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We’re on a second season of Grimm, and I’m thrilled. I wasn’t too sure when the show first started (Check out my post on Will Grimm Survive? HERE), but I’m a fan now.

My main complaint last season was that the hero, Nick Burkhardt played by David Guintoli, had no depth. He just wasn’t dark enough for the show. Too nice, too good looking, too naive. It was tough to believe him as a homicide detective, let alone as the alpha male to take on all the supernatural beasties. But they’ve developed him nicely. He’s accumulating secrets, and has developed some street smarts. He’s still not a tough guy, he just misses the mark. But he is now a more believable character and I love tuning in.

The show has fantastic make-up artists, and I love the German themes that flow through the show. They’ve made a real effort to not only include the Grimm Brothers fairytales, but they have a dark forest feel to the entire set. Everyone lives in a lovely jewel of a craftsman home, with exposed beams and stained glass. While that may not be realistic, it helps set the cottage in the woods feel of the show. And they’ve developed some nice secondary sub-plots with my favorite character, Monroe; the clock-maker vegetarian reformed Blutbad (read werewolf). Even Hank, Nick’s detective partner, is growing in depth. And of course the main mystery of the show, the prince disguised as the police captain, is tantalizingly being developed.

Will Grimm survive? This season for sure. If it were up to me, it would get a third season. I’m thoroughly enjoying this season’s character arcs and story development. But I loved the Dresden Files and the mainstream network cut those. Who can guess what motivates the execs?

Do you watch Grimm? What about Once Upon a Time? I love the twisted fairy tales and I’m thrilled they are in the mainstream. Just curious about how long they’ll stay. What do you think?


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15 responses to “Grimm Suvivial

  1. I leave it to twisted paranormal and clever minds like yours to deliver my fix of all things supernatural. You asked. I answer. No. I don’t watch either of those — simply because they haven’t come onto my radar screen.

    When I watch television, it’s typically shows like The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, and Criminal Minds.

    YIKES! Does that mean I like laughing with nerds and watching real world based mayhem? Hmmmm….

    I’m ready for my next twisted fairy tale twist, Jessica. When?? Hunh? When??

    • January 2013 Snow and the Seventh Wolf should be out. I’m getting excited!

      I watch those shows too, not Criminal Minds though. I only made it through two seasons of serial killers before I’d had enough. But I love Gibbs! And I watch all the other CSI shows (not Miami, they got too stupid). Love the crime shows too!

  2. I don’t watch those, either, and am with Gloria–you’re my paranormal, twisted fix (and Sharon Clare). For the rest I look for tv shows that are intelligent and not too violent. Used to love Criminal Minds but opted out because it got too bloody horrible. Not in the characters or acting but in the story lines. I just didn’t want to watch that nasty stuff all the time.
    We just found Alaska, have watched a few shows on Netflix and like it so far. Loved Life but it was cut after 2 seasons. At least they didn’t leave us hanging with the story lines when they cut it.
    I’m with you, Jessica. Sometimes I wonder what the networks are thinking. Loved Grey’s Anatomy but got so frustrated with loud music drowning out the dialogue we stopped watching. Actors used to be taught to enunciate but that, too, is often lacking. How’s that for a rant???

    • Yep, Criminal Minds definitely got to be too much for me. I’ve never watched Alaska or Life, but I do keep up with Grey’s Anatomy. I enjoy it and the music doesn’t bother me, but I do have that problem when I go to the movie theater, or sometimes when we bring movies home. I also enjoy the Mentalist and Perception (kind of a copy of the Mentalist, but interesting). But Once Upon a Time is my favorite this season. We’ll see when Justified comes back on. Love those dark alpha heros.

  3. I watch both. Last season I would find myself going back and forth about which was my favorite. This season I find I look forward to Grimm more than Once Upon a Time. Monroe is my favorite character as well. They have already packed so much into this season. I am anxiously waiting to see what will happen between Nick and Juliette once she comes face to face with Captain Renard. Although it was spell induced, the man became pure of heart to wake her from her coma with a kiss. I think that storyline is a ticking time time.

  4. stlaurec

    I started watching Once Upon A Time on Netflix. I liked. I’m not up for The Grimms yet.

    Beauty And The Beast is getting a revival also on the CW. I loved that show in the eighties.

    • Definitely loved Beauty and the Beast in the 80’s, which is why we DVR’d the show. I have yet to watch the new one, but it is waiting for me! Maybe this weekend. I need to check to make sure we did a series recording and not just the one show, otherwise I could be very sad. Hope it’s a good one. That is one of the original Paranormal Romances for sure!

  5. I got into Grimm about mid-season so I have no idea what happened in the early episodes which left me someone confused about the overriding story arc. I think it’s a really well-conceptualized show with the way they tie in to these little-known legends, but I agree with you about the protagonist miscasting. I’m not going to catch up to season 2 until I go back and watch the early season 1 episodes.

    • It is pretty complex for someone to just be jumping in now. I have that problem with some of the other series around. I keep meaning to watch Supernatural, but I am many seasons behind. Time to borrow Hillary’s DVD for season one and catch up!

      • One of the things that I thought was terrific about Once Upon A Time was that the first show this season caught you up on all the previous story lines. Very helpful!

  6. I’ve never watched Grimm. Sounds interesting though. Thanks for pointing it out, Jessica.
    I don’t watch much TV, but recently watched the entire first season of The Newsroom back to back. Excellent series. I also did that with Game of Thrones. I love watching without commercials.

    • I am also behind on Game of Thrones, another one I should borrow someone’s DVD of and catch up. It is exactly the kind of show I love. Maybe someday we’ll get netflix and I’ll watch all of them. 🙂

  7. I watch both but find GRIMM to be by far the better of the two shows. I am so impressed with the make-up seeing as it’s a TV show.

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