Discover Three Tools For Making Your Dreams Come True

I’m beginning to love Facebook. It’s taken a while. At first I was a Twitter fan. I could easily think up one liners and there were all these cool tools for re-sending information on my blog. Hootsuite made it organized and I found interesting things on there. But Facebook was slow. I felt a little lost, didn’t know what to post, and only visited about once a month.

A few months ago I decided to start doing a little more. So I checked it out once a week. Then a little more. Now I’m over there at least once a day. And I’m enjoying it so much more. Why?

I think it’s the pictures and the fact that people are not limited to 120 characters. They can say what they want to say and illustrate it. And I’m learning how to see when friends respond to me, or follow them better on the side. I still don’t like the way Facebook changes stuff all the time. That is not user friendly, but I’m learning to like other aspects of it.

It’s how I found this killer post on success on Karen Salmnsohn’s site, Not SalmonSelf help for people who wouldn’t be caught dead doing self-help. You gotta love that tagline.

And this poster. Which is also available as a cool journal to record your successes on your way to your dreams. Love it!

Now I am a self-help lover, I love to hear boostering talks and read books, but I am not so great on the follow through. Mostly because it either takes a lot of time, or it is very goofy. And there are only so many things I will spend time being goofy about before I give up and move on.

But I really like her philosophy.

She has three simple rules in this blog and I love all three. I’m only giving you my short explanation, for Karen’s excellent in detail explanation, click HERE.


This one is pretty self explanatory, but I want to add ban negativity. My least favorite phase this year is “The problem is….” . Forget about the problem, what is the solution?


Hence the journal. Write it down. Make lists. List your goals and your successes. Big, small, and everything under the sun. Some days it’s as simple as- I wrote 1000 words. If you can do that everyday, you have accomplished something small that will grow to 52000 words a year. And that is a novel.


This works hand in hand with #2. Those little steps grow into big accomplishments, but if you don’t acknowledge the little steps you might stop making them. So get to work stepping and start your marathon.

Many of you don’t know this about me, but after I had my second child I was in terrible shape. I was 220 pounds (and I’m only 5’2″) I’d had two surgeries and two kids within eighteen months. I was a wreck. And I was not exercising. I started getting up at five am, before any babies, husbands, or dogs could start making demands, and sneaking out of the house and walking for fifteen minutes. And then twenty. And then thirty. I lost a bunch of weight and eventually was walking an hour a day. Small steps make a big difference.

Several of my friends are working on the Artist’s Way (Sherry Isaac and Gloria Richard)  and I think that goes along with this kind of attitude. Start with the basics and the big things will come. I’m not ready to plunge into the Artist’s Way, but I think I might just start a journal like this. Fill it with all the little positives and big positives that come my way.

And if you want to read a very good post with a funny kid story then hop on over to Karen’s Not Salmon blog on Mustering Up Success HERE. I loved it and it gives you the real nitty gritty on her three steps as well as the opportunity to see what classes she’s offering that are not self-help!

How do you keep yourself charged? Do you do activities to stimulate your creativity like the Artist’s Way? Do you read books outside of your sphere? Do you make lists of blessings or three good things that happened that day? How do you stay re-charged and what keeps you going?


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2 responses to “Discover Three Tools For Making Your Dreams Come True

  1. Great post, Jess. Just what I needed this morning.

    • I thought she had a great site and I loved that poster. If I had a dedicated office I would buy it and pin it to the wall. 2013 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for me, and I hope for all my writer friends as well. I want to spread the success! But ultimately, as my husband the sales guy always says, success is dependent on your ability to take rejection. So how do we keep our attitudes up high and our wallowing to a minimum? I think these tools are a great start!

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