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In January I published my goals. Click HERE to see my crazy, over-achieving, goal list. Today, I’m re-visiting my goals and updating where I am. I would have liked to have gotten this done in June or July, but between working, driving kids up and back to camp every two weeks, and helping out my folks, (Oh and the travelling- I went to two conferences this summer. Yippee!) I didn’t get to checking my goals. But now I’m back to writing (actually mostly editing) full time and here they are, with updates!

Jessica Aspen Goals for 2012

    1. Polish and submit TQH , (January) continue to submit as needed January, my edits for Little Red Riding Wolf came in and my mother went into the hospital (she’s just fine!) so I put this off, until July! I’m now a third of the way through and plan to finish by the end of August, if not sooner.
    2. Polish and submit BW Another delayed project. My whole year got pushed back, so now this is on the table as soon as TQH is finished. I’m thinking before the end of August, but definitely during September. Finish by the end of Sept.
    3. Outline and write  DW second novel in BW series-possible #BIAY The plan is to now outline this in September when I am working on the companion book, BW. So by the end of September I should  have the outline, then begin writing either this or TQH sequel in October. 
    4. Add BIAY page to my website and update monthly I added this in January, and dropped it with last months website re-do. 
    5. Polish and submit DW Not even written, so not polished. I think this will end up being a 2013 goal.
    6. Re-vamp novella-Rogue Enforcer, and publish Pushed forward, maybe 2013.
    7. Outline and write GB (new novella) (February) This became Snow and the Seventh Wolf. I outlined in February and wrote over March and April, submitted and is now due for publication in 2013 from Passion in Print Press. WOOT!
    8. Polish and submit GB see above
    9. Start thinking about 3rd book in Enforcer series Haven’t written prequel, DW, yet. The 3rd is pushed back to 2013
    10. Outline and write sequal to TQH book (If TQH is accepted, this becomes a priority) I have a good start on this one, am outlining it during August, then I’ll see if I write this one first or DW first. I would love to have both ready to go for October.
    11. Attend Rom con 2012 (already purchased ticket) Done! I had a blast! See HERE.
    12. Go to RWA Nationals in July. Done! I had another super good time, see HERE and check out my FB page for pix HERE.
    13. Market all books (Little Red Riding Wolf was the focus for Jan and Feb) Still working on this!
    14. Keep up with personal site and improve it, blog 3 days a week As most of you know, I had a tough time this spring, keeping up with the job, the class I was taking, my folks, my kids, my life. Oh yeah, and the blog. I took a major siesta from the blog and it was wonderful. Now I’m cutting down to twice a week and I’m loving it! And of course the site has been re-done beautifully, with the assistance of cover artist Viola Estrella.
    15. Finish business plan Yeah, yeah. Someday this will actually happen. I do have one, it’s not pretty.
    16. Outline a YA and write for NANO (if not working at MP) I am planning on taking one of my finished outlines and attempting NANO, unfortunately I will be joining my working friends and working, so I may not hit the 50k mark, but I will try! Will it be the YA, probably not. Push this to next year, again!
    17. Keep up with PNRF and improve site, blog once per month This actually happened. Ok, I didn’t improve the site, but I have kept up!
    18. Take Bob Mayer class and keep up with it (Jan and Feb) Loved my Bob Mayer class, check out HERE
    19. Work at applying analytics and website knowledge to sites I don’t love analytics. I did try this at the beginning of the year, and I used it to determine that I should drop Sensational Saturdays, but other than that I’d say this is a wash.
    20. Write five days per week, 3 hours per day (actually I want to have butt in chair for 6 hours per day)
    21. Goal is 2k/day, expanding to 3k/day Hmm, some days, my non-working days. I can hit 2k. 3k is still a reach. And now that I haven’t written for so long, we’ll have to see how October goes.
    22. Or edit 15-20 pages per day Keeping up with this! WOOT!
    23. Market 1-2 hours per day Um, no.
    24. Increase presence on Goodreads and Google plus I think I’m tabling Google Plus, Joined MyWanna, but haven’t done much with it. I do like Goodreads though and have gotten more social there recently.
    25. Think about possibly 2 other classes this year Yeah. I’m done with classes for a long time. I have too much to do. I have the RWA Nationals Workshops I took to review, and I can listen to the CD if I want a class. I am in the middle of The Fire in Fiction and think that I might use those exercises if I need a bump. No more classes this year, just some CRW mini-cons and the retreat.
    26. Figure out how to increase presence on reader sites/loops If anyone has ideas, let me know!
    27. Work at improving plotting with the intent of speeding up actual writing by an extra 1,000k per day from current speed of 2k per day using Rachel Aaron‘s techniques I’m working on this. I think I’m up to 2k per day, when I’m actually not editing. I’ll have to get back to this in October.
    28. Continue to set and review monthly goals, set daily goals based on monthly goals This fell apart, but as of this month I am back to being disciplined. It’s the only way to stay on track.
    29. Explore self-publishing a short story Still on the back burner. Our August mini-con is on Self-publishing, so I may get some ideas. Meanwhile I’m working on everything else!

     I knew when I wrote these down that I wouldn’t have them all done by the end of the year. But the very cool thing is how many I have finished or am still on track to finish. When you write a goal down it makes it much more likely that you will achieve it. Even if you don’t look at it all year, it hangs out in the back of your head.

    Have you checked up on your killer goals this year? How far along are you? Did you have a bump in the road to your goals and have to go off the map? What about off-road? Did you get back on track? Leave me a comment and let me know how your year is going.


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8 responses to “Super Killer #Goals, Take Two!

  1. Wow! I got tired just reading all of your goals and how much you have done so far this year. I can see this has worked well for you. For me the hanging out in the back of my mind doesn’t work so well as I tend to forget what I wrote down. Right now my goals are simple: Finish rewrite of ms, submit to critiquing on Author Salon, reduce blog posts to once a week, change focus of blog somewhat to attract more readers, write 30-page outline of book two in series, research, research, research. Oh, I could go on and on, but I think I’d be better to work on my list, now that I’ve actually written this new one. Thanks for the jolt of energy, Jessica.

    • That’s a great list, Elaine! What I like about reviewing my goals mid-year is that I always feel like I’m way behind. And then I check my goals, and it turns out I’m not so far behind as I thought. OK, I haven’t written my full length novel for the year, but I still have four months left to bang out a rough draft. There is still time for whatever I choose to prioritize. Sounds like you have some great priorities. Can’t wait to see what you do with your blog. 🙂

  2. I’m with Elaine. I’m impressed and tired after reading this list. Whew! Continue on my friend. You are accomplishing some good work.

  3. Great of you to revisit your goals! Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow, look at that list, Jessica. Huge achievements there! I’m tired just reading it. I agree with setting goals and revisiting. It’s great practice. I imagine there are many little time-sucking things you did that didn’t make it to the list.
    Congratulations on your 2013 release! Can’t wait to read your next sexy fairy tale!

    • Thanks Sharon! I’m excited about Snow and the Seventh Wolf too. 🙂
      This is definitely the slimmed down list, there are also many personal goals I didn’t add to the list. The real list is a little longer!

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