Bake, Love, Write Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Moonday Mania

Happy Dark Huntsman Birthday


Happy Halloween Clip Art

This isn’t it. The answer is hidden somewhere else on the site. Keep hunting!

Hello Folks, and Welcome to our Halloween Scavenger Hunt!!!!

How this works. You have until October 23rd to go to each of these authors websites and hunt down where they’ve hidden their Halloween graphics (courtesy of Google) . Don’t forget to look for mine hidden somewhere on my site! Use the link HERE and type in your answers to enter to win. Each site you visit and provide the right answer equals one entry. We have an exciting list of prizes including lots of fun books!

The list of prizes and the dates they will be given away is here.  

Here’s the IMPORTANT part — once you’ve filled in your answers, you must email the document to  She’s going to review the answers and will enter the names into the Rafflecopter so…  

Good luck, and happy scavenging!!!!!  

Below is a list of participating authors. Feel free to click through from here and carry on your search.

And don’t forget the IMPORTANT part — once you’ve filled in all your answers, please email your document to Sloan McBride at

And if you haven’t checked out Bake, Love, Write, now’s your chance! 105 authors, their favorite desserts and lots of advice about love and writing. I put in The Dark Forest Fruitcake, gluten free!

bake, love, write: 105 aurhots share dessert recipes


Jessa Slade

Kathryn Jane

Sloan McBride

M.L. Guida

Lois Winston

Skye Taylor

Cathryn Cade

Victoria Adams

Sharleen Scott

Erin Farwell

Kathleen Kaska

Daryl Devore

Chantilly White

Cynthia Luhrs


Molly MacRae

Jessica Aspen

L.C. Giroux

Stacy Juba

B.V. Lawson

Ruby Merritt

Kay Manis

Ashlyn Chase

Barbara Phinney

Alicia M. Dean

Haley Whitehall

Melinda Curtis

Elizabeth Rose

Terry Shames

Shelia Seabrook

Lynn Cahoon

Debra Goldstein

Brenda Novak

Caridad Pineiro

Renee Field

(Need a hint? It’s ghostly!)

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