Nano 2014 Middle of the Month Check-in

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NaNoWriMo PARTICIPANT 2014 graphicI’m starting NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) today. Okay, it should have started on Saturday, but I couldn’t really start then. I had plans. It’s Saturday, right? Saturday is generally a family day in my house. So how do I write every day and still fulfill my family obligations?

Well, the answer is I don’t. I can’t write every day. All I can do is try to catch up on the days I do write. That does mean I’ve never actually hit fifty thousand words in one month.


So, why attempt Nano at all if I am pretty sure I won’t hit the 50k?

Good question.

I do it because I’m always hopeful I might. You can’t reach the top of a mountain without trying and even though I’m pretty sure I’m not prepared and out of shape for the climb, I’m still trying. Right up until today I still figure I can catch up. But then I hit the middle of the month and realize it’s likely not going to happen. So, do I quit?


I keep trying to climb that mountain. I keep writing. Even though I’m pretty aware that I am going to have to stop short of the summit I head for the next best thing, the saddle that’s close to the top. In Nano terms, for me, that means I’m thinking 30k. Which is a pretty amazing amount of words in a month. If I hit that, I’m pretty stoked.

Okay, I can’t get the winner’s t-shirt. And I really want it this year, it’s cool. But, given my job, my kids, my parents, oh, and the girl’s weekend that I thought was going to be in October and got moved to November, I’m going to be happy if I hit 30k.

Will my novella be finished?

Sadly, no. But Broken Mirror will be in it’s rough draft stage and I should have a good start on the novella and I will have some writing momentum worked up that I’m planning on riding into December.

Check back next week to see how I’m doing. This week was not a great word count, but this month is so much better than last month, and so much better than the month before, that I’m riding Nano as far as I can go!

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4 responses to “Nano 2014 Middle of the Month Check-in

  1. Keep climbing Jessica. Each step takes you closer to the top!

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