It’s Paranormal Book Trailer Day Again

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I love book trailers. You only have a minute or three to share the essence of your book, what’s it about, why anyone should read it, what is special about it. Sometimes they are super cool, sometimes they are only so-so, but each one is something the author tried to use to express their feelings about their book. Here are three more trailers to share with you . Enjoy!

SC Mitchell had several book trailers to choose from. If you want to see more, head over Steve’s YouTube channel.

Here’s number two:

And this one is a YA. I love the cover of this book. (Hint, it’s at the very end)

Want to check out the other paranormal book trailers I’ve posted. Some of them are very cool. I especially like the one with the mermaids. Here are the posts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six. Have fun book trailer hopping!

I’m super busy getting Prince by Blood and Bone out the door. Have a great week!


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6 responses to “It’s Paranormal Book Trailer Day Again

  1. Love the SC Mitchell one. Espeically since we know his daughter wrote the music for it and gave the song as a present. How cool is that!

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