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It’s over! JumpMy first Nanowrimo. And it was a pretty interesting experience. I was pretty sure that working full time during November was going to mean I would not hit the 50k mark, but what I didn’t know was how close I could have gotten.

Now, before you get too excited, my total word count was 21,588 total words written on my ms during November. Not even close to fifty thousand. But about 14,000 of those words were written in the very last week. Imagine if I’d been able to apply myself the entire month the way I did at the end. And I could have.

I could have gone to the coffee shop two nights a week and the library one day on the weekend and I think that would have made the difference. So I’m going to try again. Even if I work full time next year, I’m going to try for the whole shebang. I think I can do it.

This past week I have written a minimum of 3,000 words every day. And some days it was very hard. But other days I ended up surpassing my daily goal and it wasn’t difficult. So I’m going to try to keep up that kind of speed all year.

Will I hit 3,000 words every day. No, I know I won’t. But it’s going to be my new word count goal, when I’m not working. And when I am working? I’m not sure yet. I have until March to decide, so we’ll see how it goes.

And as for my 21,588?

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It wasn’t 50k. It wasn’t my goal of 30k, that I thought I set as my goal while I worked. But it is 21,588 more words than I wrote last November. And I learned I could write during November and while I worked. So I’m happy.

Have you ever set a goal that you didn’t meet, but you will still satisfied with the results. Do you get down on yourself when you miss a goal, or do you look for what you can use from the experience? Does it make a difference if you expected to hit the goal?

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12 responses to “Nanowrimo Wrap-up

  1. That is amazing, Jessica! I am so proud of you. Next year I’m going to do NaNo as well. As you know I opted out this year because of my show, a good decision as I didn’t want to lost what little mind I have left! But these days I am so pumped because I did meet my revision/query goals easily. Having goals means I get more work done. Who knew? Well, I did but sometimes I choose to drift. Congrats on your hard November work!

  2. Wow. 14,000 words is amazing. I do miss some goals. Defintely.

    • That was a pretty amazing week! It just goes to show what you can do when you really put your mind to it. And when you prioritize. Making the goal the most important thing, like you do with Nano, makes a huge difference.

  3. Congratulations, Jessica! What a great last week. I hit 3k several times but not all in a row! You’ve got next year in the bag!

    • We’ll see! If I work it will still be a struggle, but at least this year showed me it can be done. I just need to stay focused. Then I too will be a Nanowrimo Winner. Just like you!

  4. You were challenged, Jessica, and you rose to that challenge. No law that says you can’t personalize the challenge, or, look at it this way, would you have hit that word count without taking on the challenge this month?

    NaNo showed you what you’re made of, and you are made of strong, creative stuff. Forget the woulda coulda shoulda, and embrace the ‘I did’.

    Each day is a challenge, and you met November head on. Go, girl.

    • Thanks for the cheerleading, Sherry! I do feel good about it. And given the first and last weeks, I now know I actually could do it. That’s pretty good. I’ve always not attempted it because I assumed I couldn’t do the whole thing while I worked. I’m always telling my kids not to decide that they can’t do things, maybe they can. Maybe I can!

  5. Congrats. You did good 🙂

  6. stlaurec

    Your word count is nothing to sneer at. It’s fabulous. I’m proud for you. Any progress is good progress.

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