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Early in November I did something I’ve never done before, I went on a girls’ weekend. No kids, no husband, no work. Just myself and two girlfriends hanging out and having fun. It was a blast.

Glenwood Hot Springs

The hot springs from the train

We took the train up to Glenwood Springs, Colorado, and…

But we should really start at the beginning.

Six AM and it’s time to get picked up in the total darkness so we can be on time for the train. Brr. Okay, it wasn’t cold when we left. In fact it was downright nice for November, but it was dark. And it was early. I threw my bag in the back of the pickup and we drove to Downtown Denver, where our first challenge was finding the parking garage. That wasn’t too bad, but then we had a problem.

You see, none of us had thought about getting a big ass, full size pick-up, with a cab, into a tiny Denver parking garage. From now on the truck will be called the BAT (Big Ass Truck). The BAT fit into the gate. Barely.

And there were two gates that opened up, and we drove into one. But, as we passed under the sign I realized it said “BANK PARKING ONLY”. We drove into the depths of the parking garage. Down, down, down. Looking for a place that wasn’t reserved. They were all reserved. So we had to turn around.

Turn the BAT around? You are F*&#ing kidding!

No, not kidding.

Trying to do a three point turn, turned into a six-point turn in the tiny cement walled space, but we got turned around and drove back up the winding walled space. And exited. And realized we had to turn around again, in a tinier space. Back and forth and back and forth. Then the next gate would not open.

Luckily, it finally did.

But then we had to find a space. Not just a space, but one that would hold the BAT. And one we could back into.

Because, as a bad as manuvering the BAT in the parking garage at what was now after 7am was, we knew that it would be even worse on the way home, during rush hour, when we were all tired from the trip. So we finally found a space. Back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth. And we were in. Big Ass to the wall.

Time to haul out the bags and walk to the train station. Next calamity.

My friend Ginger had apparently worried there would be no liquor store in Glenwood. She had packed bottles and bottles of alchol in her bag and one of them had leaked. Needless to say, we were getting on the train smelling like winos.

We lost it.

And this is where Chillin’ With the Girls is so different from vacationing with the family. No one yelled or pitched a fit. When we lost it, we were laughing like hyenas, falling down in the dark in the parking garage.

There was no stress. Yes, we’d had a terrible time parking, but we were parked. Yes, we smelled like a distillery, but the bottle hadn’t broken. And yes, we still had a long trip to go through, but our sense of humor was intact.

We were thrilled to be heading out sans grumpy husbands and whiny children. Off to the wilds of Glenwood Springs with our bags intact, but no real baggage.

I loved traveling with women— just women. Nothing was a problem. Okay, we had problems, but we laughed and dealt with them. It was amazing. Tell me about your trips. Where have you gone? Have you ever taken a trip with just your pals? Left the husbands and kids at home? And incidentally all the whining and temper tantrums too?

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4 responses to “Chillin’ With the Girls

  1. Love this story! My last girls weekend was on Easter 2013 – I met my friend in Nashville and after her book signing… went downtown. Amazing food, fun time, even though we walked through the rain most of the time.

    • I can’t wait to go on another trip with just the girls. It was so much fun! Nashville would be very cool. I bet there is a lot to see. And the food! Mmmm. Even rain can’t get the girls down. Love it!

  2. I simply love this post. That is all.

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