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It’s November first, and I’m going into Nanowrimo hibernation this month, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see me around. I’ll reappear in December like I usually do, even without attempting Nano, November tends to be a busy month. But I’m going to continue to keep up with the blogging. At least that is my intention.

So to celebrate last night’s Halloween I’m  sharing some of my favorite items from my house. I think someday I would love a house as interesting as the Adams family mansion, where everything you look at was collected by someone interesting, and everything tells a story.

A few weeks ago I blogged on being a mermaid and where you could obtain a real mermaids tail to make your dream come true. If you missed it click HERE. I didn’t just discover that you could purchase a mermaid tail, I read about it in my local paper- The Daily Camera.

Jessica Aspen's Magic Want

It’s amazing to me the variety of stories our paper comes up with. In preparation for Halloween they also ran an article about where you could obtain a real wooden wand. Not a plastic wand from a toy store, but the kind that is made especially for you. That article is HERE.

Yes it’s true. In the town of Lyons, a few miles away from where I live, you can obtain a real wooden magic wand.

But I don’t need to.

I already have a magic wand and it was made especially for me by my brother-in-law. Just like in Harry Potter he carefully chose the type of wood, walnut. And he even hand crafted the box.

Isn’t it gorgeous.

Handcrafted just for me by the wizard of wood himself, my very own wand.

Green glass ball on creepy tree stand

And as if that isn’t enough, I have my very own magic (not so crystal) ball. Actually I have a few of these, but I love the colors swirling around this one. It makes it really look magical, especially perched on my latest pillar stand.

I love Halloween and I hate to pack away the decorations, especially since so many of them are real works of art. Several years ago I started collecting decorations that are not plastic or orange, although I still have lots of those. Some of these stay out all year and I think my new creepy tree pillar stand may have to do that this year. Why not?

Dragon with crystal ballAnother interesting thing about my house is that I am not the only collector. My husband loves dragons. And gargoyles. I used to fight it. People will think it’s weird. The neighbors, the children’s friends, his mother. But I’ve given up. Now I just enjoy them. So to close out this spooky season, here’s one of my favorite dragons.

Oh, and is that another “crystal” ball? Thanks mom for that one!

Maybe someday I’ll have the mansion with the secret passageways to match, but meanwhile I’m enjoying leaving a little Gothic around the house all year long.

Do you have any decorations you hate to put away? Something unusual that doesn’t scream “I live in the suburbs”? What about Christmas decorations, or other holidays? What can’t you bear to put away?


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12 responses to “Waving Your Magic Wand

  1. Good luck with NaMno, Jessica! And I love your Gothic glimpses. They seem to go with a twister of fairy tales. Make that a Great twister!

    • 🙂 Great Twister! “Let’s twist again,like we did last summer.”
      Someday I’ll have a whole castle! Meanwhile you have to hunt through the suburban clutter for the treasure. Nanoing tonight while I wait at the dentist for my DD. Luckily there is an Sbux next door!

  2. Go get ’em, Jessica!

    Loved the scary Gargoyle, magic wand and crystal ball pics.

    Yes, I have a favorite season. And, yes I leave a bit of it around the house all year ’round. Christmas. I decorate early and intentionally select at least two items that will remain throughout the year.

    That’s why you write Twisted Tales and I write…

    Hmmm. Not YET making the connection between humor, steam, romance and Christmas. I’ll get back to you on that one.

    • Hey, Christmas is a top selling category in romance. Read this months RWR and you’ll see. It and vampires both get their own category, so we could do worse than write something about Christmas. Funny, steamy, and Christmas? I think we may have just found your niche! Me? I’ll leave the vampire Christmas to Heidi Betts, she does a very nice job!

  3. I love gargoyles, Jessica. Last year I bought DH a metal-crafted dragon to go with the medieval sword (replica) above our fireplace. Far more conversational than a mirror – unless it’s a magic mirror, of course.

    That wand is gorgeous, and to be handcrafted especially for you makes it all the more special. Lovely.

    I would love to have a crystal ball. Now that would be a conversation starter.. or stopper!

  4. I love all your magical items. I think we too often worry about displaying things that might brand us to visitors as an oddity. Now that I’m older, I try to embrace everything different in my tastes. It is very cool that you have a handcrafted magic wand. That makes me smile.

    • I feel like that too. Now I know that all the visitors to my house already think I’m odd. Or their odd too! It’s one of the things I love about hanging around with paranormal romance writers. Or romance writers in general. Writers are such eccentric people!

  5. Hi Jessica!

    I love Halloween. I’m not much for decoration – unless I’m throwing a party. But I do love to dress up. Vampire is my favorite costume. Different ones: the gothic vampire, like Dracula, or the naughty vampire, like Pam in TB, or a simple everyday vampire wearing jeans and a T. I have a wicked pair of fangs, silver, that show only when I smile. They’re awesome.

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