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As many of you know I am a killer goal setter. I set up those pins and knock ’em down in record order. Or I don’t. Because life hops in between my goal-smashing bowling ball and my goals. Recently, my life got in the way again when I changed the way I work at my mundane job. For the last several years I’ve worked a temporary job in the spring and fall. It’s forty hours a week, but it would be for a week, then I’d have a few days off. Then it would go for three weeks, with another week off. Etc.

This would last from March through July and I would be free from July until November (Woot! Romance writing time!) when I would work for an additional six weeks and be free until the following March. It was like taking a part-time job and squishing it all into a few months a year. It gave me the freedom to only focus on writing during the off months. It also was very stressful and had a decent commute. When I was working, I couldn’t do any writing because my free time was spent catching up on the rest of life. Taking care of the house, kids, dog, and my aging parents. Trying to squeeze in exercise and pay some attention to my poor husband.

It was also a very tiring job. I sat at a computer all day and by the time I got home I was so tired of sitting and staring at a screen that writing was a chore. Hence the joy of the months when I wasn’t working and was able to write, write, write.

But I’ve switched gears now. I now am working a part-time job that has regular hours. Mostly. I work in the mornings 3-4 days a week. It’s stocking greeting cards, so there is no sitting and no staring at the computer. Yay!

Overall I enjoy it very much, but the downside is I’m working nearly every weekday. And I thought, oh, that’s easy. I’ll work in the morning and write in the afternoons. Right?


It turns out I’m tired in the afternoons. I come home, have lunch, and fall asleep. Then it’s 2pm and the day has flown by. Oh, and my kids are home for summer vacation. Which means that I have constant distractions at home. They’re older, so they can get by without me. But it is way more difficult than it should be.

Regardless of all my excuses I’ve realized I need to re-order my thinking. This week I’ll be focusing on changing my attitude (and getting more sleep at night!). I’ll be detailing next Moonday how I do this, so stay tuned for a new Jessica, a new schedule, and a new attitude!

What throws you for a loop in your life? Do schedule or life changes take a month or two to figure out? Or are you super flexible and able to adjust?

Photo courtesy of Jenny Kaczorowski via Flickr Wana Commons, Creative Commons License


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