Snow and the Seventh Wolf Trailer

Thursdays Bite

It’s out! Snow and the Seventh Wolf trailer is here!

I love book trailers! As many of you know I’ve featured them here several times. In fact below are the links if you would like to see some amazing trailers. I’ve been wanting to do a book trailer for some time and when the opportunity came up to do one with the cover artist for Snow and the Seventh Wolf, I took advantage of it. I wasn’t sure what would be required when I did this, but Lex Valentine of Winterheart Designs is a professional and she did all the work. All I had to do was provide my blurb and a little information and she put the whole thing together.

So, without any more hoop-la, here it is!

You are welcome to like it, share it, spread the news! And as for those other posts with all those other trailers, here are just a few:

Let me know what you think about my book trailer. Have you ever created your own book trailer or slide show? Are you as freaked out about the process as I am? What are your favorite book trailers?Leave me the links so I can check them out!

And don’t forget that Snow and the Seventh Wolf is finally out and ready for purchase. Click HERE for a list of sites.


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15 responses to “Snow and the Seventh Wolf Trailer

  1. I love the trailer. Especially the music. Who was that?

  2. Really cool “snowy” background and the music is perfect for this book! Great job

  3. It’s snowing outside my window, but even with the fire, the scene is not as captivating as your trailer, or your story line, Jessica.

  4. Very nice, Jessica. I’ve never done a book trailer, just a slideshow on my website with my own photos, words and no music. Who was the singer in your trailer?

    • I think Sherry and Brinda have done their own trailers. I’m not that brave yet, but I think maybe I’ll get there. As I learn more and more technology things get easier! The band is Flyleaf. I should look them up and do a feature on them because it is very cool music!

  5. Hey, Jessica, this looks very professional and intriguing but what do I know? I’ve never done a book trailer. Good for you. Just assume I’m right and it’s awesome. Good Luck with Snow!

  6. Well done, Jessica. It looks great! As you know, I tried my hand at a book trailer for Rhapsody using Camtasia Studio and Second Life. It took forever, but was fun. I now have a son putting together video for his college program, if I can talk him into stepping away from sports for a minute toward romance, I may have another trailer one day.
    Can’t wait to read about Snow’s adventures in the woods!

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