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It’s Camp Nano time and I’m writing! Or I’m trying to write. I got a great start last week.

camp nanowrimo participant 2014Mary Guida (ML Guida) and I went up to her cabin and did some plot work and writing and by the end of July 2nd I had over four thousand words. And then I had come back down off of the mountain and pick up all the things I’d let fall by the wayside so I could go away. Like, the day-job, my kids, and my parents. That took all of July 3rd. And of course I took July 4th off. It was a holiday and the house was full of people and we went to my friend K2’s house for fabulous homemade ice cream (she had dinner there too, but the ice cream was phenomenal!) and fireworks.

Long story short I found myself way behind by July 6th.


So, why didn’t I sit down in the mornings I had free and write?

I’ll tell you why.

I didn’t have enough of this story pre-planned.

I’ve been busy getting my blogs written, getting THE GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS PAST ready for publication, and busy with the day job and life. Plotting has taken a backseat because, let’s face it, it’s hard. It’s tough to know where I want this story to go. I know the beginning. I have my fairy tale. I know my hero and heroine. I even have the ending down (and boy do I have a whopping surprise for the ending of this book!) But I’m missing the big fat pieces that go in the middle. And that is tricky when you are sitting down with the goal of pounding out 1400 words a day.

No, it’s actually 2400 words a day because I’m heading to RWA and I know I won’t write there.

No, it’s really 3,000 words per day because now I’m so far behind I have to race to catch up!


So how do you get over falling behind?

I’ll tell you what I did. I spent Sunday morning plotting and working on my Snowflake. Now I have the next four chapters outlined and I have some other pieces put into place. I’ll need more if I’m to succeed at this. I’ll need to spend an afternoon next week working on the next section, and then another day working on the end, but I have enough to get writing. And the more I write, the more this story comes together, the more I get excited about it.

And I am excited about it. 🙂

While I dreaded sitting down and working on the parts I had no clue what to do with, those first four thousand words flowed like melted butter on popcorn. MMM. Nothing better. And now that I have the next section? It’s on to snacking time!

Are you participating in Camp NaNoWriMo? You don’t have to work on a novel or even set your goal at 50,000 words. You can work on anything writing related and set whatever goal you want to. It’s camp!

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