The Dark Side of Happy Endings

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I’m blogging today on All Romance Ebooks ARE Cafe on The Dark Side of Happy Endings. Come on by and say hi!

And they all lived happily ever after. That’s the way all the children’s fairy tales end, right? And classic romances?

Wrong, sorry. Most of the classic tales, for children or adults, have sad dramatic or even cruel endings. I’m not saying the princess doesn’t get her prince, but usually someone dies in a brutal, sadistic fashion. That’s actually the beauty of fairy tales. They give us romance, glimpses of how the royals live, and something to satisfy our dark sides. It’s the juxtaposition of light and dark that makes the light so much better in the end.

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And, if you STILL haven’t managed to lay your hands on a copy of The Dark Huntsman, it will be the giveaway book of the day, so check in at ARE for your opportunity to win a free e-copy .


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2 responses to “The Dark Side of Happy Endings

  1. Some tales were also political satires. Enjoyed “The Dark Huntsman” twist on the tale of Snow White. A sizzling romance of a story.

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