Goldi and the Bear Release Day is Coming Soon

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I’m getting excited! It’s almost here, the release day blitz for my spicy new adult novella Goldi and the Bear from Bewitching Tours is on Monday, July 22nd, and I’m giving away e-copies! Stop back here on Monday and click on the links. There will be opportunities at all the tour stops to win an e-copy and I’ll be giving away even more books to anyone who visits all sixteen stops and leaves a comment at each one, then comes back here and let’s me know. Two ways to win spicy new adult romance with a fairy tale twist!

goldi and the bear by jessica aspenGoldi and the Bear is the third book in the Twisted Tales: Come Into the Woods Series, and it was  fun one to write. At first I struggled, because the Goldilocks story really only has one girl getting into trouble on her own, but once I looked at why Goldi might need to get into a strange bear’s house, the plot really came together. For Goldi and Zeke, love’s been put on the back burner since high school, and starts to boil over when Goldi’s life is falling apart and Zeke’s life is finally coming together.

This novella is packed with action, spicy romance between  two people still angry over their break up years before, but unable to resist their attraction. Like all the Twisted Tales in this series it has a Romeo and Juliet theme of lovers whose families wouldn’t approve, but unlike the Snow and the Seventh Wolf and Little Red Riding Wolf where the romance is between human and supernatural, in this case it’s between a werebear and a werewolf.

One of the pieces of the plotting puzzle that came together nicely is the suspense plot that weaves through the story. Goldi is about to lose her ranch and she needs her missing father to help her re-finance, but he’s off running around as a wild wolf and she’s on her own dealing with the bank. Add in a mysterious buyer for the ranch, someone setting traps on Zeke’s land, and it all spells trouble for Goldi’s efforts to save the land that’s been in her family for generations.

goldi and the bear release day blitzSo come on back Monday for several chances to win spicy new adult romance with a fairy tale twist!


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3 responses to “Goldi and the Bear Release Day is Coming Soon

  1. Way to go, Jessica! Congrats on Goldi and the Bear.

  2. P.S. I’m now following you on bloglovin’!!! : )

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