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the dark huntsman blog tourI’m on an author BLOG TOUR for The Dark Huntsman, A Fantasy Romance of the Black Court, and one of the things I’ve noticed after doing several interviews is that most bloggers ask similar questions. So I decided to answer them here, just in case you missed my answers elsewhere. And of course these answers have a few twists of their own.

Here are the top three questions bloggers ask romance authors:

-Where did you find your inspiration?

For this one they are usually asking about the inspiration for the book itself, but sometimes it’s general. Inspiration for The Dark Huntsman came from desperation. I wasn’t sure what to write, so I chose a fairy tale to twist. Then I had to make it different, so it started to spin itself. I loved the idea of a series, so I had the three MacElvy cousins, Trina, Cassie and Bryanna. But wow! That made it difficult. Especially when I sat down to write Prince by Blood and Bone, book two and Bryanna’s story. I had a series idea, but I had to make it new and fresh and yet connect to book one and three. That’s where I really had to dig for inspiration. Thank goodness book two is super close to being done. I’m anxiously waiting on the cover and will be getting it off to the last editor very soon. A month late, but that’s the way the inspiration crumbles.

-Do you ever get writer’s block?

I always say no. Which isn’t exactly true. Writer’s block, to me, is sitting there not writing. And I never do that. There is always something to write. I can skip to another scene or chapter. I can write down something terrible and know I can come back and fix it later. And, if desperate, I can go to another book and write that. Sometimes I’ve even been known to blog. But I don’t sit there staring at the computer wailing about my writer’s block. So not me! How would anything get done?

I approach life that way too. If I can’t clean the kitchen because someone is in there, I go clean the living room. There is always another job to do in my life, far too many of them are left undone, and writing is the same way. Too much to do to be sitting there doing nothing!

-What do you love/hate about writing?

I love writing. I hate writing. Even though I don’t let myself have writer’s block, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Getting started on a project is tough. Today I’m struggling with writing the blurb for Prince by Blood and Bone. I have one, I just don’t like it, so I tweak it. And tweak it. Then tweak it some more. The hardest thing about writing is the perfectionism. ALL the writers I know have it. They never think the book is ready, or good, or done. But we have to send it out at some time.

And I don’t want to do anything else. I’ve done jobs I’ve truly hated, and this isn’t one of them. Even on the worst day I would rather be here staring at my computer and frustrated with my words, than doing something else. Okay, I always want to be on the beach and on vacation. Just reading. Or off socializing at the coffee shop. But it’s the love of writing that keeps me in the chair. If you don’t have that, you can’t finish a book. You can’t break that writer’s block. And you don’t get the next book done. And it’s always about the next book.

I hope you enjoyed my mini-interview for my blog tour. You can check out the rest of my tour and discover all the other questions HERE and enter the contest by leaving a comment. There are some killer reviews of The Dark Huntsman, as well as some interviews where the questions are more varied and my answers may be a little different. That’s the thing about asking a writer a question, the answer is always different. 

Did I miss a question? What would you like to ask me? Ask away and you’ll be entered in my contest, check the tour page for details of prizes and rules.


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2 responses to “The Top Three Questions Bloggers Ask Authors

  1. I get that love and hate thing. Actually, I LOVE writing and HATE editing.

    • Sometimes I think I love whatever I’m not doing. That grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it? When I’m editing, I long to be writing. And when I’m writing, I can’t wait for it to be finished. Still wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. 🙂

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