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Today was supposed to be the kick off for the Tortured Hero Blog Hop, but it’s sadly been canceled. So sit back and enjoy my post anyway!

Betrayal, by ml guidaUnlike my Critique Partner ML Guida‘s heroesSeth (my hero from Snow and the Seventh Wolf, and my most tortured hero to date) doesn’t undergo the tortures of demons, the devil, or hell. No, his torture comes from his own stubborn insistence that humans are a lesser species than werewolves. Seth first appeared as the angry brother in Little Red Riding Wolf, and he tortured not only himself, but his sister with his prejudices, but once he reaches his own book, I turned the heat up in the form of his own sexy human lover, Snow Electra Jazzman.

But there are so many other tortured heroes! Paranormal books are full of them? Why do we love the angst of an alpah male? Why do we love to cause them pain, or find them already wounded, and salve their wounds? What is it about the damaged man that is so appealing to the female psyche? Are we sick? Twisted? Perverted?

No, we’re just in search of love.

And we want to be the one who heals the men. We want the heroine to be the only one who heals her lover, or the only one he’ll let close enough to heal his wounds. I’ve been working on a Beauty and the Beast Twist for my other series, Tales from the Black Court (book one out in fall 2014) and in my research all the beasts have inner wounds to match their outer ugliness. Look at Disney’s famous film and you can see that not only is the prince in need of learning how to help others love themselves, he doesn’t understand how he lost other people’s love. He’s wounded, and Belle can see it. She can see his inner pain.

So can Belle on one of my favorite shows, Once Upon a Time, see into Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold’s heart. And we see with her. He’s bad, he’s got flaky gold skin, and a funny weird laugh, but she sees that inside he just wants love. And why does he? Because women have wounded him over and over again and now he’s defensive and angry. A true beast.

In the end I believe all romances with tortured heros are versions of the Beauty and the Beast story. A man who was wounded and is now as ugly on the outside as we think he must be on the inside. A woman who sees the wounded man underneath. And a magic that will triumph over evil queens, magic spells, and plain old ornery stubbornness, true love!

Think about other tortured alpha males. Who is your favorite? Is he too a  Beast?

her warrior's three wishes by carrie ann ryanAnd while you’re at it check out Carrie Ann Ryan’s website. Carrie Ann usually organizes these hops, but due to overwhelming personal challenges she had to cancel. And this is during her release week for Her Warrior’s Three Wishes (Dante’s Circle)so hop on by her site and wish her well!


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11 responses to “Tortured Hero Blog Hop!!!!

  1. Yeah, I love the torture hero. That’s the guy many of us want to save! I think my love for them began with Wuthering Heights in junior high school. Today, I love reading about a strong man fighting his inner demons.

    • Oh Heathcliff! It doesn’t get much better than that. No HEA though for them. And I’ve gotta have the HEA. Do you put tortured young men in your YA? That would be another great venue to work it into. 🙂

  2. I have a love/fear-for-my-sanity relationship with tortured males.

    In fiction? Yes. The author (living vicariously through her characters) has the ability to find a flaw that can and is cured for the HEA. WOOT! Gotta’ love those.

    In real life? I’ve been caught in the nasty net of too many flawed men who did not see their flaws, nor want to overcome them if they did. It’s an ongoing challenge for the Gloria Richard Adopt-a-Problem Agency. (GRAAPA).

    Great post, Jessica. Can’t wait for your next book, you prolific little heroine of mine, you.

    • Well, this is why we call it fantasy. I’m with you, Gloria. In real life it’s much tougher. The HEA can be very elusive. I’m pretty lucky, my tortured hero did make it through in real life and we’ve managed to move on to the HEA (although with dogs and kids and work, sometimes I wonder!). I think the elusiveness of the actual tortured male HEA in real life is one of the things that makes these types of heroes so popular. We love to think we can make it work, even if it never happens, so we want to READ about it! 🙂

  3. Hi Jessica!
    The tortured hero transcends genres as my historical novel, The Loyalist’s Wife, features John dealing with having to go off to war, leave his wife and his farm behind, and with the slow realization that perhaps he will lose all of it. I call that conflict and it’s a necessity in all books, isn’t it? Sorry your blog hop broke its legs but good for you posting anyhow.

    • Thanks Elaine, I just hope that Carrie Ann is doing okay with all of her personal and health issues. You are so right, tortured heros transcends genres, it’s one of the things I’m sad that the blog hop didn’t go. There were all sorts of authors ready to hop! Many genres. That inner suffering is definitely interesting, no matter your setting or genre. When are you publishing that book? I’m really ready to read it!

  4. Calling Dr. Freud. I’m much better at torturing my heroines. Why is that?

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