Three Reasons Why I Love Monday

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I think we’re seeing in working mothers a change from “Thank God it’s Friday” to “Thank God it’s Monday.” If any working mother has not experienced that feeling, her children are not adolescent.” Ann Diel

greenwoman on jessica aspen writesI love Mondays. Why? Because everyone leaves the house and I get to work writing my paranormal romances! Or edit my fantasy romances. Or work on the multitude of other tasks that go along with being a writer.

I’m very lucky because I get to work my day job part time, and that means the rest of the time I get to write romance, but that also means that I’m squeezing my writing into the small hours between the job and when everyone else gets home. That means I need to be efficient. Here are my working day rules and the reasons why I love Mondays.

1. Have a schedule and stay on it

If I don’t have a rigid schedule for what I’m doing then other things eat up my writing time. I can fix dinner, mop the floor, or run errands when the kids are home from school. Or I can do that stuff on the weekends. But I’ve found that writing is best done when I’m by myself with no one else around. Do I write when the kids are home on spring break, or sick? Sure. But I get much less done on those days. And I have to say, when writing a sexy love scene, those kids should not be home! So on the days when I’m by myself, writing is king.

2. Take breaks

I set my timer for forty-five minutes and write. No stopping. Then I set my timer for fifteen minutes and take a break. I get up from the computer and move. Sometimes I do some exercises, most of the time I get housecleaning done. This means that I am not sitting for too much at a stretch and it means that those forty-five minutes are very productive. Plus, if there is something that is not romance oriented that I really find is nagging at me and distracting me from said hot, love scene, say…cleaning the bathroom, I can get that done in my fifteen minute break and it’s off my list. Then I’m back to focusing on my sizzling romance.

3. Keep the writing days sacred

This is something I’ve struggled with. I now have one day a week (currently it’s Thursdays) where I don’t write and I don’t have kids or a husband at home. That’s the day I go for coffee with friends, run errands, make phone calls, go to the grocery. You name it, if it has to be done during the week it’s on Thursday. Making that simple change has upped my productivity by an amazing amount. No longer are my writing days broken up by appointments or driving somewhere. They are all for writing. And this way I have taken care of my guilt. The guilt of not writing. The guilt of not seeing my friends. The guilt of there being no food in the house. All because of Thursdays!

Do you love Mondays? Why or why not? What do you do that helps you with your writing time, or whatever it is that you do that isn’t about taking care of the house or family or pets? Do you make time for your pleasures?

I had such a tough time picking a quote for today, and there were so many good ones. Check out and find some great pins about Mondays!


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12 responses to “Three Reasons Why I Love Monday

  1. We can relate. While we don’t have kids at home anymore, which helps a lot, the other things of life pull unless you are strict with your time. Seems when trying to finish that book to meet a dead line there is alway something else pulling. Our last dead line was almost missed as our best friends mother was deathly ill and she needed our support. And yes Mondays are good as we get back to that schedule. Good luck. 🙂

    • Even when the kids are off to college, I’ll still have my husband at home, poking around when I’m trying to work. It will be good for him to go to work so I can write, but once he’s retired, I think it would be nice to work together like you two do. I can’t see him writing, but he could definitely take over all those pesky business things I don’t want to do. And I think it would make him happy. Otherwise, I’m not sure I’d get much writing done!

  2. I hadn’t thought of it until I saw your post, Jessica, but I like Mondays because they offer a do-over if I fumbled the ball the previous week, and a challenge if I met or even exceeded my previous week’s goals.

  3. Carole St-Laurent

    I need to set my timer more often. It really works! It makes me want to “beat the clock”. Nothing like a little competition.

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