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I’ve started Nanwrimo this week and I’ll be posting my progress on my NEWS page. And just to make it fun I’ve started a counter to keep track of my progress. Here’s what it looked like on day one, Thursday, before I had written a word.

And here’s what it looks like now that I’ve been writing for five days! (IN case you can’t figure it out, this is the “shocked” look.)

If you are curious as to where I am and what I’m feeling as I go through the NANOWRIMO process, just check the meter!

Oh, and if you want a meter for yourself (and I know all of you do!) the code is on the Writertopia page HERE. Thanks peeps at Writertopia!

spreadsheet from jamie raintree

Another terrific way I’ve been keeping track of my wordcount all year is the amazing spreadsheet by Jamie Raintree. Jamie has done what I (in my Excel inept fashion) would never be able to do. She not only put together a year long spread sheet with a calendar and space for mulitple projects that does all the math. It looks fantastic too!

Here is another picture. I’m hoping she does this again for 2013 because I certainly don’t have the know how. If she does I’ll post the link for you, but in the meantime Jamie has some fantastic writer helps. And if you want to check out some free quality women’s fiction, she also regularly posts her writing. The Stretch Mark Club rocks!
How do you track your writing? Do you have any fun tricks up your sleeve like Jamie or the peopple at Writertopia?


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12 responses to “Discover Progress! and how to track it

  1. I’ve made attempts at tracking progress, but the trick seems to be sticking with the tracking, as well as sticking with the writing. Funny how that works.

  2. When I read this on my iPad this morning, I was excited, Jessica. Imagine! Another tool for organizing and I’m an organizing freak. I just now got back to writing a comment but you can take the fact that I came back to your blog at the end of the day as a sign I loved this post. Thanks so much!

    • Ah, another cyber-sister moment! Sometimes I think I’d rather be organizing than doing anything else. Not that I’m that organized, I’m not, but I love the process of new notebooks and files and spreadsheets.

  3. Holley Trent

    How do I track my writing?

    *giggle fit*

    Okay, no–for real. I have this notebook, right? And every day I write down whatever my word count goal is (whether it be 1,667 or 3,000 – whatever.). I subdivide that into easily digestible blocks of 500, and after I pass each little hurdle, I scratch it off the page. That as much tracking as I do.

    I have no idea how many words I’ve written this year, but I can give a very approximate guess of how many I’ve *contracted*. Of course, that doesn’t count all the R&Rs, the pieces I’m currently working on, and the ones I’m laughing too hard at to submit anywhere.

    • Hey, it works for you! I can’t use paper, I have too many notebooks, and I lose them. Right now I’m trying to figure out a way to organize my notebooks. The spreadsheet stays in its file. And it does all the calculating for me. I know you have written tons this year, so stick with your system. It works!

  4. I’m so glad you’ve found the spreadsheet useful and thank you so much for sharing it! I do have plans to make one for 2013 and as long as people still use it so look for that on my blog next month. 🙂

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