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Before I get started whining (and trust me, there will be whining) I would like to take care of a few business items. 

  1. THANK YOU! Thank you to everyone who has signed up for my Goodreads Giveaway (ending on October 22nd), hopped over to all my guest blogs (I have more coming!), and just in general supported the release of my new twisted fairy tale, The Dark Huntsman, A Fantasy Romance of the Black Court.
  2. Tomorrow is the opening of Sam Cheever’s Trick or Treat with Your Favorite Author! Don’t forget to stop by Jessica Aspen Writes, as well as the thirteen other participating authors stops during the next two weeks. The contest ends on Halloween. There will be terrific prizes including two Kindle Paperwhite Readers, so come back and enter!
  3. I will be visiting several more sites this week including author Lynn Cahoon’s site tomorrow, October 15th. An interview with Sherry Issac on Wednesday, October 16th, and a very cool article on Wicca in my World on the site Worlds of the Imagination on Thursday, October 17th.
  4. Last, but not least, on Friday, October 18th, I will be in Las Vegas at the Hot Mojave Knights Romance Readers Convention! WOOT! If you are going, please look for me. I’ll be the one putting her feet up in the bar!

Now on to the whining!

If you read the above list about this week you’ll see why I’m afraid of burning out this October. Not only did my planned September release of The Dark Huntsman get pushed into this month, but I also ended up springing an out-of-town trip on myself when I won the Hot Mojave Knights tickets in the August CRW mini-con auction.

I guess none of this is really something I can complain about, since I’ve done it all to myself. I’m the one who decided to schedule all the blogs and blog hops. I’m the one who bought the tickets to Vegas. And I’m the one who went at ahead and released The Dark Huntsman.

The question is why?

Why would I do this to myself?

Why would I chose October, one of the busiest months of my year to do all of this?

jessica aspen

Because I’m crazy, that’s why.

I am a crazy, over-achiever, goal setter. I knew you all suspected, but this month is proof. We are only half-way through and already I’m worried about not making my goals, deadlines, seriously high expectations. I have activities planned for every weekend, blogs to write, and a novella to finish.


What did you say?

I have to finish writing Ghosts of Christmas Past while I’m going to the October CRW Tea, and signing books, and going to Las Vegas? No way.

Yes, but…

I set the goals.

Yes, me.

The Crazy One.

So when November comes around and the rest of you think you are going out of your mind with planning the holidays for December, remember me. I’ll be the one in the straight jacket trying to type.

Any sympathy from the peanut gallery?  Are you realizing it is the end of the year and you better get cracking on that novel, that life-style change, that house-cleaning that you meant to do all summer? Yep, the end of 2013 approaches and if you are like me you are squishing everything you can into October so you can make it to New Years and say, “Yes, I did!”

How is your October going? Are your goals coming home to roost? Leave me a comment (and try not to say “I told you so!”).

Oh, and if you haven’t checked out The Dark Huntsman on Amazon, now is your chance. Click HERE to see how terrific the book looks. If you’ve read it, please think about leaving a review. I love reviews!


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8 responses to “October Burn Out

  1. I think I’m busy this October with a blog hop at Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours, 8 speaking/reading/book signing events and more keep coming in, a day away at my huge and hugely fantastic writers group an hour and a half away, and working on The Loyalist’s Luck whose release date is next June and not half way through the rough draft yet. I need more energy! Oh, and I forgot a week away in Victoria at my daughter’s house.
    But you, Jessica! You just keep ticking away like the Energizer bunny, with no thought of stopping. How many books have you got out so far? 20? Seems like it. You must be having a ball.
    I’m going to cut this comment short and open The Loyalist’s Luck. John and Lucy are calling to me. Hope I can catch up to your pace, my friend.

    • You are super busy, and you even split your release days between the e-book and the print book! Does that give you more time or double the trouble? I am having a ball. It’s a funny roller coaster ride where I think, yes everything is going on plan. And then I freak out and realize it’s all an illusion. 🙂

  2. You have always been one of the bit-crazy, tons-admired, over-achievers in my world, Jessica. Imaginary and otherwise. The thing about reading your words of concern? I’ve seen you pull off the near impossible time-after-time.

    LOVE the new hat.

    Yes. It’s October, and the gnomes I assumed would show up in the wee hours night-after-night to create order from my chaos deserted me. If I can’t trust my gnomes, who can I trust?

    ERK! Myself? I need to get a grip on life and career all by myself?

    Off to shower. I’ll be stalking you. We can DO this!

    • Yes we can! I can’t believe your gnomes deserted you. Better get brownies, they work much harder. In fact, I’m putting some in my next book. Everyone deserves super secret stealth help!

  3. Lovely pic, Jessica! Take a deep breath, focus, and carry on. You’ll make it!!

    • Thanks, Carole! I’m truly going to just try and relax in Vegas. I’m meeting some terrific reader and writer friends, and since I’m not a featured author I get to just be a reader and have fun for a change. No workshops, just fun! Woot!

  4. Ha – I’m right there with you. Still on deadline 30K more by 11/1 – I’m blogging for Return of the Fae, and have a full day workshop with Christie Craig. Can we start October over? I need those 14 days over.

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