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National Novel Writing Month. It’s coming up and this year I am at least signed up. Crazy, I know. I’m working full time for at least three of the weeks in November, and there is a good possibility I’ll have edits for my upcoming novella Snow and the Seventh Wolf, but I’m still going to try. Here are some of the things I’m doing to prep.

1. Informing my family that I will be crazy.

What Should I Be For Halloween?

This is number one on my list. Making sure my husband knows I will not be responsible for any food preparation, laundry, or cleaning of the kitchen counters, once November strikes.

2. Storing up on coffee, chocolate and wine.

I hear that stimulants are the way to go, but since I won’t be shopping I need to be sure the house has coffee, and lots of it. But I’ve also heard that for those late nights, when the brain has turned off, the only thing that really keeps those words flying on the page is wine. So I’m heading to the liquor store. Once again, not shopping during November.

3. This not shopping thing is going to blow my Christmas prep all to hell.

So be it. I will not be the crazy woman at the stores on Black Friday, if I have to have something, I’m sending the husband. Alone. If you’ll be in our area and shopping that day, be prepared for an insane man with a long list and an attitude. I’ll be home with the wine.

4. Did I mention the chocolate?

Chocolate HeartsI think I’ll head to Costco for a bulk package of Nano Chocolate, then I’ll have to hide it somewhere the rest of the family will never think to look. I’m running out of places, but the linen closet might still work. I tried the dryer, that’s no good.

5. Yoga pants

Comfortable clothes are necessary, and since I really shouldn’t answer the door in my penguin flannel PJs I think I’ll shop this month for some super comfy, but fashionable, yoga pants. This way my sister in law will not be sending in crazy pictures to the people on “What Not to Wear”. (And she’d do it too)

That’s it. I’ll be ready this year.

Oh yeah, I’m also plotting my story ahead of time. If you’d like some hints on how I do that check out my post on Snowflaking HERE.

Are you attempting NANO this year? What sort of things do you require to write 50 thousand words in a month? Do you actually think I can do it? Want in on the pool?


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19 responses to “Five Necessities for NANOWRIMO

  1. You are my hero for the week. Wow. Very nice planning. I would definitely need the yoga pants with all that chocolate. I’m not doing NaNo, but I wish you lots of pages and words. 🙂

  2. stlaurec

    Great planning, Jessica. But I’ll let you have all the Nano fun this year. I’m not signing up. I did it once and it felt like a marathon. Once was enough for this turtle paced writer, thank you very much.

    • If I have an outline, I actually can write pretty fast. This is why I’m a reforming pantser. I never could have done this as my former self. And I figure if I don’t hit 50k, no biggie, but I’ll write more than I would if I wasn’t trying.

  3. Ditto what Carole said, Jessica! I tried NaNo once.

    KUDOS on your prep and your go-get-’em attitude!

    I’ll be there in spirit — thinking of you each time I have a bite of chocolate during the month of November. After all, that’s the least I can do to show my support. 🙂

  4. Go, Jessica!!! I will send you chocolate-filled encouragements all month from my no NANO seat. I did it one year and must say, it was hard work! I love how you’ve fore-warned your hub. Sounds like you’ve got a good support system there!
    Going now to find my pom poms for the national NANO cheer leading squad.

  5. I tried NaNo last year (for the first time) and while I didn’t reach the 50,000 words goal-I did start a novella that later was accepted. I am going to give it a go again this year. I also visited the link for the Snowflake method and loved it! Thanks for the wonderful information. I love your articles 🙂

    • Glad you loved the Snowflake article. I was such a pantser, I didn’t think I’d ever find a comfortable plotting technique, but this one works for me. And it’s getting easier each time because I know that I can make it through and it makes writing that much easier. Congrats on getting a novella finished, during NANO or not, that is quite an achievement. Where did it get accepted?

  6. constantwriterjl

    I’m doing Nano for my 4th time this year! I’ve found that especially for Nano novels, having an outline helps because it gives you a place to get to if you get stuck. My Nano blog post on how exactly I plan to add another writing project to my plate in November and still get it done is going up tomorrow on my site, Thanks for sharing!

  7. I contemplated doing NaNo this year; in fact, I may even have signed up for it. Regrettably, I cannot. My plate is just too full and this when I’m trying desperately to only use a luncheon plate so as not to have so much on it. I said yes to singing in the chorus for The Music Man the middle two weeks of November so I am going to be busier than usual. Oh, and I already have overextended myself in my writing life. Oh, so much!!! So no NaNoWriMo for me for yet another year, but you go, Jessica. And have a great time going nuts. I envy you for what you will have accomplished at the end of it all. Do you see how green I am?

  8. Lol! Gotta love how NaNo brings out a little bit of the crazy in all of us. I’m participating too! Wishing you lots of luck!

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