Queen of Thorns

Would any prince dare to wake the Sleeping Beauty when he discovers she’s really the Evil Queen?


QueenOfThorns-600x900Ardan is on a quest: return to Prince Kian’s court with the head of the Black Queen—or lose everything. Including his life. But finding the elusive faery queen is proving difficult. And time is running out.

As Aeval wakes up from her magical sleep, the only thing she remembers is her name. But soon she realizes that even a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So she becomes Thorn instead, setting off with the man who accidentally kisses her awake, both of them on a quest to find and kill the Black Queen.

When Ardan finds out that Thorn might be the queen he’s sworn to slay, will he kill the woman he’s starting to fall in love with? Or will Thorn take up the mantle of dark power and again become the Queen of the Black Court?

Dare to enter Jessica Aspen’s world of steamy, fantasy romance in her twisted fairy tale series: Tales of the Black Court




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