Where Are the Paranormal Romances?

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Publishers aren’t taking new paranormal romance authors. Or at least that’s the scuttlebutt around the writer’s cons. I had this happen to me last year. I have an extra series that I’m not sure what I’m doing with, it’s paranormal suspense and I pitched it at a romance writer’s con last year. The editor told me if I took out the paranormal and left it just suspense, she’d take a look at it. I think this is ironic as I have a writer friend who, a few years ago, was shopping romantic suspense and in order to get published she had to add a paranormal element to her suspense!

What’s really interesting about this is that I also know some romantic suspense authors who gave up being published by publishers and decided to self publish. They had received many rejections saying the market just wasn’t there for romantic suspense. Now the publishers are looking for those authors and they are selling books hand over fist without the publishers.

This gives me hope for paranormal romance. So I’m not taking the paranormal out of my suspense series. I’m still pitching it, not because I don’t want to self-publish it. It’s simply that I have so much on my plate that I don’t have time to publish it myself right now and if a publisher would like to help me with that, and it’s the right contract, then I’d be open to having some help. However, if those publishers are not taking paranormal romance, I might just end up with some free time in the next year or two. And then watch out! I’ll be publishing it myself.

And when those publishers begin to realize that there are still a lot of hungry readers out there looking for paranormal romance, it will be too late. That series will be selling like hotcakes while the publishers race to catch up to the market. Like they are doing now with romantic suspense.

Do you read a genre that’s hard to find? Romantic suspense was that way a few years ago and the market was flooded with paranormal romance, now it’s getting trickier to find new paranormal romance authors and series, unless you discover self-published. What about western romance? Publishers said that was dead but I know authors who are doing quite well with it. What do you read? Are you finding what you want?

I’m taking a break through August. A summer sabbatical while I work on my book, work on household stuff and head to RWA Nationals on a road trip. If I get organized, I might post a few blogs between now and then, but writing comes first! Want to keep up with me and maybe see what’s going on down at RWA? You can check it out on Facebook

See you in September!


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9 responses to “Where Are the Paranormal Romances?

  1. I don’t know what conference you were at, Jessica, and suppose it doesn’t matter. I heard the opposite at the agent/editor panels at Chicago’s Spring Fling this year. Don’t write to market, there are no dead genres. At times a certain market maybe inundated and at other times wane, but as you say, there are always hungry readers looking for regency, paranormal, absolutely! So write what you write.

    Instead, I’d be wondering if this agent is a good fit for you. Sometimes, not for me means exactly that. Find someone who wants to sign your voice and your style of storytelling.

    • This was actually and editor, so if anyone is looking to publish with a publishing house this is the message many of them are getting. Of course, if you write an amazing novel I’m sure it would sell, but you first need to get an editor to look at it. I totally agree with you that writing what you love will be the best way in the long run!

  2. And my agent is shopping my cozy mystery with paranormal elements. 😦

    See you in San Antonio!

    • Hey, you never know. I’m not sure I’ve seen many cozy mysteries with paranormal elements, and you are turning into a best selling writer! Of course everyone will want the newest book from Lynn Cahoon! See you in San Antonio!

  3. nicolegrabner

    I love a good paranormal romance and am always looking for new authors if anyone has any recommendations. I find it curious that agents say that romantic suspense isn’t/wasn’t selling because I know that many readers are looking for new ones everyday-the same with paranormal. Good luck with finding a publisher, but if you decide to self publish let me know and I’ll be a customer! 🙂

    • Thanks for the input! I think the agents and editors NOW are saying RS is selling, but two years ago they weren’t. I think the readers were still out there and searching for new RS authors, that’s why the indies did so well with RS. I am wondering if this will be a trend with PNR, that the big houses won’t be taking it so the Indie authors will be selling to the core PNR readers. And then the tables will flip and the big houses will be looking for new PNR authors. At least I’m hoping this is what is going on, because I am sticking with writing PNR! Love it!

      And I have a publisher for my spicy shifter fairy tales, Passion in Print. And I also self-publish the longer fantasy romances. It’s just my third series that needs the right home. It may be self-published, we’ll see how it goes. 🙂

  4. I find it really interesting to hear about various publishing scuttle like this. It seems that every day the publishing industry is changing. I suppose all we can do is keep writing and try to keep on top of the shifts so we can do our best.

    • This is so true, Shauna. It’s like the career advice, do what you love and the money will follow. I think writing what we love is the same way. If you don’t love what you write then it will come through and you’ll never be successful, so write what you love and the readers will follow!

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