What’s Your White Elephant Idea?

Moonday Mania

it’s monday, people!

The holidays are coming, and they are arriving at light speed. I’m still finishing up the last of the turkey soup and yet I need to think about buying presents. Yes, that’s right. I haven’t even started. As usual, I have not put up the lights, or the tree, nor purchased a single Christmas present. And it’s December 9th!

yule wreathI have thought about it, though. One of my major shopping needs are white elephants and boy do I need help! My family rocks the white elephant. We’ve perfected it over the last fifteen years. If you don’t know what that is, it’s the party for cheap people. Our white elephant requires two presents per person, each under fifteen dollars, and we go two rounds of choosing anonymous presents, praying we get the wine and not the Obama Chia Pet.

Anyone over fifteen can play, and almost nothing is out of bounds. Keep it clean, people! The worst gift I received was the reindeer pooper that pooped out chocolate candy.

Recently, my daughter lamented that we never got to keep our white elephants that we brought, that no matter how hard she tries, someone else gets to take them home. We bring some nice gifts along with the weird ones. We’ve brought Godiva chocolates, super nice. portable. coffee cups filled with chocolate, cans of chocolate covered peanuts (fifteen dollars worth!). You get her sadness? All that chocolate and it ends up going to different people. Sigh.

So this year I’m bringing tea (and maybe a little chocolate). We live near the Celestial Seasonings Factory and I’m going to purchase a nice tea pot and make a tea basket. I’m thinking of using all those delicious holiday flavors like Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride, and Candy Cane Lane Green Tea. Yum!

Okay, that’s one white elephant down and I’m stumped. Any ideas? Come on, I need help! Under fifteen dollars and it can be silly or serious. What would you bring to the party?

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6 responses to “What’s Your White Elephant Idea?

  1. Jessica, I’m the last person to ask for help getting ready for Christmas. My attitude is, the 25th is coming whether I have turkey, trimmings and tinsel, or not. Christmas will arrive on. The most important place to have ready is, imho, the heart.

    You’ll find your other elephant. I have faith.

    • What? You are not perfectly primed for Christmas and all the fru-fru-all that goes with it? Shocking! LOL

      Yep, you are right, the heart is the most important place to have ready. But I still want my white elephants, otherwise I’ll have to go buy them at the gas station and wrap them in grocery bags in the car!

  2. I once got a one-egg skillet with fancy spice packs. Another idea was a gift bag with travel-size WD40, a lint brush, shoe goo adhesive, and an emergency sewing kit. Whiskey rocks and $15 worth of lottery tickets are also popular.

  3. I have a similar party Saturday night and I’m bringing a homemade gift: a peppermint foot soak. We are all tennis players and we need to take care of our feet! I found the idea here: http://rethinksimple.com/diy/peppermint-foot-soak/

    • What a great idea! Everyone needs to take care of their feet. I actually need 8 white elephants total, the girls are bringing two each and Jeff and I need two each. I love all these ideas, and the girls and I could have a peppermint foot soak creation party. 🙂

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