The Dark Huntsman Nominated for Best Paranormal Romance in the Rone Awards

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It’s time to vote! The Dark Huntsman, A Fantasy Romance of the Black Court has been nominated for a RONE Award and voting starts today! Please jump over to InDtale Magazine and vote in the fantasy romance category.

This contest is a total popularity contest, which I have a tougher time placing in because I’m still a relatively small author, but with your help, I might just make it. 🙂

Voting runs April 14th-20th, so head on over and make your opinions known!
I’m super excited! The RONE award nominations to help decide the best in romance are out and The Dark Huntsman has made the list! (I’m not sure there are enough exclamation points for something like this.) InDtale Magazine nominates all of their top reviewed romances, so once The Dark Huntsman received 4.5 stars it made the list. As if getting such a fabulous review wasn’t enough. ‘grin!’

And if you feel like tweeting or spreading the word on Facebook, go right ahead. I could use any help you are gracious enough to provide.

Thanks to each and every one of you for reading and reviewing The Dark Huntsman. I love reading all the fabulous reviews and I’m so excited that people are enjoying the book. Thank you for voting!



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