Join the Revolution! Wana Commons is open!

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If you haven’t dropped by Kristen Lamb’s blog lately, you need to do so. Now. Yep, I’m telling you to leave my blog and hop over to MyWana central.

Why? Well, not only does Kristen have a witty sense of humor, but she is an author advocate. If you need any sort of information on social media dos and don’ts- Kristen is your gal. But not only is she the “dos and don’ts” gal, she is also the “I can do anything!” gal. You see, last month, when we all found out about the lawsuit that poor Roni Loren had to deal with, (If you’ve been living in a cave and don’t know about poor Roni’s lawsuit, click HERE.) and we were all frantically taking down any suspect picture on our sites, Kristen came up with a solution.

Wana CommonsKirsten Bot-Bane


What is Wana Commons? It’s a section of Flikr that you can join and all, and I mean all, the photos are for free use by blogging authors. You can pin them on your Pinterest page, your FB page and your website blog without fear of reprisal. From the beautiful to the silly there are tons of photos, and more uploaded every day.

I uploaded some pictures too. Why not share?


To find out more about Wana Commons, here is the link to the article on Kristen’s site:

And here is the next article, all about how you can make Pinterest work for you. I haven’t tried Pinterest yet, but I’m thinking that will be one of my projects soon for my promotions for Snow and the Seventh Wolf. I can see lots of pictures getting my imagination going. Who knows? I might even post one of YOU!


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5 responses to “Join the Revolution! Wana Commons is open!

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jessica! I’ve seen Wana Commons batted about on Kristen’s site and others, but didn’t take the time to hop around to discover what it was all about.

    I’ve been a SMBE (Social Media Bad Egg) for three months. Some can discipline themselves to limit SM time, stay current, and complete a manuscript. I am no one of those enviable people. Where I read, I must comment. Where I comment, I must check for response. Where I find a witty response, I must…

    You get the picture.

    WOOT on soon-to-be-released SNOW AND THE SEVENTH DWARF, and mega thanks to Kristen for this We Are Not Alone resource.

    • Hey Gloria!

      You have been busy discovering your taproots and uprooting the Toronto crowd. How can you be expected to do all that, and keep up the SMBE all at the same time? Hope you enjoy Wana Commons, and I expect to see some Gloria masterpieces on the site to share and post. 🙂

  2. Is that you, Jessica? In the suggestive armor? Just kidding but Wana Coomons is a great idea. Thanks for putting this up!

    • Oh yes! That’s me! LOL

      Isn’t that armor hysterical? Very Brune Hilda. 🙂
      I love the idea of Wana Commons, a place to share, free and free of worry. If you post a picture in the Wana Commons, you are giving approval for all to use on their blogs. Some have restricted use for art and commercial purposes, but blogging… we’re free to go!

  3. A good idea. For the most part, I use my own photos but will keep this in mind.

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