Friday Feature Ghosts of Christmas Past #freebook

Check it out…I’m guesting on CD Hersh with the story behind the story of my Haunted Holidays novella. And BONUS!
click and see 🙂

C.D. Hersh

Friday Features’

Guest shares background of

Ghosts of Christmas Past


Jessica Aspen

Today we turn our blog over to an author friend, Jessica Aspen, who’s books we enjoy reading. She is going to share some background on her new book and has a gift for you.

Hi all,
I’m Jessica Aspen and I write twisted fairy tales, fantasy romance and paranormal romance. First of all, I want to thank C.D. Hersh for having me on their blog. And to show how excited I am, I’m offering each and every one of you a free copy of my book, Ghosts of Christmas Past.

I wrote Ghosts of Christmas Past because I love all the thrills, chills and danger of Gothic romance. I was brought up reading classics by authors like Daphne Du Maurier, Victoria Holt, and Phyllis Whitney and when I had the opportunity to write my own modern…

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