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I’m taking today off from blogging. That’s it, no blog, no writing, nada.

But wait! If that’s true, then why are you reading this, right now? 

Well, it’s because I’m taking the day off from finding a subject. I have a terrific list of ideas that I looked at just now, and none of them sparked my interest. Okay, that’s not true. One did, but it requires my full attention to write, so it will have to wait until I am more awake. You see, this is my first full day off of caffeine. YAY! (If you didn’t hear the sarcasm in that yay then you need the caffeine more than I do.)

jessica aspen's coffee cup

My favorite coffee cup, because it has coffee in it!

Why would any sane person give up America’s number one drug? (Maybe sugar is our number one drug, but given the number of Starbucks on any city street, I’m choosing caffeine.) Because I’m going to be going on a strict eating regime (any day now!) and one of the things I have to give up is coffee. And the almond milk that is the only thing I now put into what used to be a delicious, sugary, creamy concoction. Yes, even the decaf has to go.

So I’m sitting here at quarter to six in the morning, drinking my last cup of decaf with almond milk (no sugar please!) and trying to get enthusiastic about blogging.

And it’s not happening.


I haven’t talked about it much, because it doesn’t relate to my writing, books, or where I want my life to be, but I have some immune issues. And since my fall going into December was so incredibly stressful my body is falling apart. Okay, not literally. Thank goodness for some things. But I’m experiencing lots of my symptoms and it’s affecting my writing schedule to the point that I’m fed up! So I’m going on a strict diet to sort out if some of the things I love, like eggs, coffee, and almonds, are stressing my immune system.

I toyed with the idea of starting a seperate blog for talking about this, like Carole St. Laurent’s Writing Healthy, but instead decided that I my immune system didn’t need the stress of another blogging site. (Yay for me for resisting the lure of more work!) So instead I’ll be doing a series of guest posts. If you want to know more about my immune system issues, food struggles, and my trying the Paleo diet this year, I’m in the process of writing a series of blog posts for Angela Quarles blog, When Paleo Met Sally and I’ll let you know when they post.

Meanwhile, I have fun herbal tea to get me through until I can (hopefully!) add the coffee back in. Keep me in your caffeine laden thoughts, and I’ll be more awake on Thursday, I promise!


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4 responses to “Taking the Day Off!

  1. Carole St-Laurent

    Thanks for mentioning my blog, Jess! Whenever you’re over your coffee withdrawal headache, and if you’re willing, you are more than welcome to guest on http://www.writinghealthy.com to talk about your health journey. I’d be honored!

  2. So why are you giving up coffee? The Paleo diet?

    • Close. 🙂
      Many people drink coffee on variations of the Paleo diet, but since my auto-immune issues flared up this year, so I’m trying to calm my inflamation down with the auto-immune protocol. You’ll find it in Practical Paleo and very detailed in The Paleo Approach. The idea is you eliminate anything that might be causing an allergic reaction, inflammation, or leaky gut, and then you slowly add things back in, after you’re feeling better. Coffee is a cross-reactor with eggs, and since eggs are a common allergen you have to eliminate both. Even decaf!

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