Discovering the Art of Splitting Oneself

Moonday Mania

 a blog on juggling balls- while standing on one

Be careful what you wish for.


See, cloning works!

Always good advice. I can see into the future and I see myself split into mini-Jessicas. One Jessica working on her edits from her publisher, one working on her edits from her self-publishing endeavor, one writing new stories for the future. Another to take care of the kids, another for the house, laundry, and groceries. One to hold down the day job. Oh, and one more- my husband wants his own.

How do we do this? How do we juggle so many balls in the air (without dropping any) and add even more? Lynn Cahoon, my guest author on Thursdays Bite addressed this very issue. She’s amazingly prolific and published with several different publishers. She’s worked hard for years to get here, and now here is today with so much to do that it is staggering. But she’s not complaining.

I’m not either. I just want more of me, so I can do more. Is that so much to ask?

And when I see other authors publishing book after book I wonder, how can they possibly get all those words down on the page and still get any sleep at night?

The answer? They don’t.

Office Punching Bag

Always good to have something to hit in your office when the tensions rise.

Something’s gotta give whether it’s your sleep, your exercise, your kids or your spouse, you can’t get it all done and I’m coming to grips with an ambition I didn’t even know I had. I want those multiple books, and fabulous fans, and I want my health too.

While writing this article I realized something amazing: this year, 2013, I will publish four books!

How did that happen?

Well for one thing I didn’t write them all this year. Snow and the Seventh Wolf was written in 2012 and The Dark Huntsman was originally finished in 2009. Another big advantage is that Snow and the Seventh Wolf and Goldi and the Bear are both novellas, under 35,000 words. So really I will have written one long novel and one novella, the equivalent of a very long historical romance. Not that I’m dissing my achievement. It’s going to be a stellar publishing year!

Another thing that helped is that I really do have several Jessicas working for me. My novellas are published by a publisher. That means I don’t have to be the editor in chief, the cover artist, or the formatter. They do all of that for me.

And as for The Dark Huntsman? I have hired help for that one too. I needed professional editing, so I’m hiring that and the copyedits out. I’m also on the lookout for a cover artist, as I am not going to add learning how to be an artist to my pile of balls I’m currently juggling.

Four books out in one year and sandwiched between generations and jobs I feel the tension. But it’s a wonderful tension and I’ll happily juggle for a little while, hoping that someday I’ll be cloned.

How do you deal with too much to do? Do you hire help, give up on sleep, growl at your family and friends? What gives when you are stretched to the bone?


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9 responses to “Discovering the Art of Splitting Oneself

  1. Hiring help sounds smart. You are accomplishing so much this year. CHEERING you on…

  2. Amazing achievements in store for 2013, Jessica. WOO HOO YOU!

    When I look at your accomplishments and outside/family obligations, and compare them to mine…

    [Pause for loud thunk of head on the desk.]

    There’s a reason they call certain behaviors piddle-farting. Both offer some sort of comedic relief (especially when practiced in public), but neither contribute to meaningful accomplishments.

    I’m going away now. I have a glob that needs attention and a protagonist not yet GMC’d to the proper level of twisted.

    • Some books just take more time than others. The Dark Huntsman has been through three (count ’em) three complete re-writes. It’s taken a long time to be ready. The novellas are easier. 🙂

  3. Wow 4 books! Congratulations! I can’t imagine trying to do everything I’m doing now (writing/marketing/blogging/etc) with a family to take care of too. I’m barely able to make time for myself, let alone anyone else. But, eventually, and mine hit about a week ago, the burnout hits and you have to stop and take a break from something, or everything. I took about a week away from most social media efforts, all blogging (I have 5), and spent some time relaxing, writing a bit, and enjoying the summery weather we’ve been having! Of course, it’s time for me to get back to it all now after the break, but I really admire you for taking on so much and I wish you so much luck with it all!

    • Four books sounds amazing, doesn’t it? But, like I said, two of them were written previously (one last year, one over time) and one of the books I wrote this year is a novella. Actually, thinking about it. I wrote most of that rough draft in November and December, so this year I’m really only writing one full book and polishing the other. But the end result is a resounding four books! Woot!

      Everyone should take breaks, I”m so glad you were smart enough to do that before totally tanking and are now ready to get back in the swing. Smart lady!

  4. Jessica, you have always impressed me with your ability to juggle.
    I wish I could write faster, but I’m a slow editor. I only work part time, but have family demands too and when my writing starting to suffer, I realized I had to back off social media. I can’t get to all these wonderful blogs like I want to, and I decided to slow down my promotional efforts until I have more books out there.
    Best of luck on your publishing endeavors. I’ll be looking for your books!

    • Hi Sharon! The writing comes first. It is very tempting to play all day on the internet, but in the long run it won’t get you as many sales as writing that next book. And the next. And the next. And I love your books, so keep writing. 🙂

  5. I’ve only had vacation days where I could play at being a writer all day. Well, and weekends. But the amount of work seems to expand with the amount of time. Being willing to shut down the internet to get your words in, that’s a skill.

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