Goals post #3

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Now on to the real post!

January is my traditional time for reviewing and setting goals. On New Year’s Eve I posted last year’s goals and showed you how I did. Click here for Goals Past and Present to see my 2012 goals and how well I did on hitting them. (Okay, I didn’t hit them all!)

 Check out the post Changing Goals for the New Year  for advice on setting goals and discover my own goal-setting pitfalls.

Today I’m posting my goals for 2013, but I have to add a caveat. I’ve already changed my goals several times since the beginning of the month. It’s taken me almost the entire month to quit waffling on where I want to go and how to get there, but I think I’m finally set on where this year is taking me.

Jessica Aspen Goals for 2013

Overall Organizational Goals: 

  1. Continue to set and review monthly goals, set daily goals based on monthly goals
  2. Write five days per week, 3 hours per day
  3. Goal is 3k/day
  4. and edit 15-20 pages per day
  5. Keep up with personal site, blog 2 days a week
  6. Self-publishing class in January (taking a fabulous class on Author EMS with  Amy Atwell and Kelli Finger!)
  7. Tax class in February from Colorado Romance Writers.
  8. Market 1-2 hours per day
  9. Attend CRW Writing Retreat in September 

Writing Goals 

  1. Finish editing Goldi and the Bear by January 18th
  2. Polish Goldi and the Bear  by January 30th
  3. Write rough draft of B&B (second book in TQH series)
  4. Edit rough draft of B&B
  5. Start thinking about 3rd book in  TQH series
  6. Outline 3rd book in TQH series
  7. Superhero goals: Edit BW and outline first book in that series

Marketing Goals 

  1. Submit Goldi and the Bear to PIP by January 30th
  2. Decide what to do with HH Novellas
  3. Continue to submit TQH
  4. Market all books (Little Red. S&S. Goldi)
  5. Enter Little Red in  contests
  6. Enter TQH into contests
  7. Increase presence on Goodreads
  8. Work on All Romance Exposure
  9. Figure out how to increase presence on reader sites/loops

So that’s it. I’ve slimmed my goals down and streamlined my writing goals. B&B will be written this year, I’ve put it off long enough. And I’m excited to be releasing Snow and the Seventh Wolf this month. Check out Thursday’s post for details and how you can win a review copy.

How are your goals for the year? Have you set them? It’s not too late, I don’t think it’s ever too late. 🙂

Want to see where my blog tour has been this week? Check out the entire list HERE and find out!



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10 responses to “Goals post #3

  1. Looks awesome, Jessica!
    One question. What is B and B? A liqueur? Haha! No really what is that title?

  2. My goals for 2013?

    Have two books to pitch at Nationals, get my abs back, get back on my cardio workout routine, and set up regular blog posts.

    Me thinks those lack the all important specificity. Forsooth

    I will put specificity to those today this week.

    • Great goals, and simple.I should have added KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) to my last post on goals when setting SMART goals because if you only have a few goals it makes it much easier to achieve. Go get those abs!

      I did not address my personal workout goals on this post. Why? Because it was long enough. I could do a whole post on the hunt for my abs! 🙂

  3. You are so right, Jessica. It’s never too late to set goals. Key is to keep track regularly, revise when necessary, and shape activities to meet the goals.

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