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the book nook in second lifeLast winter I placed The Dark Huntsman, a Fantasy Romance of the Black Court on the shelves of The Book Nook, a virtual book store in Second Life run by fellow fantasy romance author Sharon Clare. If you are unfamiliar with Second Life, it’s a place online where you create an avatar of yourself and you can visit locations all over the world, different countries, cities, museums. In this case The Book Nook is a romance only store located in virtual London, Victoria. Isn’t that cool? My book is available in a virtual bookstore in London!

The Dark Huntsman pic_002 (2)

You can take your avatar and walk down the street in London, and walk right into the bookstore. It looks just like this, except these were taken December 2013, so I doubt Sharon has left the snowman and holiday rug out. When you click on the book you can read a blurb and there is a purchase link that takes you directly to Amazon, so you can buy the book. It’s just like buying a book in a real bookstore except you make the final purchase through your Amazon account and it shows up on your e-reader.The Dark Huntsman pic_001 (2)



This month I added Prince by Blood and Bone to the virtual scene and I’m pretty excited to see it up on the shelves.

You can discover the Book Nook in London:

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6 responses to “Virtual Bookstore in Second Life

  1. Great article, Jessica, and thank you kindly for promoting The Book Nook! You are right, the snowman is gone 🙂 I actually received a message from my landlord in January asking if I knew I still had a snowman in my shop. I laughed and replied, I live in Canada! We’ll have snowmen until April. But I took it out. Also, I’ve changed locations, and we’re in London, Victoria now, a sim that gets a crazy amount of daily traffic, over 70K visitors. This is the SLurl:

    You’ll see Prince By Blood and Bone up front on the new shelf!

    Thank you again for your wonderful article!

  2. Sharon’s Book Nook is fabulous. Confession time: I was afraid to join Second Life, too tempting. A book store makes the virtual world even more irresistible. If I find out Sharon gives discounts to friends, I’ll really be in trouble. LOL

  3. Trouble coming we see as never leaving the computer. What an interesting idea. Thanks for sharing.

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