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When I first started to write twisted fairy tales, no one else was doing it. Okay, that’s not exactly true. There were a few die hard people like me messing around with Grimm’s and Charles Perrault’s works, but not many. Now they are everywhere. Authors who typically write in other areas are twisting tales with a vengeance.

And the movies, wow! How many versions of Snow White does Hollywood think we need. And the crazy thing is that the original Snow White barely has a romance. The prince swoops in at the end, kisses her, and off they go to get married. It’s really about Snow’s relationship to her stepmother. Maybe that’s the reason why out of all of the fairy tales it’s the one the scriptwriters prefer. My Evil Step-mother, a reality movie for a new generation.

We love the idea of the evil step-mother. And even evil mothers. For some reason fairy tales are full of evil mom’s and the dad’s are just side notes. Remember Hansel and Gretel. Dad is a wimp who does whatever the stepmother says. She must have been a hottie for him to abandon his children, not once, but twice.

And on TV, it’s Snow White, again. While Once Upon a Time has all the fairy tales appearing, the central story has been built around Snow White and the evil step-mother. Something about this tale must resonate.

I’ve done it too. My latest book, Snow and the Seventh Wolf release January 2013, is based on Snow White. Why?

I think Snow White has it all. It’s long and has many plot twists. The Queen is a great villain. We understand her need to get rid of the lovey princess due to her vanity. Who likes getting old? And Snow ends up cleaning house for seven little men. Of course in the Russian version its seven handsome woodsmen, but still, that’s a lot of men for one girl to clean up after. And her reputation isn’t sullied in the least. After being in the woods, unaccompanied with all those men, she still gets to marry the prince.

Personally, I think the prince being absent lends itself to all kinds of creativity. We can’t fathom that he just rides in at the end. We want him to be there the whole time; helping Snow sweep mine tailings out from under the beds, or making sure she doesn’t bite the apple. We’re romantics. How could he sweep in and save the day without being there, somehow disguised the whole time as a dwarf?

Snow White has got it all. Mystery. An opportunity to fill in the gaps in the romance. And, of course, the evil step-mother. Who could resist twisting it one more time?

How many versions of Snow Lego Maleficent White are you familiar with? Which is your favorite? Did you go see any of the movies? Mirror, Mirror?  Snow White and the Huntsman? And don’t forget that Angelina Jolie is about to re-create Maleficent for Disney, are you going to go see my favorite villain?


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10 responses to “Why Snow White?

  1. All of these fairy tale twists are quite interesting but, of course, they’re not new. Look at some of the earlier versions of our insipid, saccharine, fit for kids tales today. I remember a wolf getting cut open, filled with heavy rocks, and sunk in the river. That’s not the tale I read to my kids. Fairy tales, then, are like the evil Queen’s mirror. They give us what we, as a society, want. Interesting that while we give our youngsters cleaned-up versions, we adults have a taste for something more meaty, pun intended! So glad you’re riding the wave so well, Jessica!

    • Very true Elaine, modern versions of fairy tales are pretty clean. But then, so is society. Very few people see where their food comes from or have any association with the realities of death. Still, I think they usually teach something. Little Red Riding Hood is still a cautionary tale of strangers in the woods, and Snow White may be more of a warning for men with children looking for a second wife. I think originally adults listened to these tales as much as children. Or maybe they were supposed to internalize them so they would be cautious adults. We certainly never see the evil queen dancing in her red hot iron shoes.

      And thanks for the kudos!

  2. Looking forward to the new book, Jessica!!!!

  3. Good analogy! About where food comes from. We are such a world of opposites, aren’t we, Jessica?

    • Yep!Hey, kids today don’t understand what it is to be without a phone. Actually, most adults don’t either. And we turn the channel when we don’t want to see something. Always something else on.

  4. I love me a good twisted fairy tale. I preferred the version of Snow White and the Huntsman and the twist it has in the end.

    One of my fav is Beauty and the Beast.

  5. Hmmm, Snow with seven handsome woodsmen. Do I sense an erotic tale twist coming? What tricks does she teach Bashful? Role play with Doc? Put a smile on Grumpy’s face?
    I can’t wait to find out what you do with this fairy tale, Jessica!

    • Seven men? Not quite there yet in my writing! That’s why Snow and the Seventh Wolf is about Snow and one guy. Who knows? I never thought I’d be writing spicy, and now I do, so what’s a few more men thrown into the mix?

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