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Have you ever dreamed of being a supernatural being? A vampire? A werewolf? A mermaid?

I’m sure you’ve heard of how you can have a dentist apply fangs to your real teeth, and of course there is always makeup, but slipping on a tail and sliding into the pool has always presented a problem for people with legs. But now there is a woman who is making the dream reality. Stephanie Summers is operating the business Fish Butts.

Ariel at the paradeFor a base price of $1500 you too can be a mermaid. These tails are amazing. They look real and you can actually swim in them. (Make sure you have someone to pull you out if things go wrong.) They are designed with small holes in the sides to let excess water drain, I’m sure Disney’s Ariel would love them.

I would post photos, because they are really cool and would sell mermaid tails for Stephanie, however, due to the recent paranoia on posting photos I will merely say, HERE is the original article I read in my local paper, check out the fab photos.

Traci Hines is a singer and one of the things I love about her is her 1950’s pin-up style. She does some great goth work as well. Maybe I’ll do a photo shoot á la Traci Hines someday. Ooo la la! On her Facebook page she sports a gorgeous tail. Check out Traci Hines Facebook page HERE.

Want to see a mermaid swimming in her tail?

And just in case you were wondering how this relates to Thursday’s Bite. Here are some links to discover Mermaid Paranormal Romance. Enjoy!

Paranormal Romance Everything

All Romance Writers

Ever dream of being a mermaid? Would you spend the big bucks to do it? How do you think that big latex tail feels?


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17 responses to “Mermaids

  1. Fun post! Don’t have the big bucks to spend, but might be fun.

  2. Aside from Ariel and Darryl Hannah in Splash, I’ve had no mermaid exposure. Love this new branch of paranormal. Enticing book trailer, intriguing story. I’ve waded in Superior at the peak of summer. BRRR! As my DH says, once your legs turn numb, it isn’t so bad. LOL

  3. I devised a way to swim underwater years ago in the privacy of our own swimming pool. I would just put my legs together and instead of wiggling side to side wiggled fronm the waist and knees, sort of front to back. It was great fun and since there was no one there to see my strange contortions all went well. I think I could slip right into one of these mermaid tails and make the dream a reality. What would I do with my short hair, extra inches and brown age spots, though? There was never a mermaid with any of those things!:-)

    • Why not? Poseidon is usually portrayed as a man with a flowing white beard, why not a mermaid (merwoman) with age spots? I’m with you on the extra inches though- bikini? I don’t think so!

      And once again Elaine has proven that despite the distance we are cyber twins. I too swam like a mermaid when I was small. In fact I didn’t learn to swim using traditional strokes until I was seven or eight, and I was in the water from birth. Maybe being born under the sign of Pisces had something to do with it, but I was convinced I could breathe underwater. Sometimes I still dream about it.

  4. WOWZA! Water aerobics move on over. A mermaid tail would make it so much fun — instead of the good-for-you sweat-a-thon it usually becomes.

    On the cost factor? I’d have to add hair extensions to that pricey $1500.

    Looks like the sweat-a-thon is on until I hit the publishing lottery.

  5. I love the fantasy of mermaids, but I’ll skip the latex tail. 🙂

    • It does sound heavy, doesn’t it. But when you watch the video she looks like she’s swimming so easily. Maybe it’s like when you go snorkeling and you use the flippers, they actually do help you move and after a while you forget about them.

  6. What a riot! For a characterization booklet I’m writing, I did need a mermaid, but for me that meant finding a virtual tail and adorning my avatar in long blonde curly locks and sending her under the sea. I love the picture.
    I don’t think I’ll be donning a real mermaid tail until I learn to breathe under water.
    Great post, Jessica!

  7. stlaurec

    Mermaids are fine, and would be fine costumes indeed for Halloween, but one needs… water. A pool, a bath, a trickle at least.

    Younger, I wanted to be a vampire. I have natural fangs. I’d have snacked on a lot of annoying people.

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