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Where Are the Paranormal Romances?

Thursdays Bite

a paranormal romance blog

Publishers aren’t taking new paranormal romance authors. Or at least that’s the scuttlebutt around the writer’s cons. I had this happen to me last year. I have an extra series that I’m not sure what I’m doing with, it’s paranormal suspense and I pitched it at a romance writer’s con last year. The editor told me if I took out the paranormal and left it just suspense, she’d take a look at it. I think this is ironic as I have a writer friend who, a few years ago, was shopping romantic suspense and in order to get published she had to add a paranormal element to her suspense!

What’s really interesting about this is that I also know some romantic suspense authors who gave up being published by publishers and decided to self publish. They had received many rejections saying the market just wasn’t there for romantic suspense. Now the publishers are looking for those authors and they are selling books hand over fist without the publishers.

This gives me hope for paranormal romance. So I’m not taking the paranormal out of my suspense series. I’m still pitching it, not because I don’t want to self-publish it. It’s simply that I have so much on my plate that I don’t have time to publish it myself right now and if a publisher would like to help me with that, and it’s the right contract, then I’d be open to having some help. However, if those publishers are not taking paranormal romance, I might just end up with some free time in the next year or two. And then watch out! I’ll be publishing it myself.

And when those publishers begin to realize that there are still a lot of hungry readers out there looking for paranormal romance, it will be too late. That series will be selling like hotcakes while the publishers race to catch up to the market. Like they are doing now with romantic suspense.

Do you read a genre that’s hard to find? Romantic suspense was that way a few years ago and the market was flooded with paranormal romance, now it’s getting trickier to find new paranormal romance authors and series, unless you discover self-published. What about western romance? Publishers said that was dead but I know authors who are doing quite well with it. What do you read? Are you finding what you want?

I’m taking a break through August. A summer sabbatical while I work on my book, work on household stuff and head to RWA Nationals on a road trip. If I get organized, I might post a few blogs between now and then, but writing comes first! Want to keep up with me and maybe see what’s going on down at RWA? You can check it out on Facebook

See you in September!


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Virtual Bookstore in Second Life

Thursday’s Bite

a blog exploring new romance venues

the book nook in second lifeLast winter I placed The Dark Huntsman, a Fantasy Romance of the Black Court on the shelves of The Book Nook, a virtual book store in Second Life run by fellow fantasy romance author Sharon Clare. If you are unfamiliar with Second Life, it’s a place online where you create an avatar of yourself and you can visit locations all over the world, different countries, cities, museums. In this case The Book Nook is a romance only store located in virtual London, Victoria. Isn’t that cool? My book is available in a virtual bookstore in London!

The Dark Huntsman pic_002 (2)

You can take your avatar and walk down the street in London, and walk right into the bookstore. It looks just like this, except these were taken December 2013, so I doubt Sharon has left the snowman and holiday rug out. When you click on the book you can read a blurb and there is a purchase link that takes you directly to Amazon, so you can buy the book. It’s just like buying a book in a real bookstore except you make the final purchase through your Amazon account and it shows up on your e-reader.The Dark Huntsman pic_001 (2)



This month I added Prince by Blood and Bone to the virtual scene and I’m pretty excited to see it up on the shelves.

You can discover the Book Nook in London:

Like The Book Nook on Facebook

Add it to your circles on Google Plus

Follow on Twitter @BookNookVirtual


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What’s the new trend and are you chasing it?

Moonday Mania

a blog for romance lovers everywhere

A little business first. If you haven’t tricked or treated, click on the link to the Trick or Treat page, send me your answer to the treat bag question, then hop over to Sam Cheever’s blog for the entire list of authors where you can enter for fabulous prizes including a Kindle Paperwhite, a print copy of my fantasy romance The Dark Huntsman, and other fabulous romance authors books. 

And this is also the week to check out the Quarterly Release blog hop. More fabulous authors, romance books, and prizes. And for that one I’m giving away my Twisted Tales: Come Into the Woods spicy, paranormal, new adult novellas. Werewolves and werebears fall in love in a twised fairy tale setting. What could be better than that?

Now on to my ramblings for Monday…

I’ve been thinking about authors and writing and rejection and I’m wondering if sometimes we don’t understand why we are rejected. I see authors whose writing is stellar. They are good writers, but not getting published and they think it’s because they can’t write. But when you look at the evidence, it’s not true for everyone. They are excellent writers. But what they are writing may not be the “thing” at the moment. Or it might be, but the publisher already has four authors writing that sort of trope and they don’t need more. Those issues are not the writers fault. They aren’t anyone’s fault. They are a result of a publisher trying to decide what it can afford to sell and what will be sell-able two in the future. What are the trends in romance publishing?

When I first started writing twisted fairy tales I had responses like “oh, that’s interesting, is anyone reading those?” And now look at the marketplace, twisted fairy tales are everywhere. Paranormal is part of the mainstream. Even now the publishers are turning down paranormal right and left, especially vampires, and look what new series debuted this week? Dracula 


The TV and movie people don’t think paranormal or twisted fairytales or even vampires have passed as a trend. So why do the publishers? And are they right?

Paranormal is hot right now, shows like Grimm and Once Upon a Time have huge followings but large publishers have to consider what will be hot in the future. It takes 2 to three years for a large publisher to take your book to market. Now make that a three book series. You are looking at what will be popular 2016-2020. And since publishers have seen trends come and go, they are nervous that paranormal will not be sustainable for that length of time.

Let’s look at romantic suspense. I was just told by a publisher that my in process paranormal romantic suspense series would be great, if I took out the paranormal element. Really? That would be an entirely new book and while I might want to publish with this publisher it would mean not just re-writing, but starting over. I’m not really ready to do that. And I think paranormal suspense has a market. If romantic suspense is hot, why not paranormal romantic suspense?

A few years ago the big publishers were clamoring for new paranormal and not really interested in romantic suspense. What changed? Well, independent published authors are doing well with RS and traditional publishers want a piece of that pie. Independent publishers kept writing what they wanted to write and enough people bought the genre to give them a good living and now it’s growing as the tides of genre shift. Publishers see paranormal sales dropping and RS sales increasing and it’s enough to tell them they’d better jump into the next boat or they’ll get left behind.

But should I do that? Should I stop working on projects that I’ve been working on for several years and are now ready for the marketplace.


This is a huge opportunity for me to write what I want to write and still have the trend be hot. Don’t forget, big publishers are looking far ahead, forecasting two, five, ten years into the future. I have books ready now that can go out now. And, if I want to, I can work on a RS series for a few years into the future. Why not? I would start writing it now and have it ready to go just when the predictors think it will be hot.

And what about my twisted fairy tales? My fantasy romances? My paranormal suspense?

I’ll be publishing them now and enjoying all the fantasy and paranormal readers frustration when they can’t find enough paranormal to satisfy their appetites. That’s what happened to RS, and to Western Romance, and I see it happening in several areas of historical romance as well. While there may not be enough readers of any of those genres to have all the big publishers interested in those trends, there are lots of readers who love all those genres. And I think there are going to be lots of paranormal romance readers in the future who will be searching for what they love and finding…me!

That’s why I decided to stop querying and get my series out there now. I don’t want to wait while publishers decide that they have too many fairy tales or have one of them take me on only to spend two to three years getting the book to market and miss the wave. I want to be out there now. And maybe it will be a springboard for bigger things. Meanwhile I’ll be writing and supplying readers with the wonderful twisted fairy tale romance that they desire right now.

And as for that romantic suspense? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see!

What are you reading right now? Are you tired of paranormal? Do you love it, but just wish there were something new, some new twist? Do you read RS and are you hungry for more?

the dark huntsman free on kindle on halloweenThe Dark Huntsman will be Free on Amazon for your kindle on Halloween and November first. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, be sure to do so. And please be kind and review after you read. Thanks!


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Discovering Self Publishing

Moonday Mania

a blog for writers of all shapes and sizes

Back in late 2009 I finished my first full length novel, The Dark Huntsman (originally titled The Queen’s Huntsman). But I had no clue what to do with it. My chapter members urged me to submit it for publishing, so I pulled on the big girl boots and sent it off to a few agents and editors. Over the course of 2010 I began to receive my very first (very nice) rejections. So sad.

With This Ring

Submitting your baby to agents and editors is like proposing to someone and having them respond, “I’ll be back to you in six to eight weeks.” So you wait, and you wait, and you wait. And they never get back to you. Meanwhile the rest of the world is getting hooked up. Spring is coming, weddings are being planned, and you sit home every Friday night with only the TV and Ben and Jerry’s for company. Finally you screw your courage to the sticking place and write a follow up letter, asking (okay, trying not to grovel, but also trying not to offend because you are secretly pissed off) asking the guy (editor) if he has even looked at your proposal (manuscript). Only to find out he hasn’t even looked at your letter yet. Or worse, he doesn’t even respond.

I went through it all.

Three re-writes later, three years later, and after lots of maybes… I finally received the acceptance letter! Woot!


I didn’t like the contract. Not one bit. Which was a real shame because I truly wanted to work with that editor. But oh well, that is the way this business goes.

So now I was faced with a decision. It was now 2013 and time was flying by. Fairy tales are HOT! But they won’t stay hot forever, so I want to get this book out now. Do I go through another round of submissions? Do I wait months for someone to reject my work, or even accept my work, but then hand me an unacceptable contract? Is there a valid reason for doing that with this book?

I don’t think so.

I’ve taken an amazing class on self publishing from Amy Atwell and Kelli Finger at Author EMS and once again I’m pulling on the big girl boots, but this time I’m putting on my coat and hat and am venturing out on my own. I’ve hired an editor. I’ll be hiring a copy editor for the nitty gritty work as well as a cover artist (because if it’s up to me it would be a very ugly cover!) and the book will be out this fall!

Check back for updates on the saga. So far book one  Tales of the Black Court: The Dark Huntsman, , is due back from developmental edits June 1st. I’ll work on those, consider a second round, then send it off for copy edits. Meanwhile the cover is next on my agenda, as is finishing book two, Prince by Blood and Bone, and outlining book three, Broken Mirror.

I’m on my way!

Have you ever considered self publishing? Why? What would be the catalyst for breaking free of the traditional expectations of our industry for you? Or have you already taken the plunge? What made you do it? Was it the uniqueness of your book? Was it timeing? Was it simply getting tired of rejections while other people continued to tell you how great your book really was?

I’ll be updating my journey here, so check back!


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Smorgasbord of 99 Cent Books on the Book Lover’s Buffet

book lover buffet header

Introducing the Book Lovers’ Buffet. Load up, you won’t gain a pound!

The Buffet’s “Bouquet of Books” sale opens today May 1, 2013. But you need to hurry, it will close on May 3rd. That means you only have a few days to load up your e-reader wit more than 175 ebooks, all reduced in price to just 99 cents!

Save in categories such as Young Adult, Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense, Erotic Romance, and more!

PLUS, visit the website to win gift cards to your choice of online retailers. $400 in gift cards up for grabs!

Titles from popular authors such as:

  • Gemma Halliday
  • Angie Fox
  • Jenna Bennett
  • Amanda Brice
  • Jennette Marie Powell
  • Clover Autrey
  • Carly Carson
  • E. Ayers
  • Genevieve Jourdin
  • CJ Lyons
  • Renee Pace
  • Sophia Knightley
  • Tori Scott
  • Meredith Bond
  • Emily Ryan-Davis
  • Anthea Lawson
  • Diana Layne
  • Lindsey Brookes
  • Gina Robinson
  • McKenna Chase

And many, many more, including some killer paranormal authors like:

bewitching you by viola estrella

Bewitching You by Viola Estrella

The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers by Angie Fox

The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers by Angie Fox

dragon rider's gift by kh lemoyne

Dragon Rider’s Gift by KH LeMoyne

So check it out and stock up on your summer reading before summer actually gets here!

Hosted by Indie Romance Ink.


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IndieReCon Rocks

Moonday Mania

A Free Con for all!

Like almost every author I know I’m always thinking about self publishing. Should I or shouldn’t I. What are the benefits? What are the costs? This year I’ve decided to explore it in depth and figure out not only am I interested, but create some serious plans to evaluate how interested I am. So I’m up for almost anything that will help me make this decision, not just for this week, or next month, but moving forward into the rest of my career.

Last week I attended the first ever IndieReCon, an absolutely free online conference all about the ins and outs of indie publishing. There were blogs and chats from Joanna Penn and Bob Mayer and CJ Lyons, just to name a few and all for free! I had a great time darting in and out of posts and trying to keep up with the flying fingers of all the chatters. Okay, I pretty much lurked, but it was good quality lurking.

There was advice on marketing, what’s worked and what hasn’t and where do they think it will go from here. Articles on mistakes newbies make and articles on everything from YA to NA. What’s meta-tagging and why should you care? Mailing lists and reaching readers. Branding, audio books and international sales. If you want to know about something there were posts on everything.

In fact, there were so many posts that I didn’t check out all the information I wanted to. And that would be really sad, except they are leaving them up! Yes, you too can go hop from post to post and discover all you ever wanted to know about indie publishing and more. So hop on by and check it out! Although you did miss out on the drawings for prizes, those are over and I didn’t win anything! Too bad for me, but good for all the prize winner attendees out there. 🙂

If you visited the site which were your favorite posts? I have to say I really enjoyed the interview that Joanna Penn did with CJ Lyons. The video was entertaining and I learned a lot. Do you indie publish? Do you have questions about indie publishing? What would be the one question you would want information on if you could ask any of the presenters?


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