It’s All About the Chemistry

I’m super excited to share with you Brinda Berry’s new romantic suspense novel Chasing Luck. Brinda also writes YA and her Whispering Woods series is an incredible mix of science, paranormal and suspense. In this new series for a new adult audience she utilizes her special knack for story telling and concocts a new blend of romance and suspense. Check out, Chasing Luck by Brinda Berry.


And stop on by Brinda’s site today and check out my take on chemistry and romance.

Sometimes surviving doesn’t feel lucky. Especially when you’re a sole survivor… 

At the age of seven, Malerie walked away from a bombing that left hundreds dead—including her mother. When a crazed gunman kills her guardian on her eighteenth birthday, Malerie suspects there may be more to her survival than luck. A mysterious code holds the key to her future, and a reluctant white knight holds the key to her heart.

A loner wearing emotional armor…

Ace is a twenty-year-old entrepreneur focusing on two things in life: financial security and a life without ties. A life that doesn’t risk losing the ones who matter. When Ace is hired to secretly act as a bodyguard for Malerie, he faces an unwanted attraction that threatens to sabotage his heart. Can Ace find the courage to love a girl with a death wish?

I’m a sucker for a story where there’s an instant attraction between two characters. I think it’s in our DNA to be drawn to certain people. Sometimes it’s a sensory attraction. It may be the person’s voice, attitude, hair color, eye color, smile–the list could go on forever. In Chasing Luck, the main characters Ace and Malerie definitely feel that undeniable spark at meeting each other.




“My attraction to you runs fiery hot. It consumes my every waking thought. I burn for you, baby. Don’t stop this attraction, baby.” ~ Jelly Bean Queen


The text from John Toombs directs me to a table near the center of the main room. I enter and can’t believe my mixture of good and bad luck. Good because Ms. Smokin’ Hot is with Toombs. And bad because Ms. Smokin’ Hot is with Toombs.

He looks up at me and nods as he rises. I lean across to shake his hand and I can smell the girl. Something subtle like stuff from the bath shops. A sweet, vanilla scent advertising innocence.

But she can’t be innocent hooked up with somebody old enough to be her father. He has money and she’s too young to be whoring herself out. My stomach clenches at the thought of them together in bed.

“Ace, I’d like to introduce my niece, Malerie.” Toombs waves a hand in her direction.

The scales definitely tip in the direction of bad news. She’s not his trophy wife or barely-legal mistress. She’s his niece — the number one spot on the dateable-but-off-limits list. The girl looks at me and her gaze makes a slow run down the length of my body. I’m beyond screwed. Goodbye Miss Innocent, hello Miss Seductress.

The air sparks between us and her eyes say she feels the electricity, too. “Hi, Malerie. Nice to meet you,” I say, wishing she’d given me this look earlier instead of the one like I was some psycho perv who hangs out near restrooms.

Malerie has an exotic look that I can’t place. Her honey-brown eyes, huge in her pale face, remind me of some hot anime character with bottomless eyes and dangerous curves. The chick probably has guys lining up to take on her rockin’ body and the attached load of money.

I tear my gaze away from her and meet the Clint Eastwood glare of John Toombs. With one look, Toombs gives me the hell-no warning. It’s a warning that rubs me like running a hand against the fur up a cat’s back. I don’t like it, but I’m not stupid.

I can almost hear the whompwhomp of his protective radar. If I were him, I’d bar the door and clean the rifle.

“Have a seat,” Toombs says.

I pull out the chair closest to Malerie and avoid looking in her direction. The way she looked at me in front of her uncle spells defiance on steroids.


Chasing Luck

By Brinda Berry
a Serendipity novel

New Adult Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 978-0-9916320-2-2

On Amazon /  Kobo  /  B & N   /   iBooks

Brinda Berry

Adventures with Adrenaline-Addled Attraction


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7 responses to “It’s All About the Chemistry

  1. WOWZA, Brinda! Look what happens when I go AWOL for six months. You write another book.

    OK. Between you and Jessica, you’re bringing out my competitive spirit. Time to stop doting on the house and all of its I-want-but-can’t-affords and get back to the business (the Glee!) of writing.

    That is one helluva well-written excerpt. KUDOS!!

  2. This book is so hot it’s sizzlin!

  3. Carole St-Laurent

    Wow, Brinda. Love, love, love this new story!

  4. Hi Carole, thanks for the comment luv. 🙂 Hope you are doing fabulous. I love all your Instagram pics that make me so hungry.

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