Hot Mojave Knights WOWZA!

Moonday Mania

I’m back and tired, but oh was it worth it!

Just a little business before we get to the hotness of romance, romance authors, and romance conventions!

Most important, the Goodreads Giveaway ends tomorrow, and while I’m sure all of you have signed up to win a print copy of my fantasy romance The Dark Huntsman. Just in case I’m re-posting the link. Click HERE to enter to win!

More fun exciting giveaways! Sam Cheever’s Trick or Treat contest runs through Halloween, so click HERE to enter on my site and HERE to find the complete list of authors so you can enter at everyone’s site. Grand prizes include a Kindle Paperwhite, and lots of fun prizes including romances, so enter today!

Traveling is not my strong suit. Sure I love going on vacations and laying on the beach, or better yet, swimming in the ocean, but the actual traveling is a chore. I know that’s true for everyone, I see the people on the plane and in the airport, but for me it’s even worse. I get anxious.

My stomach tightens, my palms itch, and my heart seizes up.

If I am at all late to the airport, it’s worse.

That’s why I  am so grateful that my friends and family support me in my traveling endeavors. No one makes fun of my anxiety, well, almost no one. 🙂

And they all work to get me there on time and in one piece. And home again.

Last night I came back from Las Vegas and the Hot Mojave Knights Readers convention and not only did my dear friend ML Guida and her friend Stephanie, go out of their way to make sure I was at the airport early and in one piece, my husband  drove to pick me up DURING THE BRONCO GAME!

That’s true love.

It’s thanks to friends and family that I am able to  travel  to fun Las Vegas, and participate in such fun events!

Oh, and if you were wanting a blog about the event, sorry! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, so I’m not sharing about the author panels, the kissing knights, or the big costume party on Saturday night. You’ll just have to come in 2015 and experience yourself!

hot mojave knights

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4 responses to “Hot Mojave Knights WOWZA!

  1. Las Vegas! 2015? I can’t wait that long to play in Vegas, Jessie.

    I’ll have to make an advance trip — kind of like the Secret Service when they scout the areas and locations a president plans to visit.

    Welcome home, brave traveler!

    Me? I’m a 2 million miler plus on American Airlines, so I’ve done all the plane travel I care to do. (Except for vacations with The Hubster. The notion of being stuck in a car with him discussing budgets and pending doom gives me hives.)

    I’ll be driving solo on a free-to-be-me adventure when I investigate Vegas.

    • You have 2million miles! WOOT! You have to get back on a plane because I’m traveling with you. 🙂
      Doesn’t that mean they have to let you in the special, reserved sky lounge and feed you and your friends for free. Please tell me it’s so! Or at least you get first class.
      If not, then I’ll be looking for you in the Mini-Wini with the hubster!

  2. Ah, come on… Share a little bit. Just a little. 😉

    • Okay, dancing, hot men, hotter books. Actually I’m thinking of posting on some of the amazing paranormal authors I met. Love the woman who always wears the pirate costume to book signings, and she has a very cool book out that I’m thinking of buying about a cracken and a mirror and alternate pirate universes. Very creative!

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