Every Christmas Celebration is Unique

Merry Christmas and Happy Monday Mania!

snowmen nativity

Not everyone’s family is the same. No two Christmas celebrations are identical. No matter what the media would have you believe.

At our house we have two Christmas’s, Christmas Day with Jeff’s family and Christmas Eve with mine. Christmas with my family is  twenty plus people at the table and  two rounds of the rambunctious white elephant gift exchange topped off by the yule log (yum!).

Christmas at Jeff’s house is calmer. Only seven of us, sometimes a friend who has no family in town and individual presents. It’s calm and peaceful and we top it off with a traditional dinner at the table, candles and all. And desert varies. (I believe this year we are having pumpkin pie, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone sneaks in a chocolate cream pie too!)

Two different Christmas styles, but we love them both. Not every party can be a nutcracking free for all. We’d be exhausted! And what’s important for us is we get to spend it with family.

No matter what your family looks like, if it’s made up of the family you chose or the family who have to take you in, I wish you all a safe and happy holiday with the ones you love.

There have been some terrific Christmas blogs this year so take some time and make sure you’ve hit the best!

Start off with Jenny Hansen’s More Cowbell and check out all the Holiday Yum she’s had cooking all month. From candy’s to cookies, Jenny and her pals have it covered. Oh, and if you are into more than just recipes, scroll back through some of Jenny’s posts. She is a very funny gal and makes me LOL all the time!

Kristen Lamb is another funny gal who always has something informative to say, check out her Holiday Style Post HERE.

Lizzie T. Leaf has been celebrating December with the Wenches of Words. If you’d like some new reading this holiday, HERE is the link. My choice for Christmas reading is Holley Trent and her new novella Mrs. Roth’s Merry Christmas. Gotta love a paranormal Christmas!

And if you’ve stopped here, let me know what makes your Christmas unique? And yes, that really is my nativity set. How could I resist a snowmen nativity with jewels in their bellies? Could you?


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10 responses to “Every Christmas Celebration is Unique

  1. Frohliche Weihnachten, Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas, Jessica!

  2. You sweet girl…thanks for the mention. 🙂

    Merry Christmas!!

  3. I enjoy the different Christmas celebrations that we have. We have one for my side of the family and two for my husband’s side. We always host one of those for my DH’s family. I complain beforehand about the cooking, etc., but afterwards it’s worth it.

    • Cooking for so many celebrations is a ton of work. But I’m with you, it’s well worth it. This year at our Xmas eve celebration we decided to go with all appetizers, so we finished two hours earlier than normal! We still had the Yule log though!

  4. Jessica, I used to think Christmas had to be like a Norman Rockwell painting, and somehow, year after year, no matter how I tried, our Christmases never ‘measured up’. Now, I am ready for Christmas. Ready even if all the gifts aren’t bought, ready even if the turkey hasn’t defrosted, ready even if the tinsel is stuck to the cat, because those details aren’t important. I refuse to stress over the season, it will be what it will be, and if I can have a day to sit in my jammies with my family and remember why this day, of all days, is special to us, then that is all I need.
    Hope you are having a terrific holiday.

    • Merry Christmas Sherry! Love the image of a tinsel covered cat, that would have mine spinning in circles. 🙂
      Sounds like you’ve hit the magic of the holidays on the head, it’s not all about the trappings and bows. Family, friends and that Christmas spirit.
      Happy Holidays!

  5. Thanks for the shout-out!

    (See how far behind I am? Good thing catching up isn’t a resolution of mine.)

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