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Social Media Lessons of the Superbowl

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The Broncos were not in the Superbowl yesterday. But we watched it anyway. And it turned out to be a very exciting game! An extremely unusual power outage and all of a sudden those SF guys nearly pulled it off and we were hanging by the edge of our seats. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

Since my team wasn’t playing, I wasn’t really watching for the football. Until that last quarter. Okay, then I was really watching and cheering since it was such an exciting turn-around. But the thing I watched during the majority of the game were those famous Superbowl commercials. And there were two that were so similar, I have to bring them up here and show you a do and a don’t for your advertising.

The first one is an ad for Jeep. At first the commercial, which focuses on our veterans felt powerful. They used a good narrator with a strong, sympathetic voice. The pictures were emotionally moving. Your sympathies for veterans are stirred. And then you see the blaring product placement and you remember that this is not a commercial commemorating veterans service. It’s a commercial to promote Jeep

By the end my neighbor, who was watching with me, had her lips compressed and was shaking her head. Instead of making us like Jeep, it made us feel like Jeep had used the service members for it’s own promotion.

Do not use Social Media in this way.

Do not make your fellow loop or class or Facebook Friends feel like the only reason you are out there is to sell.

Another Superbowl commercial also used a similar type of structure, but they did it in a much more successful way.

Dodge paid homage to farmers. The narration was powerful, the pictures emotionally moving, and I didn’t notice the product placement until the very end. This is the way you want your friends out there to feel. Because ultimately, they are your friends. You  sell maybe one to two books a year. The rest of the year they don’t want to feel like you only care about them when they purchase.

I am on a particular loop where this is out of hand. We all know the perpetrators and skip their posts. That’s right. We pass over, don’t read, and delete anything they post. Why? Because  we know it’s just another ad for them. Another, hey, come by my blog or vote for me. Me! Me! Me! And when I say “we” I don’t mean it in the royal sense. This has come up at group discussions and many people have told me that they feel the same. Used.

Don’t use your friends. They are your friends most of the year and purchasers maybe one or two times a year. If they purchase, great! If they don’t, oh well. They are still nice people who come to your blog, retweet your comments, and who will rally around you when you post your no-good-very-bad-day on Facebook. Keep your friends close and if you make some sales, then that’s all gravy. Or cupcakes. Or bratwurst. Whatever you served at your Superbowl party. (We had mini-quiche and Thin Mints.)

Did you watch the Superbowl? Did you have the same emotional response to those commercials? Maybe the message in the Jeep commercial was so powerful the enormous machines blocking my view didn’t block yours and you got teary instead of irate. I’d love to hear from you.


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When Correspondence Doesn’t Pay: The Costs Versus The Benefits of Blogging

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Today I’m getting ready for the Colorado Romance Writers Annual Retreat, where I will be conducting a workshop on Kickstarting your Writing Process with Improv. So, instead of our regularly scheduled blog, today I bring you a very interesting tidbit on the pros and cons of blogging. ie: Does blogging pay? Check it out here:

When Correspondence Doesn’t Pay: The Costs Versus The Benefits of Blogging.

via When Correspondence Doesn’t Pay: The Costs Versus The Benefits of Blogging.

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