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Today I’m on Redz World exploring the ways to burn the last days of summer. Drop by today and leave a comment to enter to win a copy of Little Red Riding Wolf.

So today, while my blog is over on Redz World, I thought I’d share Werewolves of London by the late Warren Zevon. Enjoy!  And after your finished, download the song for your ipod. It’s a classic!


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5 responses to “Werewolf Inspiration

  1. lizzietleaf@comcast.net

    Jess, love the book and tried to say so at Redz world but the bloody codes kept saying I entered wrong…finally gave up in frustration.

    Lizzie http://www.lizzietleaf.com Beyond Magic now available at Passion in Print Press http://www.passioninprint.com/ShowBook.php?CR=LTL_BEYONDMAGIC  

    • Thanks Lizzie,

      It took me several tries to get my comments posted. I hate blogger, those captcha codes drive me crazy. I am going to send the crew at Bad Behavior some money in thanks for saving my commentors from having to use captcha codes. Thank you Bad Behavior Widget!! And WordPress,Thank you too!

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  3. How awesome would that video be if the song had been recorded today? See you at Redz, Jessica!

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