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Hello all and welcome back to Jessica Aspen Writes. This week I’m working hard on getting everything in line for the release of Prince by Blood and Bone, A Fantasy Romance of the Black Court, including a possible Facebook contest, a Cover Reveal Tour, and a Review Tour. At least those are all in the works, but we’ll see what actually happens. For the best release information, join my new release mailing list, HERE.

As many of you know I love book trailers, and I usually share them in groups of three. You can check out some of my other posts and some amazing paranormal romance book trailers HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. Oh, wait! There’s more! HERE, HERE, and of course my very own Snow and the Seventh Wolf trailer HERE.

Today I want to show you another type of book trailer. Most book trailers showcase individual books or series. This trailer, however, is showcasing the author, her brand, and her works. Author Nancy Corrigan writes erotic paranormal romance, and she has two different series of books, so she faced showcasing both series in one book trailer. I think her trailer does an excellent job enticing readers to find out more about her books.

As I watched the trailer the first time I saw fae. No wait. I saw shifters. Wait. Was I sure? Yes, I was. They are all there, and done in such a way that this trailer will leave her open to writing all kinds of supernaturals. The fae, vampires, or her shifters. That’s genius! She’ll be able to use this trailer for years, and it won’t get stale. Too often authors block themselves into a corner by only focusing on one series, then when they write something else they need to re-brand. Check out Nancy’s author branding trailer to see how it showcases what her books are about, but doesn’t lock her into any one series.

Tell me what you think. Do you like the idea of creating an author trailer? Do you think she should have been more specific with her genre? Or does it leave you wanting to check out her links and find out more?


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7 responses to “A New Type of Book Trailer

  1. Hi Jessica
    Like you, I love the idea of branding the author instead of individual books. I didn’t see all the paranormal stuff because I’m such a word person I spent all my time reading the words as they gradually appeared. Guess I’m not into paranormal because I don’t even see it!

  2. Authors who write one genre face a challenge, so my hat is off to an author juggling two promotional avenues.

    • Luckily paranormal is able to house many different sub-genres. I think it’s much tougher when the author is doing very different genres, for example YA and adult romance. Then you have such different audiences looking for different things it makes it harder. Another good reason to stick to one main genre, even if you branch out within it. 🙂

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