Bunnicula VS Scooby Doo- How Scared Did You Like To Get As A Kid?

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I’m excited to say I almost have a cover for my fae fantasy romance, The Dark Huntsman. It’s close, really close. And as soon as I have it I’m going to have to decide if I should share it right away or do something spectacular and have a cover reveal blog hop. What do you think? Let it burn a hole through my fingers and post it as soon as I have it in my hands? Or dole it out in a month and plaster the web with it’s amazing gorgeousness?

When I was a kid Scooby-Doo was the rage. I couldn’t wait to watch on Saturdays. In fact, it was one of the few Saturday Morning Cartoons I did watch as super heros and comedies did not rock my world. But mystery, ah yes, that was something that I could get my teeth into. And there was always the chance that it might not be Mr. Chan under the sheet, or Mrs. Brown behind the plot. There might be a real ghost or monster or demon.

But there never was. Sigh.

Actually, that was a good thing. I liked to flirt with being scared, but Scooby-Doo was about my pace. Not for me the RL Stine Goosebumps books that creeped out generations of kids. Or later on , Chris Pike’s creepy novels. No, I was more a Scooby and Shaggy kind of gal. Books like Bunnicula were my speed. I did ramp it up in middle school and got creeped out by VC Andrews, but I never made it to Stephen King. Just the thought of reading the Shining gave me the willies.

Even now I love a little chill and mystery in my books, but I’m still avoiding King. Honestly, he has the best ad campaign ever. I am so scared by his books that I can’t even crack the spine.

Movies now, there I take a little bit more risk. Not for me the hide-behind-the-door and jump-out-at-you creepies. No, I like suspense movies. Big surprise there. Some of my favorites include Ghost Story, What Lies Beneath, and The Others.

That subtle creeping up of the story, the feeling that something evil lurks behind the door, but isn’t really there…all that is what I like now about being scared. How about you? Are you a Scream fan? Do you like slasher movies? Or are you like me and like the movies where the suspense is just as scary as the spooks?

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2 responses to “Bunnicula VS Scooby Doo- How Scared Did You Like To Get As A Kid?

  1. Can I vote none-of-the-above on movies?

    Reruns of Wile E Coyote, Elmer Fudd/Bugs Bunny, and (yes) Scooby-Do snap my cartoon cookies.

    I am TOTALLY chick flick (or XX rated naughty) in the movie category.

    For novels? Romance with suspense, of course. Your twisted fairy tales. But, I DO enjoy a bit of King and Koontz. Those dudes are masters at making me scream “ACK! DON’T DO THAT!” to hero/heroine.

    Now, about that blog hop…????

    • Like the blog hop idea, do you Gloria? Wouldn’t have any ulterior motives, like…enticing me onto your blog? Hmm? LOL

      So, no scary movies for Gloria, just fun romance, etc… But you will read the scary books? Interesssting, we’ll have to explore that later. 🙂

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