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The last hazy days of summer. Time to laze around the pool, get in those last hiking trips, and try not to think about the craziness of fall. Or, you could do what I’ve been doing: working my butt off working on editing Prince by Blood and Bone, book two of Tales of the Black Court, my spicy, new, fantasy romance series. And it’s coming out December 2013.

That’s right, December 2013.

I’ve set myself some crazy publishing goals for the latter half of this year and believe it or not bringing my first full-length twisted fairy tale: The Dark Huntsman to market is not the most difficult or the craziest. It turns out bringing out book two, at the same time I’m bringing out a Christmas novella, and promoting The Dark Huntsman, is the craziest.

So, I decided it’s time to review my yearly goals and see where I am, then I’ll add at the bottom my crazy production schedule for the rest of the year. You’ll be able to see why I have nothing scheduled for 2014, other than bringing out book three, Broken Mirror. I’ll be taking a long quiet vacation somewhere and trying to get my pulled out hair to grow back.

Here are my goals. I posted them back in January HERE and revisited them in March HERE.

Jessica Aspen Goals for 2013

Overall Organizational Goals: 

  1. Continue to set and review monthly goals, set daily goals based on monthly goals Always in progress!
  2. Write five days per week, 3 hours per day. This summer I’ve been hitting the editing at least 3 hours per day, on the days I manage to get to writing. Yeah, summer does mean spending a lot of time doing other things, but it’s all been good. 🙂
  3. Goal is 3k/day Currently I’m editing, so I’m trying to move through my ms at a rate of finishing five chapters per week. That is a seriously challenging goal and I’m doing okay. Every day it is a struggle, but I am determined to get Prince by Blood and Bone finished and off to the editor by the end of the month. 
  4. and edit 15-20 pages per day Only on the days I’m not writing. And there are editing days when getting 5 pages deep edited is AMAZING! Yeah, see number three for this one.
  5. Keep up with personal site, blog 2 days a week Of course!
  6. Self-publishing class in January (taking a fabulous class on Author EMSwith  Amy Atwell and Kelli Finger!) This was a fabulous class, if you are at all seriously considering Indie Publishing, then take this class. You will absolutely understand the costs, labor and rewards involved.
  7. Tax class in February from Colorado Romance WritersYep! Done! Another great class, but I don’t know when it will be offered again.
  8. Market 1-2 hours per day Not sure I’m getting in two hours, but I do spend a lot of time researching marketing right now, and that counts in my book.
  9. Attend CRW Writing Retreat in September Hot Mojave Knights. UPDATE Instead of attending the CRW writing retreat like I have for the past two years, I’ll be going to Hot Mojave Knights, a reader convention, in October. WOOT!

Writing Goals

  1. goldi and the bear by jessica aspenFinish editing Goldi and the Bear by January 18th I think I was a few days later than this, but it is done and turned in and I” it came out on AMAZON on July 22nd.
  2. Polish Goldi and the Bear  by January 30 Done!
  3. Write rough draft of B&B (second book in TQH series) The rough draft was finished in the spring. WOOT!
  4. Edit rough draft of B&B Working on this, plan to be finished by the end of August.
  5. Start thinking about 3rd book in  TQH series
  6. Outline 3rd book in TQH series
  7. Superhero goals: Edit BW and outline first book in that series Not happening. This entire series will be pushed off until spring 2014.

Marketing Goals 

  1. Submit Goldi and the Bear to PIP by January 30 Check!
  2. Decide what to do with HH Novellas This  big news. I’m releasing my first Haunted Holiday’s Novella, Ghosts from Christmas Past, in Novemeber. Fingers crossed. For this to happen the moon, and stars, and my keyboard, all need to align.
  3. Continue to submit TDH Check! As many of you know I went through the ups and downs of rejections and finally an acceptance of The Dark Huntsman, but finally decided to bring it to market myself. And so it will hit the shelfs (okay, e-shelves) in October. The goal is for the Print version to be up October First and the e-version to come out October 14th. Fingers crossed!
  4. Market all books (Little Red. S&S. GoldiCheck!
  5. Enter Little Red in  contests Check! Red finaled in the Golden Quill and received a Holt Medallion Award of Merit. Woot!golden quill finalist desert rose rwa
  6. Enter TDH into contests I ended up not doing this, but I will be entering contests with it this fall, and in spring of 2014.
  7. Increase presence on Goodreads
  8. Work on All Romance Exposure
  9. Figure out how to increase presence on reader sites/loops
  10. I’ve joined Pinterest. I don’t have many pictures up, but I’ll be working on it slowly and adding them as I go. I’m not sure what the best way to work it is, so I’m a little slow. But you can check it out HERE.

Now on to the big production schedule that will make me type like crazy for the rest of the year.

  1. Finish edits on Prince by Blood and Bone by 9/1/13
  2. Finish writing Ghosts of Christmas Past by 9/15/13
  3. Edit Ghosts of Christmas Past by 9/30/13
  4. Bring out The Dark Huntsman in Print on 10/1/13
  5. Bring out The Dark Huntsman in e-book on 10/14/13
  6. Work on the edits my editor sends back for Prince by Blood and Bone finish by 10/30/13
  7. Work on the edits for Ghosts of Christmas Past finish by 11/15/13
  8. Send both to proofreader for edits, then apply those edits
  9. Publish Ghosts of Christmas Past on 11/18/13
  10. Publish Prince by Blood and Bone December 26th, 2013

Oh, and I also am planning on some blog tours, cover reveal tours, and all kinds of marketing shenanigans!

Fall into a collapsed heap on January 1st, after attending Margie Lawson’s annual New Year’s party!

How are your goals looking? Have you looked at your overall goals for the year recently? Did you revamp them mid-year? Share with me where you are and I’ll commiserate or celebrate with you!


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7 responses to “August Goals Review

  1. Jessica, my, my, my. I don’t know whether to say Ouch or Wow. Congratulations on being your own inner drill sergeant and knowing how to add some play and to bring joy to/take joy from every challenge.

    The universe is knuckle-knocking on my noggin this morning, this is the second time annual goals have been brought up in a 10-minute span. I know what I’m starting this afternoon.

    • Good morning, Sherry!

      Pleased to be part of your end of summer wake up call. I realized I always do goals in August, I think it’s a good way to gear up for fall. Mathematically it makes no sense, but in my bones it’s the season for checking in. I hope to see you goals revisited on your blog soon. 🙂

  2. Great follow up, Jessica! What a focus.

  3. Jessica those are certainly a lot of ambitious goals. We so understand your crazies. We imposed a deadline with our editor that may have been too optimistic with our summer travel plans.

    We, too, are now frantically working to finish & edit our book Blood Brothers which is the second in our series of The Turning Stone Chronicles. It is due to publisher October 1st.

    • We’ll be publishing about the same time. That’s great! I’ll look forward to having you back again when Blood Brothers comes out and giving my readers another taste of your books!

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