Hot New Trailers for Spring!

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Today is trailer day, WOOT! Next Thursday I’ll have Rhapsody author, Sharon Clare, on the blog, so check back on the 14th and see what Sharon has to say!

I thought Karin Shah came up with a very cool concept with a Chimera shifter, part lion, part dragon. Here’s In Like a Lion:

And for a very unusal live action, Tina Folsom‘s trailer for her Scanguards Vampire Series is hot, hot, hot!

And just one more to round out to the magical number three. Shadow of Time by Jen Minkman. An interesting mix of live action shots and stills. Love the eyes in here.

What do you love about trailers? What do you wish you could see? Do you ever look for them on Youtube?

I’m always looking for new paranormal romance trailers, so leave a link here in the comments if you have a cool one and I’ll check it out!


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3 responses to “Hot New Trailers for Spring!

  1. karinshah

    Thanks for including my trailer, Jessica!:-)

  2. I love trailer day! I was entertained by all three.

    • I know authors don’t see direct sales from trailers, but I love them. They are books come to life, any author and reader’s dream and I’ll keep posting them as long as they continue to make them! 🙂

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