Happy Thanksgiving! Or maybe not…

BBQ'd Turkey, phot by Lynn Kelley Author

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Thursdays Bite

a holiday blog

It’s time to list what you are thankful for, so here goes. I’m thankful that I am NOT having anybody over for turkey-day. Nor am I going anywhere, or required to cook a big dinner for forty-or-so of my closest friends and relatives. I’m thankful that whatever I want to cook this year, I am not driving, so I can open up that bottle of wine and start early, and watch football, and the Macy’s Day Parade. Because no other parade will do.

I’m thankful for my husband, my kids, and my family. Even if I am not planning on seeing any of my extended family and even though sometimes my immediate family drives me crazy. I still love all of them, yes, even you. Despite everything. You know who you are.

I’m thankful that this year it’s all my decisions. Yes, I know that sounds selfish, but for once I get to decide what kind of foods to cook, or not cook. If I want to go out to dinner. And if I want to sleep in and not cook the turkey until late. Yes, I’m still cooking a turkey. It was a last minute decision. I almost decided this was the Thanksgiving without a turkey. I mean, we have one every year, usually two, since we have one on Christmas at my folks’ house. And really, do we need to do that? Well, I guess I do, since I bought one and it’s sitting in the cold drawer of my refrigerator waiting to be cooked.

I’m thankful that if I want potatoes, they’ll be there and that I can choose whatever kind of pie I like and not worry that anyone else will criticize my choices. I like pumpkin for Thanksgiving. Not chocolate cream, or apple, and definitely not mince. Shudder. And I like whipped cream with a little sugar. In fact, I think I’ll have that in my coffee too. Nothing like a little schlag on your coffee!

Does all this sound selfish? Not in the spirit of Thanksgiving? I’m kind of suspicious it does. But this year just kind of happened. No one invited us to Thanksgiving, no one called and asked what we were doing. I was working and editing and dealing with life, so it kind of crept up on me. Last week I was in the store looking at the turkeys and realizing that we had no plans, and instead of feeling left out or lonely… I felt relieved.

I should feel guilty. I should be heaping lots of “shoulds” on my shoulders. But instead I’m choosing to celebrate by not celebrating. Wow, what a concept. And what a relief. No guilt, no repercussions, no over-thinking. Just a cozy Thanksgiving with the people I’m closest too. And isn’t that what a holiday should be?

I know my Canadian friends celebrate in October, so they’ll be working like normal on Thursday, but what about you? What are you doing this holiday season? Are you taking time out for yourself? Do you feel guilty when you do? Are you going to relax this Thursday or are you going to be knocking down the doors of those retailers who can’t wait to open until Friday?

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