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Update! Prince by Blood and Bone, A Romance of the Black Court is back from the proofreader and I’m now fixing all those pesky commas! Working on formatting and getting very excited!

Now on to the blog!

My family is being driven crazy. I have become an addict. I do it everywhere. In the kitchen, in the shower, even when I’m driving.

What is it that has me so enthralled? Podcasts. I love them! I’ve never listened to talk radio. First of all it’s usually skewed so badly it drives me crazy. Second, you have to be listening when they are on, and inevitably I’m busy. And third, the topics are limited to what the general public wants to listen to.

But not Podcasts. Podcasts are hugely varied. Want politics? Of course it’s out there, but so are podcasts on esocteric subjects, such as romance and writing. Things that would never make it to the radio stations have not just one or two shows, but sometimes more! And they are superconvienint. You download them, and then you can listen any time. I have an ipad, so it’s super easy to subscribe through itunes, but I usually go direct to the website and listen to a few sample shows before I subscribe. Then I download them and play them back as I want to.

I can pause, re-wind, or even save them for later. Love it!

Here are a few of my new favorites.

Joanna Penn of does a podcast on what’s going on in the publishing industry. She’s an indie author, so they are focused on “author entrepreneurs”. In other words, those of us who are doing more than just writing the books, we’re producing and publishing them, as well as maybe teaching and exploring other avenues of income through books.

I love her upbeat presentation, although sometimes the accents of the guests require a little more concentration for my mostly American ears. For those guests whom I have trouble with, I just don’t listen when I’m in the shower, the water makes it hard to hear. But I love the variety of guests, as well as the topics I never thought I’d be listening to. It’s through this podcast that I’ve learned a lot about marketing, sticking with the business, and new avenues of selling my books.

If you love the super smart, super snarky blogs of, and SmartBitches, you’ll love when Jane and Sarah team up on their podcast Dear Bitches Smart Authors, othewise known as DBSA due to the censorship on Itunes. This one covers romance, romance, romance. How and why Jane and Sarah review why they do. What they like and don’t like. And some stellar interviews. From authors, to editors, even a woman who narrates e-books, if it’s romance related-it’s here.

The only thing is this one is harder to find. If you go to Dear Author, good luck finding the link. Smart Bitches is a little easier, go to the main page and scroll down, you’ll see the small badge with the links to the shows.

These are the two writing podcasts I listen to with regularity, but I also listen to a bunch of Paleo podcasts. Anything you want to learn about is available on the podcasts. I find the most difficult thing is discovering them on Itunes because apparently Itunes search engine is terrible. Not only do they not like the word “bitches” but they sort podcasts by how many reviews they have, not how many downloads have been made. So subscribing to each of my favorites took a little dedication. But once I’d subscribed, it was super easy. I go to my podcast button, and if there is a new podcast there is a tiny number on the picture. I click and download and it’s ready for listening.

Another terrific feature of podcast is that you can listen to older shows. Thank goodness! Since I’m now addicted, I need new shows all the time. I’m working my way through the old podcasts when I need more shows and no one has posted anything new. Yippee!

Have you ever listened to a podcast? You can download to your computer, tablet, or phone, so there’s no excuse not to try it. What topics would you be interested in? Let me know what podcasts you love!

And try a sample of Joanna Penn’s interviews below.


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4 responses to “My New Addictive Habit

  1. Thanks so much for making my podcast one of your favorites Jessica!

  2. Carole St-Laurent

    Which paleo podcast do you listen to? I have a few fave and each week I wait for the new installment. The Paleo View, The Paleo Fitness and Lifestyle Podcast, The Balanced Bites Podcast, The Livin’ La Vida Low Carb podcast… I’m sure I’m forgetting a few… Oh, yes, the one with Chris Kresser.

    • I listen to Fatburning Man with Abel James, and I love The Paleo View. I’m just starting to listen to Balanced Bites. I definitely need to find some more podcasts to feed my addiction!

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