Brrr! Hey, baby, it’s cold outside!

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It’s cold out here in Colorado. An actual bitter cold, the kind we rarely experience— and  it kind of came as a shock. It’s a reminder that, despite the warm fall we’ve had, winter is actually coming. I know we have to wait until late December to proclaim that winter is here, but when it is consistently chilly and it snows, let’s face it, winter is here and it’s time to write some hot, paranormal romance, and warm up!

Snow on mountainsIt’s too cold to enjoy yard work, and there isn’t any, really. Except for shoveling snow. It’s almost too cold to enjoy walking the dog. The other day we barely got in a twenty minute walk after the sun was fully up. My fingers were freezing and I couldn’t feel my thighs. The dog was disappointed, but she’d stay out until she got frostbite, that’s the way Labs are, so we cut it short and headed home with promises for another walk. Which didn’t happen because I was caught up in my edits.

That’s right. While I may not want to be outside trimming the house for the holidays, or even walking the dog, what I do want to do is write. And write. And…bake cookies.

But I have books to finish, so the cookies must wait.

I usually outline and start writing all my books in the fall and winter, so it isn’t surprising that snow turns out to be common in most of my books. The house is cold and all I want is to sit in front of the fire and eat cookies, all winter nesting things. I’m wrapped up in sweaters and afghans and scarves. Even thinking about a swimsuit gives me the shivers.

My twisted fairy tale series, TWISTED TALES:COME INTO THE WOODS  originally was supposed to have each book set in a different season. LITTLE RED RIDING WOLF was early fall, SNOW AND THE SEVENTH WOLF was winter, and GOLDI AND THE BEAR was supposed to be set in spring. And that did happen. Sort of. Goldi’s story was outlined and written in October through January. Most of it during November and December snows, so I kept writing in snow… and snow storms. And while it is set in the spring it’s also full of snow.

While Colorado has beautiful sunny days in the winter, we do get snow in the spring. It’s part of our change-it-up attitude, you never know what the weather will be so plan for everything and enjoy it all. Spring is our snowiest season, in fact many Easter egg hunts get ruined by snow in Colorado.

It’s was when I realized that I never write summer books. By summer, I’m editing. All the actual writing and scene setting is finished. So I’ve decided that I need to write my next big book in July, get some good sweaty heat in there. Okay,we’ll it won’t be my next Tales of the Black Court, BROKEN MIRROR, because I will once again be outlining and writing that one in the middle of winter, but the one after that, the next book will have to be a hot summer read!

What do you like to do when it’s cold out? Do you curl up with a good book and some hot chocolate? Do you bake? Leave a comment and let me know!

Save the date! We’re having a Facebook Party on December 14th, 3-6pm Colorado Time! Join Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Paranormal authors for games and giveaways. Click HERE to sign up and participate, it’s going to be a fun way to spend a cold winter’s afternoon in December!

Thanks to WanaCommons on Flickr for the photo and to photo artist, Melissa Smith!


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8 responses to “Brrr! Hey, baby, it’s cold outside!

  1. That’s so funny that you end up with setting that mirrors your own. Stay warm. If you take a cookie baking break, eat one for me!

  2. All good, Jessica. I am enjoying the thin layer of snow which lights up with the sunshine here in Ontario. Usually November is dreary, dank and dark, a time for S.A.D., for sure. That makes a morning like this one the jewel in my week. It’s so sunny I may have to close the blinds this afternoon when the sun comes around but I don’t mind.
    That your settings come out of the season is too funny. At least when you’re writing you won’t forget where you are. That happens to me sometimes so I’ve taken to putting the month after the chapter heading so I can remember where the heck I am. Little tricks.

    • Your books take a lot longer than mine, so I get to stay in the same season. I’ve yet to have one make it past a few weeks in plot-time. I’ve always wondered how people do it with less sun. I miss it when it’s gone for a few days, a very uncommon thing here. People think snow when they think Colorado and I think sun!

  3. Jessica, I’m sitting at my desk with a candle lit to warm me when I glance outside at the snow. A few very cold days, but with the snowfall the temperature has risen. Still, I long for summer. The sun sets too soon.

    Bundle up on those walks! Pooch and I didn’t make it outdoors for a walk the last few days, and I miss it. Walking is a great way to work out the kinks in my joints, and in my character arcs.

    • Here, here on the joint work out. I’ve had bad hips since I was in my early twenties and I find sitting too much makes them ache. Even the cold isn’t as bad. Of course, we have a dry cold here, maybe that makes the difference. Love the idea of lighting a candle for warmth. Very cheery! 🙂

  4. stlaurec

    My husband and I were discussing possibilities of where to live in the US – in relation to his next job – and he asked me, Denver or Kansas City. I said Denver, or rather, Boulder. But the cold… it makes me want to stay right here in SC.

    • Granted, we are not as warm as South Carolina. However, we do have lots of warm days. Even in the winter! Most of our snow is in the mountains, so if you are in the plains than you should be fine! Well, the Eastern Plains, and close to the mountains. Out on the far Eastern Plains they have worse weather, tornadoes, etc. Okay, boulder is the perfect place to live!

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