The Other Side of the Mirror

Book 2.5 Tales of the Black Court

Lost in Underhill, separated from her sister by a powerful fae spell, Cassie must help her mother and herself get back to Earth. But, strange beasts, evil spirits, and fierce warriors stand in their way. Will they ever get home, or will the last battle with the faery queen prove their undoing?

When the Black Queen of the fae sends ogres to attack their safe-house in Albuquerque, the three remaining MacElvy witches are forced to use a mystical fae globe to escape. But things go very wrong. When Cassie comes-to her sister, Bryanna, has disappeared and Cassie and her mom are stranded in the lands of the fae. With nothing but their magical Gifts to help them they must find Bryanna and make their way home through Underhill, a magical land where strange beasts, evil spirits, and fierce warriors stand in their way. Or will the evil Black Queen track them down and kill them before they can make it to safety?

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The Other Side of the Mirror, cover art by Viola Estrella


 Dare to enter Jessica Aspen’s world of steamy, fantasy  romance in book 2.5 of her fairy tale trilogy: Tales of the Black Court

WARNING: This is not a romance. It is a fantasy adventure, and the prequel to Cassie’s sexy fantasy romance. It does have witches and elves and evil queens. But, if you’re looking for romance you’ll have to check out the other books in Jessica Aspen’s TALES OF THE BLACK COURT.

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