“She owes me a kiss—a real kiss with tongue.” Ned moved faster than she thought a man of his size could, ducking around Abe and heading for Silver. She stumbled back, grabbing for balance, but her rescuer was quicker. She didn’t see his hand come up but before she could blink he had Ned’s shoulder locked in place and was walking him out of the bar to raucous cheers and cat-calls.

Silver reached for her purse on the bar and rummaged for her phone. She couldn’t afford cab fare, but she was way too drunk to drive all the way to the outskirts of town where her no-tell motel was located.

“Leaving so fast?” Her rescuer had come back into the bar. “How about one more drink? I know you didn’t want Ned’s offering, but it’s good alcohol and it’ll just go to waste if you don’t drink it.”

He moved in close and the warmth of his presence spread through her. Not only was this man super tall, and super good looking, but she could feel the rush of him all over her skin.

She hesitated. “Well, it is just sitting there.”

He waved down the bartender and ordered a beer. “Now, what’s your name, pretty lady?”

The line was cheesy, and she knew she was more than tipsy, but the way he smiled at her had her tingling from the top of her head to the tips of her toes peeping out of her black strappy heels.

“I’m Silver.” She held out her hand. This was so not her, picking up men in bars. She’d always taken her time. Been cautious. Made sure they were safe. But the old her had terrible taste in men, first the notorious Steven Schmidt, and then the even worse rebound man, Bill. What was there to lose by embracing her fresh start and go with her gut?

His broad hand nearly swallowed hers up. “Silver—Silver Rose?” His brows lifted.

“Yes.” She frowned up at him. “Do I know you?”

He grinned, the sudden pirate smile lighting up the depths of his black eyes. “Abe Beresford. We played together up on the mountain as children.”

She took a second look, trying to find the boy in the man. “Wow, you have grown up.”

“So have you.” He looked her up and down, and unlike Ned’s attention, his had her already flushed cheeks burning.

It was still early and she had nowhere to go but back to a lonely hotel room. Why not have some fun with one of the best looking men she’d seen in a long time? A small quiver of caution raised its head, Scarlett would disapprove.

She squashed the feeling. Scarlett, with her bossy ways had been out of her life for over a year. Just because Grandpa’s will said they had to live together for three months to inherit didn’t mean Scarlett would be in charge. This was Silver’s second chance. Why not start by proving to her sister, and to herself, that she could make her own decisions? That she could be the naughty one and didn’t always have to be protected.

The bartender brought his beer.

“Put that on my tab.” Silver smiled up at Abe and he smiled back. “I owe you for fending off Ned.”

“You don’t owe me a thing. But if it will make you feel better, you can pay for it—as long as you let me get the next one.”

Screw it. She’d had a rough day and she could always call that cab later. Besides, this was Abe Beresford. She’d run all over the mountain with him when they were children. Why not do some adult exploration, now that they were grown up? “Sounds like a plan. Let’s find a table.” She winked at him.

He winked back, a long slow movement of thick, black eyelashes showcasing the gleam in his devil-may-care eyes. “Shall we?” He held out an elbow and she linked her arm in his.

A deep shiver ran through her as they made their way to a shadowy table for two. This was going to be some night.

Amazon   iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Kobo

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Bears VS Wolves, Writing the Shifter

Thursday Bites

a blog for the inner animal in all of us

ANNOUNCEMENT: Only ten days left to enter to win a Kindle Fire Six, $25 Amazon Gift Card, and six ebooks from our talented Chain of Love romance authors.

Enter at: 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

cinder: a sexy shifter fantasy romance by jessica aspenThis is a really fun contest. Everyone gets one free entry, but then, all you have to do is read our books and find the Cameron character in each of our curvy romance novellas and get bonus entries.

Each of us has “hidden” a character named Cameron in our stories. Mine is extra special to me because he (0r she!) is a character already in another Sexy Shifter Fairytale Romance and is getting their own book very soon. (Is that a hint? Maybe!)

Now on to the blog!


Bears vs Wolves, are you taking sides? 

Well, I do write both. My Sexy Shifter Fairytale Romances are fairy tale based, and so I naturally started with Little Red Riding Hood, and turned it into RED, my feisty wolf shifter heroine and after I wrote her brother’s story Snow, I thought, hmm, more wolves? Are there more fairytales with wolves?

Well none came to mind, but what did come to mind was Golidlocks and the Three Bears. So I had fun twisting Goldi and Zeke’s story. But after I did I was left with the question: did I like writing bears or wolves better and what should I write next?

What if you write both and love both?

Turns out I do love writing both wolf shifters and bear shifters, but there are some basic differences. When I write the bear romances I think of what a real bear is like. They’re bigger and bulkier. Surprisingly fast. They have amazing senses of smell, much more sensitive than a wolf’s and that’s something I had to learn. I thought the wolves would be better at scenting things, but no, bears can smell food and their mates for miles.

Bears are also kind of unsociable, especially compared to wolves. They don’t like to live with others, they seem to me more surly and individual. So I put my bears on bear mountain and made it clear that they like space. So much space that they don’t even mind sharing the small town of Smittsville with humans. Why? Because the humans add space between the bears.

What about wolves?

Wolves are obviously pack animals. What I kind of think of as tribal. So much so that in my first book, Red, when Evan comes to Radon, Colorado they treat him as an outsider. They hide all the women of mating age from him and make him feel very unwelcome. And in the end, it comes down to the pack or Evan. And Red has to decide.

Wolves seem more fun to me. Like they love rolling in the grass and tracking rabbits for hours, even if they aren’t hungry. They do it for fun. Not that they are killing randomly, no the wolves of Radon respect nature. But they aren’t adverse to chasing a rabbit and getting distracted from the trail.

What about the romance?

So, how do I use the differences between the bears and the wolves when I write a romance? Well, if you’ve read Red, Snow and Cinder, all wolf shifters, pack is the priority and it frequently comes into conflict with the romance. Especially since all three of those have human love interests. I also used that in Goldi, since that’s a cross species romance between a bear shifter and a wolf shifter. Goldi is isolated from her pack and it makes her vulnerable. And Zeke, the bear, is a loner who needs his mate.

And then apply heat!

Alpha wolves get dominance issues in bed and out. I loved playing with the dominance and submissive behavior in the bedroom when I wrote Red. And when you talk about surly bears, Zeke’s first hot scene with Goldi definitely walked the edge of dangerous.

So, do I  love writing the bear shifters more or the wolves? I’m sure you can tell I enjoy both. And luckily, I get to chose which kind of character fits the romance. Do I need a social animal/hero? Or do I need an anti-social, unruly hero? Or heroine. You know, I haven’t written a heroine who’s a bear yet. Hmm. Definitely need to get back to writing!

What do you love reading best? Wolves or bear shifters? What about lions? I’ve had a sexy, Latin lover taking over my imagination for a long time and it took me a while to realize that he needs a big cat. Maybe a mountain lion? What do you think? Leave me a comment below and tell me your favorite shifter.



Author Bio:

Jessica Aspen

Jessica Aspen has always wanted to be spirited away to a world inhabited by elves, were-wolves and sexy men who walk on the dark side of the knife. Luckily, she’s able to explore her fantasy side and delve into new worlds by writing paranormal romance. She loves indulging in dark chocolate, reading eclectic novels, and dreaming of ocean vacations, but instead spends most of her time, writing, walking the dog, and hiking in the Colorado Rockies. You can find out more information and read about Jessica’s paranormal romances at

To sign up for Jessica Aspen’s new release email and get your link to download your free book, please click HERE.


Author web links:  






Join the Jessica Aspen mailing list! Get the scoop on new releases, sales, plus the chance to win ARCs and participate in special giveaways.  When I send you an email, there’s always something in it for you! To sign up for Jessica Aspen’s new release email and get your link to download your free book, please click HERE


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Werewolves or Shifters? What’s In Your Romance?

Fantastic Fridays

wolves, bears, and jaguars…oh my

I’m happy to announce that I have the rights back to my first three hot paranormal romance novellas, Twisted Tales: Come Into the Woods.

In 2015 I’ll be working at re-vamping and re-branding the series. They’ll still be the hot, twisted fairy-tales they’ve always been, but with new covers, new blurbs, and possibly a new series title. I love these books. They are fun, sexy romps through the wilds of Colorado and they are chock full of romance, intrigue, and hot alpha werewolves.

Or do I mean shifters?

When I first wrote these novellas the paranormal romance readers hadn’t latched onto the shifter label as hard as they have now and I used werewolf to describe my beasts, even though my characters shift into full wolves and not scary Boris Karloff wannabes. Grr!

But, a year or two after my books became published it became clear to me that the romance community had issues with the word werewolf. They saw it as the half-man, half-beast from the horror movies. And, if I were writing a paranormal with a scary half-man, half-beast, it would still work. But I’m not. I’m writing about sexy shifters who become full fledged amazing animals. Wolves and bears, and maybe I’ll be venturing into jaguars. (I’ll have to tell you about the super sexy Latin lover I just met. Mmmm.)

Sorry, got distracted. Back on topic…

Now that I’m re-vamping these books I have to consider several issues.

Are they dated? Do they need new edits? And what sort of changes should I make?

I don’t think they’re dated, but I will definitely read through to make sure I don’t have any glaring issues with technology. One of the things I find funny about watching old movies is how fast we’ve changed in our technology. Just look at how the shape and size of the cell phone has changed. From a bulky thing wired into your car, to a huge rectangle, to something so tiny you could easily hide it in a bra, now back to larger bulky rectangles. Who would have predicted they’d get bigger and not smaller?

As for new edits: I think I had pretty decent editing from my previous publisher, but I know my writing has changed and grown. When I re-read through them I think it will be very hard not to tweak my own words and style. I have to decide if I should or not. Would you? If you had the chance to re-write something like that would you take the time? Or would you let it stand as it is. Many e-books are voraciously re-written, even without republication, but that’s not true of classic print novels. Should we re-write?

Back to the question.

So that leads me to the werewolf vs shifter thing. I think, given the current climate of the paranormal romance world, I’m going to seriously consider changing werewolves to wolf shifters. And werebears to bear shifters. I never liked the word werebear anyway. It’s awkward to say. And those aren’t total re-writes, merely a twitch to a wrinkled skirt.


What’s your opinion? Are you a sexy shifter reader? Do you care if it says sexy werewolves? Or do you think horror movie heroes and scary villains instead of hot, hunky, alpha wolves?

Author Bio:

Jessica Aspen

Jessica Aspen has always wanted to be spirited away to a world inhabited by elves, were-wolves and sexy men who walk on the dark side of the knife. Luckily, she’s able to explore her fantasy side and delve into new worlds by writing paranormal romance. She loves indulging in dark chocolate, reading eclectic novels, and dreaming of ocean vacations, but instead spends most of her time, writing, walking the dog, and hiking in the Colorado Rockies. You can find out more information and read about Jessica’s paranormal romances at

To sign up for Jessica Aspen’s new release email and get your link to download your free book, please click HERE. 

Author web links:  






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#Interview and #Giveaway – #Romance Author CD Hersh

Whimsical Wednesdays

another amazing paranormal romance guest blog

Today I’m thrilled to be interviewing the amazing paranormal romance author CD Hersh. I love the fact that CD actually stands for Catherine and Donald, husband and wife, and that they work together as a team. Having both the male and female point of view for their books lends a terrific balance and unique read that I know my readers will love. And today, they’re giving away One readers choice of either The Promised One or Blood Brothers in ebook format. Just leave a comment to enter to win shifter romance!

Hi and thanks for guest blogging on JessicaAspen Writes.

Thanks for hosting us, Jessica. We’re glad to be here and share with your readers about our book and series.


  • Tell us a little about yourself and your book.

We are a husband and wife writing team who’ve been writing together since the 90s when we first started writing drama for our church. We got into writing romance because Catherine gave Donald a romance book she thought he would like. He thought the hero did not react as a man would and told Catherine that we could do better. So we started looking for an idea for our book. We found one while brainstorming on a road trip when we passed a road sign that said Turning Stone NY. We tossed around the idea of what a turning stone would be, and came up with a different type of shape-shifter world, based on magic from a bloodstone given to three ancient Celtic families by Druid priests. Blood Brothers is the second book in the Turning Stone Chronicles series.


  • What is your writing environment like?

This depends on whether you are talking plotting, first draft, or revisions, as our writing environment is different for each stage. We tend to plot in the car on trips or in a restaurant over a meal. After much plotting and scene arrangement by Donald, first drafts are generally done in Catherine’s office, where she has control of the keyboard. When the first draft is done, we transfer the document to Donald’s computer, which has dual monitors so we can sit on opposite sides of the desk. At this point Donald has control of the keyboard. We revise together line by line, making sure sensory, setting, emotions, and any other items which create depth are in the story. We generally hole up in Donald’s office for at least a week doing this.

  • Give two random thoughts, quotes, or surprising tidbits about yourself, something that might surprise your readers

A quote Donald likes is “Don’t take life too seriously, nobody gets out alive anyway.”

Catherine is fond of “UFOs.” Unfinished objects: unfinished quilts, unfinished knitting and crochet projects, unfinished gardening, unfinished you name it as she tends to procrastinate.

  • I like that one, I’m a procrastinator too! Tell us the story behind your pen name?

Our pen name is a combination of the letters of our first names and a shortened version of our last name. The only story behind our pen name is that when signing books we both sign part of the name. Readers often comment on that when we do a book signing.


  • What do you want your readers to take from your books?

We want the reader to just have fun reading the books. We hope we make them laugh a little and maybe get involved enough to forget about the day to day troubles.

  • That’s nice. What is your favorite part about writing?

This is probably a toss-up between the plotting and the final line by line review when we add the depth to the story. During these times we are laughing, crying, or just generally having fun with the characters, and we’re working together.

  • Come on, dish…is there anything unusual about your writing habits?

When Catherine gets to within approximately 50 pages of the end of the first draft she won’t stop writing for anything. Since retirement, Donald stays up with her until she writes The End. Then we’ll take a nap, since it’s usually three or four in the morning, get up and go to brunch at Bob Evans to celebrate the finish of the first draft.


  • What do you come up with first in starting a story: Title? Characters? Plot? Setting? Conflict?

What we tend to come up with first is the title and the blurb. This gives us our outline to plot the stories that sometimes cause the blurb to change. LOL.

  • How do you research the time period, setting, plot specifics, character specifics?

Research is fun as we like to travel to the location to try and get as much direct information as possible, and if we can’t, we often use books or the internet. Our current stories primarily take place in Cleveland, Ohio. One year after actually visiting the city, Catherine had some questions about setting. So, we took a virtual tour of downtown Cleveland in Donald’s office via Google Maps. Several months later, while writing our Christmas newsletter, Catherine wrote we had traveled twice to Cleveland to research the book. Donald just about died laughing and had a hard time convincing her one was a virtual tour. LOL.

  • Do you have a writing schedule? How do you juggle writing, family, work, and life’s surprises?

We have a schedule only if we have a contract deadline. We tend to be feast or famine when it comes to writing because we have so many projects going on at the same time. We’ve been known to take a laptop to the hospital when visiting family to keep writing on deadline. Our daughter has also learned not to call during deadline times as she will get very short answers or be sent to voice mail.


  • Was there anything that surprised you while writing this book?

For Catherine, that would be the fact that we didn’t travel to Cleveland twice. LOL. No, really, we were surprised at the timing of when Rhys discovered his animal ego. We knew what it was but hadn’t decided when it would occur in the book. It happened in the end-of-the-book, during the last 50 page run that Catherine always does.

  • Did you have a favorite character in this book?

You would think this would be one of the heroes or heroines, since we have two in each book, but it is actually a supporting character named Eli McCraigen. He’s an immortal, Scottish character who loves to speak in proverbs.

  • Is this a series? Will there be any sequels to this book?

Yes, this is a series. This is the second of five planned books.

  • What are you releasing next, and when?

Son of the Moonless Night, (The Turning Stone Chronicles Book 3) is the next one in the series. We are currently working on edits for a possible release in 2015.

Thanks for the interview, Catherine and Donald.

And readers, CD Hersch is giving away a super prize today: One readers choice of either The Promised One or Blood Brothers in ebook format!

  Blood Brothers (The Turning Stone Chronicles, Book 2)

blood brothers by cd herschWhen Delaney Ramsey is enlisted to help train two of the most powerful shape shifters the Turning Stone Society has seen in thousands of years, she suspects one of them is responsible for the disappearance of her daughter. To complicate matters, the man has a secret that could destroy them all. Bound by honor to protect the suspect, Delaney must prove his guilt without losing her life to his terrible powers or revealing to the police captain she’s falling for that she’s a shape shifter with more than one agenda.

The minute Captain Williams lays eyes on Delaney Ramsey, he knows she’s trouble. Uncooperative, secretive, and sexy, he can’t get her out of his mind. When he discovers she has a personal agenda for sifting through all the criminal records in his precinct, and secretly investigating his best detective, he can’t let her out of his sight. He must find out what she’s looking for before she does something illegal. If she steps over the line, he’s not certain he can look the other way for the sake of love.

Buy now at Amazon:

Title: Blood Brothers (The Turning Stone Chronicles, Book 2)

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Length: 406

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Release date: October 29th, 2014


c d herschPutting words and stories on paper is second nature to co-authors C.D. Hersh. They’ve written separately since they were teenagers and discovered their unique, collaborative abilities in the mid-90s. As high school sweethearts and husband and wife, Catherine and Donald believe in true love and happily ever after.

Together they have co-authored a number of dramas, six which have been produced in Ohio, where they live. Their interactive Christmas production had five seasonal runs in their hometown and has been sold in Virginia, California, and Ohio. Their most recent collaborative writing efforts have been focused on romance. The first book of their paranormal romance series entitled The Promised One (The Turning Stone Chronicles) is available on Amazon. The second book in the series Blood Brothers is coming October 29, 2014 from Soul Mate Publishing.



Soul Mate Publishing:


Amazon Author Page:


Amazon buy link for The Promised One (The Turning Stone Chronicles):


paper back:


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ML Guida: Dark Paranormal Romance Author

Whimsical Wednesdays

a dark paranormal romance interview

Hello and welcome to the first of my new series of guest romance author blogs and interviews. I’m thrilled to have as my first victim—um-hem—guest, ML Guida. ML writes dark paranormal romance about vampire pirates, dragon shapeshifters, and witches. She is not only a good friend of mine,  is also my critique partner. She puts up with my crazy schedule and even crazier life. If it weren’t for her, I know my writing wouldn’t be where it is. So please welcome guest romance author, ML Guida, to Jessica Aspen Writes. And don’t forget to leave a comment and enter to win the giveaway for an e-copy of ML’s first book in the series, A Pirate’s Curse.


Hi ML, welcome to the blog. Do you mind sharing what you write with my readers?

Thanks Jessica for allowing me to come onto your blog. I write dark paranormal romance.

Do you have cheerleaders  supporting you as a writer? Who supports you and keeps you writing?

I have some great cheerleaders.  My first one is my wonderful critique partner, Jessica Aspen, and my dad. When I’ve almost given up, my dad is the one who picked me up off the floor and encouraged to back on the writing horse.

Tell us why you write dark paranormal? Why this type of books? 

I’ve been in love with the supernatural, ever since I was a little girl and first started watching Dark Shadows.  When I was in third grade, my whole class was hooked on Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators—the big hit was Mystery of the Green Ghost. Later I fell in love with vampires. They’re sensual and dark. Later, I discovered Sherrilyn Kenyon and Ann Rice.  I have a hard time not writing paranormal.

What theme or message is in your book? Does it run through all your books?

Resiliency is a key component to all my books. My characters suffer hardship, but must believe in themselves to overcome obstacles to win. They need to accept their faults as well as their strength. In A Pirate’s Revenge, William has to overcome his self-loathing and fear before he can reach his goal. He has to trust in witch craft, something he doesn’t believe in, and only then, can he defeat his enemies and find true love.

Come on, dish…is their anything unusual about your writing habits?

Most authors like peace and quiet, not me. I have the television on. But what really starts my creativity is watching paranormal shows. Right now, I’m watching Mortal Instruments, City of Ashes.

Have you had many rejections? How did you deal with them?  How did they push you? 

Rejections are part of the business.  At first, I usual go into pout mode and think it’s the end of the world. A friend of mine, fellow writer Jennifer Maitlen, has given me a mantra to live by—half day. I have half day to wallow in pity, then I have to put on my big girl panties and move on.  I don’t know why, but it helps. Sometimes you need permission to feel like it’s the end of the world. Time limits help.

Do you have a writing schedule? How do you juggle writing, family, work, and life’s surprises?

I usually write before work and after work. I never had any problems writing until my cocker spaniel died—Sadie.  She was 12 years old and my best friend. Now, it’s been hard to write anything. Sometimes grief is all consuming, and it’s hard to get back into the routine.

What’s unique about this book?

William can turn into a dragon, but he is not like most shape-shifters. He is possessed by a dragon spirit, Drakon. Drakon and William are one and can hear each other’s thoughts.  I wanted to do something different than the usual shifters. Also, without giving too much away, I’ve darker creatures that come from Coaybay (dark underworld) to the Caribbean.

Is this a series? Will there be any sequels to this book?

Yes. A Pirate’s Revenge is the second book in the Legends of the Soaring Phoenix. The first book was A Pirate’s Curse.  The third installment is scheduled to come out in Winter of 2015. This will be Amadi’s story. Amadi is an escaped slave who is re-captured and tossed back into slavery. This tale is based on the White Witch of Rose Hall in Jamaica. In 1770, the White Witch, Annee Palmer, seduced three husbands, then murdered them. Her favorite pastime was to have slave lovers, but she’d torture them.  The slaves finally were tired of Annee and rebelled, killing her.  Amadi is forced to battle his evil mistress and must rely on Violet, an indentured servant, to help him escape.  The problem is Violet is unable to tell a lie. She breaks out in hives when she lies, and she can tell when others are lying. The evil mistress uses Violet’s abilities to her own evil ends and Amadi must learn to trust Violet or be chained forever a slave.

Thanks ML!

Hey readers, don’t forget to leave a comment to enter to win the giveaway of an e-copy of book one, A Pirate’s Curse.

A Pirate’s Revenge, Book Two in the Legends of the Soaring Phoenix

MLGuida_APiratesRevenge_800Cursed by a demon, William O’Brien changes into a dragon with mystical powers he can’t control. In dragon form he becomes a ravenous beast with the power to destroy the crew of the Soaring Phoenix. He’s forced to make a decision: leave the ship or face killing the crew. But before he can go, he discovers a new menace hunts him. The God of the Underworld has released a female demon, more deadly and evil than before, with orders to capture William and combine his powers with a male witch in order to destroy the crew of the Soaring Phoenix. Mariah Fey, a talented witch, wants only to save her brother from the bowels of the evil pirate ship, the Fiery Damsel. If William will trust her, she can teach him how to harvest his gifts, control his abilities, and together their true love can defeat their enemies.



Buy links for A Pirate’s Revenge:

Amazon Kobo Inktera



MaryGuida-web 1 (5 of 5)M.L. Guida loves the paranormal. Even when she was four years old, she would watch the soap opera, Dark Shadows, and fell in love with vampires! Who wouldn’t want a bite on the neck? Currently, she has two series with vampires: the Legends of the Soaring Phoenix and Vampires on Holiday.

Today, she continues to love the preternatural and watches Ghost Adventures, Dead Files and A Haunting. She’s ventured into more supernatural beings, specifically demons, but not just any demons, dragon demons. Her new series, the Underworld, is with Kensington/Lyrical Imprint.

M.L. lives in Colorado near the Rocky Mountains. She loves to take her cocker spaniel, Sadie, for walks on the trails behind her house. When she travels, she tries to go on ghost tours. Her favorite so far was the Jack the Ripper tour in London.

She currently writes for Kensington/Lyrical Imprint, Passion in Print, and self-publishes. She is a member of Colorado Romance Writers and Romance Writers of America.


Want to know what’s going on with Jessica? Check out her news page HERE or sign up for her New Release Email HERE.


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Goldi and the Bear is a Finalist!

Thursdays Bite

a hot, shapeshifter romance blog

I’m super excited to discover that my spicy, new adult, twisted fairy tale, Goldi and the Bear is a finalist in the Colorado Romance Writer’s Award of Excellence. Goldi is the third book in the Twisted Tales: Come Into the Woods series of hot, shape-shifter romance novellas from Passion in Print Press.

I love this series of novellas. They are fun and fast-paced, and I had a terrific time writing them. I can’t wait to get back to this series and write a few more about my Colorado shape-shifters and fairy-tale twists.

Goldi Lycan’s father has gone wild wolf. She needs his signature and the money he’s hidden or the bank will foreclose and sell to a buyer she suspects is her ex-boyfriend, whose heart she crushed. Zeke has a secret. He’s never stopped loving Goldi, or forgotten their steamy nights together, and he’s determined to make her pay. When Goldi is injured in a Rocky Mountain blizzard she’s forced to take shelter in Zeke’s empty house. But look out! When Zeke arrives home to find a naked she-wolf in his bed, all hell will break loose.

Goldi and the Bear

Chapter One

Goldi took a last despairing look in the mirror. It had been a long time since she’d done anything as frivolous as looking good and dressing up. Today, of all days, it made her skin crawl.

Crazy blonde curls tamed? Check.

Conservative, navy dress? Check.

Medium heels to match? Check.

Well, sort of. She eyed the shoes. She’d taken an old black marker and covered the scuff marks. They’d do, as long as no one looked closely and saw that the black was a little smeary. With no money for the last two years for anything besides the needs of the sheep, the ranch, and paying the bills, there was nothing leftover for anything as impractical as a new dress or shoes.

The old navy dress and black pumps had better be up to the job of looking serious enough to impress Jonas MacGee at the Smittsville Savings and Loan. She didn’t have much choice. If Jonas didn’t give her father an extension on the loan, she’d not only be nearly dressless, she’d be homeless too.

She smothered another sigh and pasted on a smile.

This was the best she could do. She couldn’t make her wild curls look like she had a corporate job, and she couldn’t make Dad crawl to the bank manager twenty years his junior. All she could do was force him to go and hope he treated Jonas with respect. Something the old wolf would have trouble enough doing. Lots of trouble.

She grabbed her purse and headed for the living room, checking for wallet and keys and calling to her dad. “Dad, are you ready?”

No answer.

“It’s time to go.” The hairs on the back of her neck rose.

It was a short trip through the small, one-story house, sniffing deeply for her dad’s woodsy scent, a suspicious, panicky ache growing in the center of her chest as she checked each room. He wasn’t in his bedroom, the bathroom, kitchen, or living room. His scent was fresh, he couldn’t have left more than an hour ago. Just when she’d gotten into the shower.

She pressed her lips together, squashing the twinge of anxiety before it bloomed into a panic attack. Pushing open the wooden screen door, she hollered out into the ranch yard, the cold rising wind whipping her words away. “Dad! It’s time to go.”

Ned, their latest ranch hand, limped around the corner of the half-empty hay barn holding her dad’s best blue jeans, the shirt she’d ironed yesterday, and his only tie. “He’s gone, Goldi.” He stopped and leaned on the rusting, pale-green 1975 Ford pick-up. “I saw him running for the hills about twenty minutes ago.”

The tightness in her chest clamped down hard as panic blossomed into a full-blown attack. She sucked in air to shout once again for her dad, knowing it was useless. He’d shifted to wolf, run off, and left her here to face the debt all by herself.

Ned shook his head and pursed his lips. “You’d better go without him.”

Cold sweat dampened her fresh dress and she stifled the urge to rip it off her body. The urge to get rid of the tight shoes and confining dress and shift to wolf grew nearly unbearable. Why couldn’t she run for the hills and hide like Dad from the demands of the world?

Her lungs seized up.

She couldn’t do this. She couldn’t talk Jonas MacGee into extending the loan for a twenty-two year old, unemployed, high school drop-out.

“Maybe I can find him.” She gasped, struggling to breathe past the lump in her chest.

“You might, but you’d have to come back here, get dressed again, and still make it into town for your appointment.” Ned’s typical dour expression darkened. “I doubt you’d impress the banker.”

“You’re right.” Goldi dug into her purse for her keys. “Can you look for him?”

Ned’s eyes shifted away, and Goldi’s outstretched hand dropped to her side. She should have known it was futile to ask. Ned never did more than he had to, and looking for her dad would be actual work.

“I could…” He pulled a package of tobacco out and pushed a wad in front of his stained teeth. “But I was going to go check on the pregnant ewes in the south field.” He lifted his head and sniffed the air. “It smells like snow. What do you want me to do?”

A bank of dark threatening clouds loomed behind the western mountains. Rocky Mountain blizzards could be heavy in late February, and the cool breeze, carrying the taste of snow, smelled wet. Suddenly, it was all too much. She was exhausted from having to make all the decisions. Every blessed day her father left more and more responsibility to her and took off for the woods. Today, she’d really needed him. And he’d known it.

Ned slouched against the old pickup, his tobacco-full lower lip pushed out as he waited for her decision.

She tried to take a deep breath. “No, you’d better check on the ewes. If I can talk Jonas into giving us until May, we’re going to need every single lamb to dig us out of debt.”

He nodded and spat a brown liquid stream into the dirt. “Yup,” he said and turned away, heading back to the small cabin he had all to himself.

Once again, she wished her dad would let her talk to the other wolves in Radon. Then, they’d be able to hire someone from the pack, not some lone-wolf with a hidden history, like Ned. Somewhere, somehow, Ned had left his pack. Or been driven out. He didn’t say why, and Goldi wasn’t sure she wanted to know how, but she’d seen his leg. It was covered with scars from some wolf’s teeth.

But she had few choices. At this point, Ned was all she had keeping the ranch together. Her dad would never hire anyone else. All the things she didn’t like about Ned made her dad like him. He had no ties. Was loyal to no pack. And best of all, in her dad’s opinion, Ned didn’t care if her dad spent more and more time running as a wolf. Much as she didn’t like it, Ned was sticking around.

Goldi got into the old truck and cranked the engine. It fired up with no problem, the old motor rumbling unhappily away. Her panic attack loosened its hold on her chest. At least one thing was going right today. She drove away from the ranch and turned up the dirt road toward town.

An old country tune sang out of the radio and she sang along with it, howling out the high notes and trying to push all her worries out of her mind. It would take an hour to drive to town and she needed to be ready to face Jonas. Calm, collected, cool as the proverbial cucumber. Every inch the woman he would give an extension to. Not the scared little girl she’d become over the last few years since her mom’s death, prone to letting fear take over, panic attacks, and turning tail.

Today, if she didn’t face the world, the world would take over. She had to rock this appointment or lose everything.

Driving past the dilapidated house that marked the intersection to Rover’s Corner she made the left-hand turn onto the road that led into town. Out of habit she averted her eyes from the dirt road on the right that curved up the side of Beresford Mountain. The sight of it didn’t even hurt anymore, at least not much. She hadn’t been up there in years and didn’t allow herself to even think about all the happy time she’d spent up there. That was bear territory and if her father ever caught wind of how tempting it was every time she drove by to turn up that road, he’d be furious. It had been bad enough five years ago when her mom had passed, but now?

Wolves hated bears, bears didn’t like anyone else, and the closer her father came to slipping into the wild, the more he distrusted outsiders. Humans, bears, and wolves.

She shoved the yearning for the past back in the same place with her worries and turned her attention to forming careful arguments that would impress Jonas MacGee. Mr. MacGee, I…

The truck sputtered.

“Come on, you piece of junk, come on.” She hit the dash with her palm. “You can do it!”

The engine gave off a few guttural growls, coughed, and died.

“Noooo!” she wailed, and with the truck’s last rolling effort she guided it to the side of the road and into the high grass. She checked the mileage. One hundred and fifty-two miles. Nowhere near the two hundred and twenty mile mark that she needed to get gas. With the old truck’s speedometer broken as long as she could remember, they’d always re-set the odometer so they could get gas before they reached the two hundred mark. The twenty was just in case.

There should be an extra sixty-eight miles left before she ran out of gas.

She turned the car over and over, the grinding sound of the starter wearing on her nerves. No gas. And no one in sight on this lonely road that led nowhere but bear territory and Lycan Ranch. No one would be coming, and she only had half-an-hour to make it to town. On her own two feet. Or four.

She hopped out of the car and, for a fleeting moment, considered stripping off her clothes, tying them to her back, and running in wolf-form all the way to town. But, before she could put it into practice, she heard a motor. Someone was coming from the direction of Rover’s Corner. She turned. And as the expensive, shiny black pickup approached, dust blowing from its rear wheels, her lungs tightened and her heart sank.

Only one person in this area drove a new, black pickup.

The truck rolled to a stop next to the old, stalled truck, and the automatic window rolled down. Zeke Beresford leaned across the seat and asked, “Heading into town? Need a lift?”

At the sound of his voice, her heart skittered.

It had been over five-and-a-half years since she’d heard Zeke Beresford speak, and he sounded just the same. Sexy. Hot. Tempting. But he looked different. Way different. He still had thick, dark brown, straight hair, and deep, rich, chocolate brown eyes, but everything else had changed.

She couldn’t even get enough air to speak.

“I won’t bite.” His words were soft, almost flirty. But he wasn’t smiling. His face was hard, his eyes cold and assessing as he checked out her conservative clothes. And by the small shake of his head and sardonic lift to his brow, he found her wanting.

She looked up the road at the long, dusty walk to town and knew she had no choice. She had to take him up on his offer.

He started to pull his head back into the pick-up.

“No, wait.” She got the words out, grabbed her purse off the front seat, and slammed the creaky door of the betraying old truck. “I would love a lift into town.” Opening the door of the too tall truck, she raised her heeled foot up high, tugged her skirt down, and hauled her ass into the cab. “Thank you,” she said, with all the sophistication and air she could muster as she stared into the dark, dangerous brown eyes of her ex-boyfriend.

The one she’d stopped talking to when her mother had died and she’d dropped out of her junior year of high school. The one who had begged and pleaded with her to re-consider and whom she’d told she never wanted to speak to again.

Zeke Beresford, bad bear made good.

Goldi huddled on her side of the luxurious cab, working on breathing past the tight squeeze of her heart, as they drove to town. Zeke’s capable, large hands expertly handled the powerful truck and she caught herself staring at them, remembering the way they’d felt on her skin. How, a full year older, he’d taught her inexperienced high school self all the things her parents never wanted to know she’d learned. Especially at the hands of a bear.

Old desires, long forgotten, tingled along her skin. She yanked her gaze from Zeke’s hands.

“Why didn’t your date pick you up at the ranch? Afraid Daddy dear might see?” Zeke’s mocking tone raised her ruff.

“I don’t have a date,” she said, her voice stiff.

She darted a look at his hard face as he stared straight down the road. No one except Ned knew how close her father was to permanently turning wild wolf, and she wasn’t about to tell Zeke. Not now. Not with that callous tone in his voice telling her he’d never forgive her for dumping him.

He darted a look at her as they rounded the curve heading down the valley and into town. “Why are you all dressed up if it’s not a date? I don’t remember you being the kind to wear a skirt to grocery shop.”

“For your information, I have an appointment.” She didn’t want to tell him about her mission. But she was damned if she’d let him make fun of her. She felt uncomfortable enough as it was in the skirt and heels, and now being in his car was the icing on the cherry.

“Oh? What kind of an appointment?”

“A none-of-your-business kind.” That’s just what she needed, Zeke to know that she was begging the bank for time to pay off the mortgage. Her nerves pushed the tension from her tight chest into her throat. She swallowed past the lump.

“Well, you just let me know where you want to be dropped off.” Zeke eased the truck onto Main.

“Right here would be fine.” She pushed the words out past the straight jacket of her lungs, the lump in her throat, and her tightly clenched teeth.

“Here?” He pulled into an empty parking space and was out of the truck and around to her side before she could figure out which of the fancy buttons unlocked the door. He yanked the door open, and she was faced with Zeke Beresford at eye level. Anxiety clamped down on her chest and she couldn’t get any air.

“Let me help you,” he growled.

She had no choice.

She turned her knees to the side and slid out. He caught her and held her tight, pressed against his hard, muscular body. She gripped her purse in one hand, the other one landing on his shoulder as her breasts caught on his chest and he eased her down. Past his eyes, his lips, the dip of his throat, her pelvis and abdomen sliding down the thrust of his erection.

Her feet touched the pavement, but he didn’t let go. She gasped for air, drowning in the rich, spicy, familiar scent of Zeke and wished her traitor skin didn’t reveal everything she felt.

“Let me go,” she wheezed.

He didn’t move. His deep brown eyes held hers. Her chest fluttered with the unfamiliarity of being trapped.

Then he let go, and without the support of his strong arms she stumbled on the cement. Clutching her purse, she stood on shaky legs and mustered her voice. “Thanks for the ride.”

“No problem.” He backed up and bowed. “At your service, princess.”

Her already hot skin burned. She put her nose in the air and walked as fast as she could on her unfamiliar heels across the sidewalk and into the bank, putting Zeke and the past behind her. Right where he had to stay.

Upon entering the bank Goldi abandoned all pretenses and ran for the ladies’ room. Inside, she plopped her purse down and gripped the rigid sides of the grey Formica counter, panting and struggling for air. She turned on the taps, ran cold water over her wrists, and practiced slow, even breaths to calm her racing pulse.

Of all the days to run into Zeke, why did it have to be today?

It had nearly shattered her to break up with him, but she’d had to. She could still remember that last time, leaving Zeke in the sunny meadow and running home, ecstatic and happy. And then, her mother died and her world crashed down.

Goldi shuddered and turned off the taps. The whirring of the fan in the ceiling and the slow drip of water were the only sounds in the bathroom, but what she heard were the howls and recriminations her father would scream at her if he even had an idea that she still loved Zeke Beresford.

She dried off her hands and stared at her strained face in the mirror. Her heart had slowed down to merely fast. She could face Jonas MacGee now. But the one person she hoped she never had to face again was Zeke Beresford.


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