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Please welcome my guest author, Cera duBois. Cera is one of the many successful authors I’ve met via my GAIM goal setting loop and I’m excited to have her on the blog today and to introduce you to her dark paranormal romances about werewolves.

Have you ever considered the difference between a werewolf and a shifter?

I like good old-fashioned werewolves. I’ve read many books with shifters in. I’m reading one right now. Nina Pierce’s Bonded by Need. It’s not that I don’t enjoy shifters, I just prefer werewolves. And not the Twilight kind either. Stephenie Myer may have called Jacob a werewolf, but he’s really a wolf shifter.

So, you’re asking what’s the difference. Shifters are humans who can change into an animal. This could be a wolf, or cougar or any other animal. They can usually do this anytime they chose. It’s usually a genetic thing and has nothing to do with being bitten or cursed by another shifter.

But werewolves are different. They can only change during the full moon. I like that usually they are cursed, whether it’s like the Lycan in the Underworld movies through bad genetics or by Satan. Because of this, werewolves are usually more sinister. And if they are the hero or heroine, as in the case of Brigit Wolfe from my latest release A Hunter’s Blade, they usually are tortured and have to fight to be good because it’s so against their natures.

In A Hunter’s Blade, Brigit is this kind of werewolf. She doesn’t want to kill humans, and hadn’t for a century, but now as humans are being killed by “animal attacks” in her tiny Colorado mountain town of Silver Creek during the full moons, she’s wondering if she’s the killer. Born the first child of an ancient Transylvanian pack, she was destined to be an alpha, but fate intervened and vampire master Lucas Pomeroy, the same vampire who devised the code that prevents vamps and werewolves from killing humans, had killed her pack. Brigit family goes back several thousand years to a mating between the demon hellhound Lykos and a human woman, Meci the Neuri priestess to their moon goddess.

Lykos wanted their many children to be immortal human-devouring wolves, which horrified Meci who was human. She called upon her moon goddess to intervene. The goddess called upon a compromise. She allowed Lykos to have his flesh-eating wolves, but only while the moon was full. He wasn’t pleased, but he agreed if he was allowed to bestow upon his children the gift of immortality and the ability to create slaves from humans by turning them into werewolves through a bite while in wolf form. These slaves would do the bidding of the Lykan, his descendants. She allowed it and the lesser wolves were created. So, there are two kinds of werewolves in my story—the born Lykan and the made lesser wolves.

I actually used some historical fact in creating this “history”. The Neuri was a European tribe that inhabited most of Eastern Russia to the Carpathian Mountains about a thousand years before Christ. The Greeks believed these mysterious people would turn into wolves during the full moon once a year.

So, which do you like—the shifter or the werewolf—and why?


 a hunters angel by cera du boisA Hunter’s Angel, Book 1 of The Hunter’s Dagger Series

 The serial killer stalking Clayton, Pennsylvania, isn’t all that has Chief of Police Grace Wallace worried. For a year, she’s tried to forget Special Agent Ian McHenry and now he’s the expert the FBI sent to catch the killer. She can’t stay away from him, but something primal is telling her to run to save much more than just her heart. Despite the strict code of ethics Ian vowed to follow as a vampire hunter, he craves Grace’s blood above all others. If he chooses to stay, Ian risks losing his chance at divine forgiveness. But if he leaves Grace unprotected from the evil he’s hunted for over a century, he loses more than just his soul…


Part of Grace desperately wanted to look up, and a bigger part of her dreaded this moment. She couldn’t hide for long. After all, she was in charge of this shindig.

Standing, Grace sucked in a fortifying breath and rubbed her sweaty palms together. Everyone stood respectfully when she moved from around the table to the front of the room. “Please. Be seated.” 

Determined not to look at the woman and three men standing off to the left, she stared straight ahead. Her heart raced, and her scalp itched where perspiration gathered. “In order to better protect the citizens of our communities, I called this meeting to ensure we’re all on the same page regarding the investigation of the murders. Although I’ve been in contact with all of you since the first murder, four weeks ago, and have led the investigation, the FBI has sent a crack team of experts to assist us in hunting down the murderer.” Her voice betrayed nothing, but her mouth was dryer than the dog days of a Pennsylvania August. “Special Agent in Charge Ian McHenry?”

She looked at Ian and her heart stuttered over a beat. How could he be so calm and act as if nothing had happened between them?

How could he lead her on? Hadn’t the chemistry between them been instant and intense enough for them to throw caution and office taboos out the proverbial window?

 Did he forget all those times they’d gone out for drinks and dancing? They’d spent weekends antiquing the countryside of Chester County. He’d taken her horseback riding at his magnificent country estate he’d inherited from his uncle. What about the beautiful necklace he’d given to her for Christmas, had it meant nothing?

He’d always been such an old-fashioned gentleman and seemed interested in her as a person and not just for sex. She fell so deeply in love with him it hurt. Had it all been a ploy to get her into bed for a one-night stand?

 Why did you leave me?


 The muscles in Ian’s back tensed as Grace’s silent question ricocheted around his head as if she’d screamed it at him. He forced a smile and looked around the room. “Thank you, Chief Wallace. I’d like to thank all of you for coming today to meet with us. Now to introduce my colleagues.”

 With a gesture of his hand, Ian indicated an attractive, thirty-something, dark-haired woman and the dark-skinned, younger man. “This is Dr. Beth Otto and her assistant, Mark Hazelton. They will be working closely with Coroner Swartz. They both specialize in forensic pathology.” He then pointed toward a tall man dressed as Ian in dark pants, shirt and blazer. “And this is Special Agent Brad Morris. He and I will be working closely with the rest of you.”

Ian let Beth take the first round of discussion. An excellent medical examiner, she had worked with him and Brad for the past four years. Now was one of those times, he wished she wasn’t part of his team. She was extremely hard to fool. She’d never discovered anything that pointed to a vampire, and even if she had, her scientific mind would discredit it. But Ian always had a harder time coming up with reasons for the inconsistencies when things didn’t add up.

 Available Everywhere E-books are sold:

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 a hunters blade by cera du boisA Hunter’s Blade, Book 2 of The Hunter’s Dagger Series

Brigit Wolfe, a born werewolf, hasn’t killed a human in over a hundred years, although now, she wonders if the animal attacking people in Silver Creek, Colorado, isn’t her. But she might have bigger problems when her cowboy neighbor, Austin Calhoun, ambles into her bar. Austin hasn’t been a vampire for long, but he is determined to prove to himself that he’s worthy of his hunter’s dagger. Brigit’s rare beauty and blade-sharp tongue enchants him. She ignites a passion he thought was dead, but is she the killer his master sent him to destroy? During Austin’s investigation regarding Brigit’s involvement in the deaths, an old crime surfaces connected to her human best friend. These two immortal enemies have to join forces to solve the mystery before someone else dies. But can they survive the heat of their own desire?


“Why don’t you enlighten me?”

She glowered at him for several moments. Then she closed her eyes and spoke in a language he didn’t understand. Before he knew it, a fire sparked to life in the old stone hearth across the room. A second later, he flew out of his chair and shoved hard against the edge of the bar behind him.

He struggled against the invisible restrains, but she’d taken him completely off guard. He was powerless to break free.

Standing, she kicked the chair to the side and stalked toward him. She could kill him right here and now, but…holy hell, she was damned sexy.

She stopped in front of him and growled, “Let’s get something established about werewolves. There are two kinds. The lesser wolves who are made. And the Lykan who are born. I’m not one of the degenerates. I was born a Lykan in 1647. The first child of Valeriu and Elena. I’m an alpha and you are nothing more than a fledgling just hatched.”

He broke free of her power by drawing on his own. When he moved toward her, Austin held his hands to his side, ready to grab the special knife he had sheathed inside his jacket. His fangs had long ago descended ready for a fight. “I don’t really give a flying fuck whether you were made, born, or hatched.”

When the energy of her power touched him again, he pulled the knife, and the silver blade caught the dim light of the fire in the hearth when he opened the long switchblade. “I want to know if you’re the one preying on these people.”

Her eyes widened and she backed up a step as he approached. “I told you I didn’t attack those humans. I haven’t killed a mortal in over a hundred years. How many innocents have you snacked on tonight? How many of them did you want to kill?”

“I don’t hurt my prey,” he said through clenched teeth and held her icy gaze. He’d never let her know battling the beast within every feeding was the hardest thing he’d ever done.

After forcing himself to take a deep breath, he lowered the knife and released some of the tension zinging through his body. “If you didn’t kill those people then you have nothing to worry about. Best way to figure out who did is by working together.” He put the silver blade away, and his fangs retracted.

“What do you have planned?”

He didn’t miss the slight quiver in her voice. He should finish all this right here and now so he could get back to Ireland and whatever life he’d scraped together, but something needled him into doing a thorough investigation.

“We begin with you telling me everything you remember from those nights you became the big, bad wolf.”

Available now at Amazon and everywhere January 2, 2013.


I’m also having a giveaway!

One Lucky poster will be picked to receive a custom designed bead set (necklace and earrings). So make sure you LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS in your post! And Jessica will be giving away one copy of either Hunter’s Blade or Hunter’s Angel, so you have the opportunity to win twice!

cera du boisBio:

Cera duBois has a strong belief in never giving up on your dreams…

Although Cera was unable to read due to dyslexia and a learning disability until she was in the fourth grade, she always had a story to tell. She wrote her first novel in eleventh grade when she had to keep a journal for her academic English class. Since her life was far from exciting growing up as a farm girl in West Central Pennsylvania, she decided to rely on her imagination to give her something to write about. Over the course of the school year, she wrote a tangled romance set in the Deep South during the Civil War.  Becoming an author was her ultimate dream. Despite holding a BS in secondary social studies education from Penn State University, she currently works full-time as a medical secretary. A mother of a teenage son and pre-teen daughter, she lives near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, with her husband of nearly 20 years. If she isn’t sitting in a quiet corner with her laptop, warm days will find her in the English garden surrounding her house. Cera loves to read and is interested in history, romance, science fiction and the paranormal. She also writes contemporary Westerns under her real name of Sara Walter Ellwood.

 Website Links:

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15 responses to “Shifters VS Werewolves and Cera duBois #Giveaway

  1. Jessica, I’m back!

    I don’t have much of a preference for either werewolf or shifter, Cera. But I do have a preference for a well-crafted story.

    The wonderful thing about fiction in general and paranormal in particular is, the writer can be creative with their characters, their paranormal characteristics, and their world-building. That said, I do appreciate when history is used as a backdrop to forming their world and those characters who occupy it. Reality makes a wonderful base from which one can concoct a most delicious read.

  2. Thanks so much for having me, Jessica! And Sherry, I totally agree about a well crafted story makes a world of difference. I’m a former social studies teacher who dabbled for years in writing historicals, but never found the right story to tell, so history is important to me. I love mixing actual history in my paranormals… Even Bible miyth and stories.

  3. Of the two – I prefer the third option – human. But that’s just me.


    I have to say that I really like shifters and werewovles. But I also really like vampires. So when they are all in the same series, then my day is made. But it also has to make some sense. I’ve read some with all of them in it that should never have been written.

    • I totally agree! I use a lot of Bible myth in this series and both Vampires and Werewolves were created by demons. In A Hunter’s Blade, I make mention of the jealousy between Lykos, who created the werewolves with his human lover, and Asmodi, the demon who created the vampires in hopes of killing Moses….. But when Satan got worried that Lykos was creating an army of werewolves, he sent Asmodi (who is a Incubus) to seduce Lykos’s lover. Lykos kills his lover in a fit of rage and curses Asmodi’s vampires enternal strife with his children–thus the reason weres and vamps don’t get along.

  5. Any paranormal story gets my interest Cera, and when the creatures are different or interesting, I’m hooked!

  6. jovialvampyre

    I only realized the difference between werewolves and shifters 5 or 6 years ago. Until then I thought they were all alike. I love them all so if I had to pick what I’d be I think it would be a shifter. Thank you so much.

  7. I have read few books where the person would be considered a werewolf compared to all that I have where the characters are shifters. I think I lean more towards liking shifters because they can be other animals and can shift at will. The werewolf stories I have read always though draw me in right away.

    tiffanykrepps @ gmail . com

  8. I think I’d like shifter’s better. There’s an element of control. But a wounded hero werewolf? Hmmm, could be pretty amazing too since he has no control. Great blog to get us thinking!

  9. Some really great discussion here. Thanks for stopping by, everyone!!

  10. Both books sound fantastic, Cera, nice one. I’m intrigued. Personally, if I were to be either shifter or werewolf, I’d go for shifter anyday. Just think of being able to fly to the shops when you need to, or being able to get out of the city in a few leaps. Sigh. Why amn’t I a shifter anyway? LOL

  11. I think I prefery shifters, but I do love me a good werewolf story too. Hmmm. Now I’m unsure! LOL. If its a good story and I love the characters, I’ll take either.

  12. Hum, shifters or werewolf, or Sam or Alcide. Tough choice. I like them both, they provide me with a magical reading moment. Gotta love them!

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